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  1. Wattafan

    Top 10 WRs 2015

    Nice list, but where does Deandre Hopkins fit? Averaged 15.4 ypc his rookie year then went 15.9 last year for 1200 yds. Not too shabby. Kid has flypaper on his gloves and racked up those stats with Ryan Freakin' Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum throwing the pill for most games. One catch he made would have been a highlight reeler like Beckham's but was called back for inelligible receiver.
  2. One notable I would suggest is Andre Johnson - been around the league for years and does a TON of community work and is a well known philanthropist. Is arguably the most popular Texan of all.
  3. Wattafan

    NFL Combine Thread

    Agreed. And Malcom Brown looks good too - he can play any position on the Dline and is a run stuffer with some athleticism for a big guy and gets into the backfield with regularity. Looks like he will be there abouts for Texans. God knows JJ still needs help.
  4. Wattafan

    Pre Combine Top 5 by position

    Enjoyed the dialogue between you and Donovan. Would like your take on Grayson?
  5. Colts have got money, add them to the list.
  6. Wattafan

    Early Top 50

    You have Danny Shelton at #22 - all the boards I have seen have him higher than that and the NFL one has him about 8 from memory?
  7. Wattafan

    AFCCG: Colts @ Patriots

    Expected the Colts to put up a fight, but they couldn't stop the run to save their lives - they got theirs butts handed to them big time.
  8. Wattafan

    NFCCG: Packers @ Seahawks

    What won the game for me was the heart and belief the Seahawks had. They did not give up for a moment - just kept plugging away until the Packers choked.
  9. Wattafan

    Colts @ Broncos

    His accuracy on his deep balls is off just a fraction and that is not the young Peyton. I think the extra effort he has to put on them is effecting his accuracy. You will notice he is still good on the short to intermediate throws, so buyers beware.
  10. Wattafan

    Colts @ Broncos

    He's not a choker - he is just done. A shame indeed, but the great one has seen his best days.
  11. Wattafan

    Lions @ Cowboys

    Let's just say it was called and then not enforced for ...some...reason. No-one on the panel could offer an explanation either. Lions fans must be livid.
  12. Wattafan

    Lions @ Cowboys

    Dallas 24 Detroit 17
  13. Wattafan

    Biggest surprises of the 2014 season?

    For me it was the meltdown in San Fran and the poor performance of the entire NFC South (although Panthers played well yesterday).
  14. Wattafan

    Draft Breakdown 2015 draft

    Trae Waynes.
  15. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 17

    Thank you dude, for your efforts and diligence in keeping up with quite a bit of work in these threads. Hope you do it again next season.
  16. Wattafan

    2015 Free Agent Wishlist

    Dent has looked good and Waynes is very likely Texans R1 pick. I wonder what it would take to get Dan Williams in here...I really like Danny Shelton if we can't get a decent NT. Here's hoping Nix gets his head out of his ass.
  17. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 17

    Sunday Cleveland @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Dallas @ Washington 1:00 ET Indianapolis @ Tennessee 1:00 ET New Orleans @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET Philadelphia @ New York Giants 1:00 ET Buffalo @ New England 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Houston 1:00 ET San Diego @ Kansas City 1:00 ET New York Jets @ Miami 1:00 ET Chicago @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Oakland @ Denver 4:30 ET Arizona @ San Francisco 4:30 ET Detroit @ Green Bay 4:30 ET St. Louis @ Seattle 4:30 ET Carolina @ Atlanta 4:30 ET Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Sunday Night Football?69
  18. Wattafan

    2015 Free Agent Wishlist

    On your resign list I would omit Dent and add Brandon Spikes. I would also like to see Mark ingram come in to help out with the running duties. I would also trade in Daniel Manning for a newer model. Byron Maxwell would be nice to have but would cost a packet so the draft will have to be the go. Marcus Peters is the best CB in the draft. I wonder what Raji would cost us?
  19. Wattafan

    Midseason MVP Candidates?

    But like you said elsewhere, his team is not headed to the playoffs...
  20. Wattafan

    Midseason MVP Candidates?

    ^^^This^^^ I'll repeat it - if a defensive player cannot win MVP with the season Watt has had, then I can't ever see a defensive player ever winning it as there will always be a standout QB. They may as well just call it Most Valuable Offensive Player and be done with it. Hope you don't mind me borrowing that Fart.
  21. Wattafan

    Whine Thread

    Don't know if you have a thread where complaints can be aired, so took the liberty of starting one. I have one (duh). In yesterday's game vs Colts, Texans lost two QB's with nary a yellow hanky being thrown. Fitzpatrick was tripped and suffered a broken leg, and Tom Savage was hit in the thigh/knee region which looks to have damaged a ligament - the damage has not been fully disclosed yet. In the same game, Texans DE Jared Crick, tackled Andrew Luck and came into contact with his shoulder/neck area and was penalized for "necking". This is a contact sport, not some moonlit lakeside watching submarine races. I know Fitz and Savage are not Andrew Luck and Aaron Rogers, but these damn refs need to be consistent. Arizona have also had a rough year for QB's - but how many times does a team lose two in one game? Mumble mumble...
  22. Wattafan

    Midseason MVP Candidates?

    With Tony Romo and Russell Wilson also coming into the MVP conversation, JJ Watt's chances of taking it have gone up. Add to that the fact that Rogers has not been, well Rogers of late while JJ actually seems to be getting better and that whole D feeds off him, puts has his nose in front. If he does not win it, the mind boggles at what a defensive player has to do to do so. If you didn't watch the Texans Ravens game, I suggest you do yourself a favour and enjoy possibly the greatest ever to play his position just to marvel. He may not have had the gaudy numbers like he did some of his other games, but his performance was stellar. One play that will stick in my mind was when he had been completely gassed on one knee late in the game but would not go off the field, lined up on the next play and played well, like Watt and produced a great TFL to send the Ravens O off the field. My admiration for him went up another notch.
  23. Wattafan

    Draft Breakdown 2015 draft

    Nice win yesterday, btw.
  24. Wattafan

    Draft Breakdown 2015 draft

    Got it dude!
  25. Wattafan

    Draft Breakdown 2015 draft

    OB might think he can fix Mannion. Trouble is, we will have too many "fixer uppers" on this team. Back to the drawing board for Texans - unless they take a punt on someone like an RGIII or Foles/Sanchez become available. He might swing a surprise deal for someone. I am trying to remember the name of the rookie who beat us last year that played for OB in college? Possible last name started with G...
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