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  1. Wattafan

    Luckiest and Unluckiest teams in the NFL

    If Texans were lucky they would have won that OT against Dallas and also won that close one against the Colts. Luck to me is overall, not just half a season - for example, Indianapolis Colts had Peyton Manning and then sucked for just one season, and look who was available to them in the draft. They will have the services of an elite QB for 25 years while some teams have never had one. I guess you could say Texans got lucky with Watt, but 10 other teams bypassed him. Yep, sour grapes.
  2. Wattafan

    Zack's crazy, NFL-is-rigged Super Bowl prediction

    The way Steelers have woken up in recent games, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the SB. I loved the beatdown they put on the Colts and I hope they do it to NE too.
  3. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 10

    Cincinnati @ Cleveland 8:30 ET Sunday: Chiefs @ Bills 1:00 ET Dolphins @ Lions 1:00 ET Cowboys @ Jags 1:00 ET 49ers @ Saints 1:00 ET Titans @ Ravens 1:00 ET Steelers @ Jets 1:00 ET Falcons @ Bucs 1:00 ET Broncos @ Raiders 4:00 ET Rams @ Cardinals 4:20 ET Giants @ Seahawks 4:20 ET Bears @ Packers 8:30 ET Monday: Panthers @ Eagles 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 48
  4. Lol. Just went back to the op and there it is - bolded and underlined - D'oh...
  5. This week from Philly I would take Darren Sproules. You might be thinking why not Nick Foles? Well, strangely enough, His QB rating is lower than Fitzpatrick's at the moment and Texans game is heavily predicated on the run. Even though Alfred Blue is coming along nicely, a real dual threat in our running game would make Texans running game a serious weapon.
  6. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 9

    Thursday: New Orleans @ Carolina 8:30 ET Sunday: Tampa Bay @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Arizona @ Dallas 1:00 ET Philadelphia @ Houston 1:00 ET New York Jets @ Kansas City 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET San Diego @ Miami 1:00 ET Washington @ Minnesota 1:00 ET St. Louis @ San Francisco 4:00 ET Denver @ New England 4:30 ET Oakland @ Seattle 4:30 ET Baltimore @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET Monday: Indianapolis @ New York Giants 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 58
  7. Wattafan

    Annoying New Trend

    Heh, it's like the trend to overuse the word "awesome" by younger people to describe just about everything. I shouldn't criticize too much though - I like to use the word "fuck" to describe my displeasure quite often.
  8. From Titans - Akeem Ayers. Would add some much needed starch on that front to help out Watt..
  9. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 8

    Thursday: San Diego @ Denver 8:30 ET Sunday: Detroit @ Atlanta 9:30 AM ET Minnesota @ Tampa 1:00 ET Buffalo @ New York Jets 1:00 ET Chicago @ New England 1:00 ET Seattle @ Carolina 1:00 ET Miami @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Kansas City 1:00 ET Houston @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Philadelphia @ Arizona 4:05 ET Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh 4:25 ET Oakland @ Cleveland 4:25 ET Green Bay @ New Orleans 8:30 ET Monday: Washington @ Dallas 8:30 ET Tie breaker 48
  10. Wattafan

    Jameis Winston (Draft QBs) Thread

    Cook is looking good and has a high ceiling. Hackenberg, if he continues to progress, will likely be the best QB to come out since Luck and will obviously be a hot commodity.
  11. Wattafan

    Would you draft Winston?

    If Winston declares this year we will know a bit more about him by then. As it stands right now it would be risky for a franchise that is struggling with depth if other very good prospects at positions of need were available on their pick - especially if there is another decent QB prospect available. Winston might grow up, and grow out of his issues but what if that is just his make-up? You could blow a very valuable high first round pick. Too risky at this point. Otoh, if he is still there on your second pick and you badly need a QB, you would have to seriously consider it. You would still have to consider his off field antics, etc,.
  12. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 7

