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  1. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Pick-em

    Yeah, it's not a huge deal to me if it's allowed or not, just would make it a little more fun because I would have the same amount of picks as everyone else, other wise it looks weird, but whatever happens I'm cool with. It's not like I'm trying to bring over a winning record either The reason I didn't give the link to the Pick'Em originally is because I think you have to have an account or be in the actual league to see the records, and etc. I'll link it anyways, right here: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/59369 But again, I don't think you can view it unless you're in the group. If it's asking for a Group ID and Password, the ID is 59369, and the password is boxden01.
  2. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    2013 H.O.F class released

    Wouldn't be mad at that list at all.
  3. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Pick-em

    In that case, can I add my Yahoo Pick'Em picks for this Pick'Em so it's an even total so It makes it more fun? Don't worry I'm not doing good, I'm actually doing better in real life which is worth money but am still only 25-24 in that. Here's my record so far in the online Yahoo Pick'Em: I'm "Horrible Person" in that league. So I'm 23-26 for the year, counting last nights Baltimore victory. The rest of my picks for this week are posted earlier in this thread (including the Baltimore pick.)
  4. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    2013 H.O.F class released

    Jimmy Smith :allhail:
  5. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Pick-em

    Should of told me that before I picked your Giants.
  6. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    AFC South Power Rankings

    This. He's so bad at playing tackle that his career highlight isn't stoning a DE or making a great block, it's a catch and run on a PA roll out on Monday Night Football when the game is out of hand:
  7. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Pick-em

    Looks like someone's not "ALL IN."
  8. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Distribution Maps

    You in Tallahassee? I'm in Fort Myers, so I usually always get the Dolphins ( ), and Bucs every week and then some Northeast team (due to snowbirds populating South Florida.) This week it's FOX Early Game: @ FOX Late Game: @ CBS Late Game: @ Uggghhh...
  9. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Week 4 Pick-em

    Just joined the board, so... might as well join in. TNF: Cleveland @ Baltimore Carolina @ Atlanta New England @ Buffalo Minnesota @ Detroit Tennessee @ Houston San Diego @ Kansas City San Francisco @ New York Jets Seattle @ St Louis Miami @ Arizona Oakland @ Denver Cincinnati @ Jacksonville *HOMER ALERT* New Orleans @ Green Bay Washington @ Tampa Bay SNF: New York Giants @ Philadelphia MNF: Chicago @ Dallas Tiebreaker: 34
  10. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Hey Everybody

    Jags fans unite. Can I be the head? Or I guess Vin is the head since he's kind of a top dog 'round the parts? So maybe I can be the strange skin tag growth underneath the armpit? Yeah, that suits me better. Let's roll.
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