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  1. Wattafan

    Draft Breakdown 2015 draft

    Garrett Grayson. I wouldn't be surprised if Texans take a punt on Mannion - just not in the first round for either of these two.
  2. Agree - half the teams making it now is kinda ample.
  3. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 16

    Thursday Tennessee @ Jacksonville 8:30 ET Saturday Philadelphia @ Washington 4:30 ET San Diego @ San Francisco 8:30 ET Sunday Minnesota @ Miami 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Houston 1:00 ET Detroit @ Chicago 1:00 ET Cleveland @ Carolina 1:00 ET Atlanta @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Green Bay @ Tampa 1:00 ET Kansas City @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET New England @ New York Jets 1:00 ET New York Giants @ St. Louis 4:00 ET Buffalo @ Oakland 4:30 ET Indianapolis @ Dallas 4:30 ET Seattle @ Arizona 8:30 ET Monday Denver @ Cincinnati 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 61
  4. Wattafan

    Whine Thread

  5. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 15

    Changed your sig dude - dam shame about your boy. Let's hope he's a good healer and can come back and make a name for himself.
  6. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 15

    Thursday: Arizona @ St. Louis 8:30 ET Sunday: Pittsburgh @ Atlanta 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Green Bay @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Tampa @ Carolina 1:00 ET Cincinnati @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Houston @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Oakland @ Kansas City 1:00 ET Miami @ New England 1:00 ET Washington @ New York Giants 1:00 ET Denver @ San Diego 4:00 ET New York Jets @ Tennessee 4:00 ET Minnesota @ Detroit 4:30 ET San Francisco @ Seattle 4:30 ET Dallas @ Philadelphia 8:30 ET Monday: New Orleans @ Chicago 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF? 64
  7. Wattafan

    Update: Jadeveon Clowney "looks spectacular" in rehab

    The consensus #1 draft pick from the 2014 draft has been diagnosed with a micro-fracture injury to his knee. He will be out for at least 9 months and that type of injury is a dicey one for athletes of any stripe. Most do not recover sufficiently well for a NFL career but several notables have and went on to HoF careers. There is a chance he won't play next season either. Such a shame for the young man - so much potential and his dreams of football fame must be melting away. Let's hope he makes a successful comeback and has a great career. Texans lost RT 3rd round pick (2012) Brennan Williams to a similar injury last season.
  8. Wattafan

    2014-15 NFL playoff Rat Race

    I feel for the Cards - they went 10-6 last season and missed out. Green Bay were 8-7-1 from memory and hosted a playoff game.
  9. So did the Texans last season.
  10. Wattafan

    Build An Offense

    QB - Aaron Rodgers (10pts) RB - Alfred Morris (5pts) WR - Dez Bryant (7pts); Davante Adams (2pts) TE - Jason Witten (4pts) OL - Dallas (7pts) 35 points.
  11. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 14

    Thursday: Dallas @ Chicago 8:30 ET Sunday: Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Washington 1:00 ET New York Giants @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Carolina @ New Orleans 1:00 ET New York Jets @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Miami 1:00 ET Indianapolis @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Tampa @ Detroit 1:00 ET Houston @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Buffalo @ Denver 4:00 ET Kansas City @ Arizona 4:00 ET Seattle @ Philadelphia 4:30 ET San Francisco @ Oakland 4:30 ET New England @ San Diego 8:30 ET Monday: Atlanta @ Green Bay 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF? 66
  12. Wattafan

    State of your team as it stands today.

    It's a concern especially now that Seattle seems to have found that overdrive gear again. Broncos seem to be crunching theirs.
  13. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 13

    Thursday: Chicago @ Detroit 12:30 ET Philadelphia @ Dallas 4:30 ET Seattle @ San Francisco 4:30 ET Sunday: Washington @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Houston 1:00 ET Cleveland @ Buffalo 1:00 ET San Diego @ Baltimore 1:00 ET New York Giants @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET Oakland @ St. Louis 1:00 ET New Orleans @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET Carolina @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Arizona @ Atlanta 4:00 ET New England @ Green Bay 4:30 ET Denver @ Kansas City 8:30 ET Monday: Miami @ New York Jets 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF? 51
  14. Wattafan

    State of your team as it stands today.

    Sir, you need to change your avatar, I waste way too much time watching those titties bounce.
  15. Wattafan

    State of your team as it stands today.

    Of all the luck, Mallett's out for the rest of the season. Back to the drawing board.
  16. Wattafan

    Week 12: Big Game Predictions

    I flip every one of your predictions - not the scores so much, but the w/l's. The vibes coming out of the Texans locker room is the best we have seen in a while and with Cushing back to form and our O-line stepping up, I would not be surprised to see Texans blow Bangles out.
  17. Wattafan

    AFC South Fan Roll Call

    Texans. JJ Watt (seriously) Winning their first playoff game.
  18. Wattafan

    Josh Gordon: I'm Gonna Tear Up the League

    Actually the best receiver in the league has 55 rec, 631 yds and 1 TD. ;^) Can't wait for him and Mallett to build some rapour. Starting Sunday.
  19. Wattafan

    2nd Best Team in the AFC?

    Not sure if this has already been said, but a solid case can be made that NE is the #1 and Denver is #2. Jes' sayin'.
  20. Wattafan

    Best team in the NFC?

    Wow, surprised no-one has picked 49er's. They are definitely top three.
  21. Wattafan

    State of your team as it stands today.

    Yep - nice block by the ref.
  22. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 12

    Thursday: Kansas City @ Oakland 8:30 ET Sunday: Cleveland @ Atlanta 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET Detroit @ New England 1:00 ET Green Bay @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Cincinnati @ Houston 1:00 ET New York Jets @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ Chicago 1:00 ET Arizona @ Seattle 4:00 ET St. Louis @ San Diego 4:00 ET Miami @ Denver 4:20 ET Washington @ San Fran 4:20 ET Dallas @ New York Giants 8:30 ET Monday: Baltimore @ New Orleans 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 55
  23. Wattafan

    State of your team as it stands today.

    Still technically in the hunt at 5-5, but will have to go 5-1 from the last 6 and have some tough opponents left in Cincy, @Colts and Ravens. Mallett looked decent out there and has command of the offense already it would appear. Light at the end of the tunnel re-Texans QB woes?
  24. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 11

    Thursday: Buffalo @ Miami 8:30 ET Sunday: Minnesota @ Chicago 1:00 ET Houston @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Atlanta @ Carolina 1:00 ET Cincinnati @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ Washington 1:00 ET Denver @ St. Louis 1:00 ET San Francisco @ New York Giants 1:00 ET Seattle @ Kansas City 1:00 ET Oakland @ San Diego 4:00 ET Detroit @ Arizona 4:30 ET Philadelphia @ Green Bay 4:30 ET New England @ Indianapolis 8:30 eT Monday: Pittsburgh @ Tennessee 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on monday night? 58.
  25. Wattafan

    Luckiest and Unluckiest teams in the NFL

    Do you think they take Mariota? They may sit on Carr another season yet imo.
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