    Thursday: New York Jets @ New England 8:30 ET Sunday: Atlanta @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Washington 1:00 ET Seattle @ St. Louis 1:00 ET Cleveland @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Minnesota @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Miami @ Chicago 1:00 ET New Orleans @ Detroit 1:00 ET Carolina @ Green Bay 1:00 ET Kansas City @ San Diego 4:05 ET Arizona @ Oakland 4:30 ET New York Giants @ Dallas 4:30 ET Denver @ San Francisco 8:30 ET Monday: Houston @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the Monday Night game? 48
  13. Wattafan

    Praise Your Team/Rip Your Team

    Praise 1. Have stuck to their guns well. The games against Cowboys and Colts are evidence of that. 2. Have performed reasonably well with new coaches and many new players after a dumpster fire season last year. 3. Special Teams has turned 180 degrees from last season. 4. Turnovers eluded Texans last season - they have re-emerged. Rip 1. Slow starts or lack of early urgency have cost Texans two games they could have won. 2. Offensive line has lost it's way since first two games. 3. Secondary needs to concentrate more on wrapping up the tackle. They too have gone off from earlier games. 4. Depth is once more a problem for this team.
  14. Wattafan

    Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson

    I am a Texans fan and I would take Luck. But Wilson would be nice too.
  15. Wattafan

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    #1 is Peyton Manning. Will go down as one of the best ever. Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are also fabulous QB's. One also has to admire Russell Wilson here. #2 is probably Rob Gronkowski. One of the best ever at his position. #3 Wes Welker. For such a little guy plays with tremendous heart and is very skillful = a great player. #4 Darelle Revis. Great at his position and does the job without histrionics. #5 Marshawn Lynch. Bulldozing RB and so hard to bring down. Honorable mention for Tom Brady and Patrick Willis. And Jason Witten.
  16. Wattafan

    5 Favorite Players ON Your Team

    JJ. Watt. Arian Foster Andre Johnson Dre Hopkins Brian Cushing
  17. If you asked O'Brien, it's a no brainer - he heaped praise on Luck.
  18. This week - Colts v Texans? Umm - Gimme a minute to think about this....
  19. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 6

    Thursday Indianapolis @ Houston 8:30 ET (Voted against my team last week and got it right - just a gut feeling this time) Sunday Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 1:00 ET New England @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Carolina @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Green Bay @ Miami 1:00 ET Detroit @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Denver @ New York Jets 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET San Diego @ Oakland 4:05 ET Chicago @ Atlanta 4:25 ET Dallas @ Seattle 4:25 ET Washington @ Arizona 4:25 ET New York Giants @ Philadelphia 8:30 ET Monday San Francisco @ St. Louis 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points are scored in the Monday Night Game? 41
  20. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 5

    Sunday Chicago @ Carolina 1:00 ET Cleveland @ Tennessee 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET Atlanta @ New York Giants 1:00 ET Tampa @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Houston @ Dallas 1:00 ET Buffalo @ Detroit 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Arizona @ Denver 4:05 ET Kansas City @ San Francisco 4:25 ET New York Jets @ San Diego 4:25 ET Cincinnati @ New England 8:30 ET Monday Seattle @ Washington 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the Monday night game? 45 Missed the Thursday night game which woulda got me a point.
  21. There is one real surprise for the Texans that deserves kudos for the way he has turned his fortunes around and that is RT Derek Newton. Last season the entire fan base was calling for his head, but so far this year he is the #5 rated RT in the entire league and has been rated as high as #2. He is a big part of the more efficient than expected play from Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  22. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 4

    My fear as well. That Oline looked really good especially in the first half - they just pulled the Saints D.
  23. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 4

    I know I picked Dallas to win at home, but after tonite, I would not feel comfortable picking against them period. Their Oline is the real deal and they will make the playoffs this year. They will also give grief to whoever they play when they get there. That Oline just mauled the Saints.
  24. Wattafan

    Who is the best QB, RB, WR trio?

    And the Bengals are another notable omission from the list - AD is a competent QB and has Green. They have been a scoring machine so far.
  25. Wattafan

    Who is the best QB, RB, WR trio?

    Out of this particular group, it has to be Seahawks, One notable omission is the Broncos.
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