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  1. I'm surprised that non of you have created this but we're close to 30 games gone so far this season so thought I'd create this now.


    Chisox have again started better than I thought they would have at 15-12 and tied a top the central. Abreu has been fire so far and the youth movement seems to be working well. Quintana and Holland look good on the mound too.



  2. One of the coolest things ever. Kind of hit me over the head with a "holy crap, this is happening" feeling. And not in a bad way if that makes sense.

    Yea I know what you mean, it's such a surreal feeling to hear the heart beat. I wasn't at the Midwife appointment for this but my other (better) half recorded it for me. I'll be honest I almost Cried at work due to excitement.

  3. :Bills:


    (10) Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

    (44). Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

    (82). Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan

    (156). Jayon Brown, LB, UCLA

    (171). Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee

    (195). Keionta Davis, DE, Chattanooga

    (203). Devine Redding, RB, Indiana




    (23). DeShaun Watson, QB, Clemson

    (55). Dorian Johnson, OG, Pittsburgh

    (87). Anthony Walker Jr, OLB, Northwestern

    (140). Pharoah Brown, TE, Oregon

    (167). TJ Logan, RB, North Carolina

    (207). Nazair Jones, DT, North Carolina

    (241). Marquel Lee, LB, Wake Forest


    Overall I'm happy with both drafts. Bills fill needs, Got imo the best all around WR in the class and both Jayon Brown and Kieonta Davis will make first year impacts I feel.


    The Giant's imo is the better of the two, I hit all potential needs. Watson given bench time to learn will be an instant replacement for Eli, I've gotten the best OG in this class no matter what Cheryl says and Walker's pass rush imo should come into effect straight away. Pharoah Brown was a reach but will be useful in the passing game

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  4. Aren't too many places for relatively slow LBs on most NFL rosters...


    I agree and this effects his instincts in the passing game but he has a hell of a motor and a good tackler against the run. I feel he's got a shot to surprise people and reminds me a lot of Spencer Paysinger who developed nicely given a shot

  5. I'm all done now boys so no reason to not get this done before hand.


    Btw how the fuck did Marquel Lee make it into the 7th? I may not have the scouting expertise as Cheryl but Lee is one of the top inside LBs in this draft.


    He's a leader, has great tackling and game understanding for a college player and he's going to be a 3 down linebacker.


    Lee in the 7th is a God damn steal

  6. Baby JD... I bet he will be so adorable! :D

    Congratulations bro! Get ready for the hardest but maybe most gratifying thing you ever do!



    Nice try JD but nope. Yea it's going to be a completely new and different challenge.


    Congrats man. Wish you all the best luck and happiness.


    Bangy is going to be responsible for another human's life. This terrifies me.

    (In all seriousness congrats!)

    Just make sure he doesn't end up on here and find out his dad's draft history. :D


    Congratulations, man. Hope all goes swimmingly!


    Thanks guys, it's appreciated. Rule one of child picks team stays. Rule two be sensible in mock drafts.



    At least we know who his / her favorite player will be...cribbsjpg-9c5b915c8285eb56.jpg

    Where does Bangy put his child?

    In Cribbs!


    If I didn't already know a Joshua and it was a boy, then this would have been a possibility. I've got time for this though. May be a potential nickname of Cribbs can work



    Erm thanks Vin?????

  7. Hyping your picks and patting yourself on the back is a big part of the fun of this game. We hype other people's picks too. I know I have if somebody took a player I was looking at. Who would play this game without something like the discussion thread to talk shit and hype their prospects? Like if it was just picking the players and that's it? Some people just like to be contrarian I guess, whatever, do you. lol

    This is it pretty much. Hyping up the guys you picked has been something that's always happened in the mock drafts here. Shit you've got to give some reason for the pick unless you want to say "I needed a guy that can tackle, he tackles"...


    Of all the things to have a complaint about guy this is one of the more meaningless ones with had associated to a mock draft. Also no offence taken, its why I'll usually send a proxy to prevent being a dick.

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