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  1. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 4

    Missed the first two weeks darn it. Thursday New York Giants @ Washington 8:30 ET Sunday Green Bay @ Chicago 1:00 ET Buffalo @ Houston 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Carolina @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Detroit @ New York Jets 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET Miami @ Oakland 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ San Diego 4:00 ET Philadelphia @ San Francisco 4:20 ET Atlanta @ Minnesota 4:20 ET New Orleans @ Dallas 8:30 ET Monday New England @ Kansas City 8:30 ET
  2. Wattafan

    Which 0-2 Team Will Finish With the Best Record

    Agree. Saints defense is somehow underperforming. They likely win shootout style games but will struggle against "tough" defenses with decent offenses.
  3. I'm disappointed with Powe at this point - in preseason, it looked like he was gonna need doubling also. I am hoping Cushing will be up to speed very soon and he can start sacking the QB. This might help out Mercilus and Reed to a degree as well. Reed looked good against the 'Skins then went away against the Raiders. Crennel has got to come up with something if they want to keep up the pressure on the QB - experienced QB's like Eli will take advantage of time in the pocket.
  4. Sure, although I haven't. They seem to be improved from last year.
  5. Sure. If I'm right your sig will read "I made this thread to mock Texans" and link it. Sig will remain up for a full month.
  6. Man, I hope Clowney is gonna be good to go...we will need him if things start getting serious!
  7. Sounds about right. They are relying on Foster a bit much at the moment though - if he gets hurt, it's back to the drawing board for OB. One point you didn't mention that is worth doing so with, is the much improved D. Still a tad soft against the run, but still getting it done. Watt is just magnificent.
  8. I voted Bills because I am a Texans homer, but I think their simple formula will win them a few more games yet. Btw, Texans will have a better record than Titans.
  9. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 2

    With Peterson out, I'm changing my pick to New England.
  10. Wattafan

    TGP Pick'Em Week 2

    Thursday Pittsburgh @ Baltimore 8:30 ET Sunday Miami @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Washington 1:00 ET Dallas @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Arizona @ New York Giants 1:00 ET New England @ Minnesota 1:00 ET New Orleans @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Atlanta @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET Detroit @ Carolina 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Tampa 4:05 ET Seattle @ San Diego 4:05 ET Houston @ Oakland 4:25 ET New York Jets @ Green Bay 4:25 ET Kansas City @ Denver 4:25 ET Chicago @ San Francisco 8:30 ET Monday Philadelphia @ Indianapolis 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: 71 How many points will be scored between the Eagles and Colts? My upset for the week is Minnesota over New England.
  11. Wattafan

    Call Your Shot: Who wins the Super Bowl over whom?

    It's a rare event to see the same two opponents in successive seasons in the SB but I say it happens and with the same result - Seahawks over Broncs, but the score is closer, 31 - 17.
  12. Every year your team cuts someone you think should have made the roster going by excellent pre-season form. This year Texans cut some gems:- Max Bullough - ILB Travis Labhart - WR Uzoma Nwachukwu - WR Bullough could not have done much more to impress and certainly did nothing wrong. My bet is they will try to sneak him onto the practise squad. Labhart had two pick 6's in his games against two different opponents. He has flypaper on his hands and finds ways to get open. A real headscratcher for mine. Nwachukwu is very fast and also will get snapped up. Ricardo Mathews DL/DE is a 5 year vet and showed great versatility but still (shockingly) got cut. There were some others but these four were standouts.
  13. Wattafan

    Best prospects cut from your team.

    Texans signed Bullough, Labhart and Nwachukwu to the PS. Thank goodness - adds a little depth if the worst happens.
  14. Wattafan

    Best prospects cut from your team.

    Didn't see a lot of him, but failed to impress - not much buzz on him either way. Someone may feel he fits their system better.
  15. Wattafan

    Best prospects cut from your team.

    A faux pas on my part re- pick 6's - they belonged to DB Andre Hal, who Texans retained. (Thank goodness) Labhart still performed well and has many Texans fans scratching their heads as to why he was cut.
  16. Wattafan

    Potential HOF's ...Under 26

    Knowing what we know now, if you gave me the choice of a young P Manning or a young A Dalton, you would not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who I'm takin'...
  17. Wattafan

    Potential HOF's ...Under 26

    Dontari Poe and Vontaze Burfict Wish they were on my team!
  18. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    You can call me a homer - I'm a big boy now.
  19. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    He is getting better as he goes in these pre-season games. Looks like OB is making this system tailored to Fitz as much as possible. He does throw a little too much into tight coverage and this worries me, but he has a pretty decent receiving corp including Andre Johnson, Deandre Hopkins, Ryan Griffin, CJ Fiedorowicz (who some are saying will be a starter) and Mike Thomas in the slot with Foster out of the backfield. He will have weapons to throw to.
  20. Wattafan

    Preseason Reaction Thread

    Coaching is the biggest factor for any teams success and O'Brien has a different philosophy than Kubiak, and it is refreshing to say the least - so far he looks like turning the ship around. Romeo Crennel brings a lot of experience for the defense and Mike Vrabel has been working well with the LB corp. An excellent part of that philosophy is that all payers are equal, and all must earn their spots on the roster and this has really brought some competitiveness from the top to the bottom. The secondary improved and the front line is bolstered. The QB position has had an arguable upgrade with Fitzpatrick He has shown surprising mobility with his legs and the right time to use them. Matt Schaub was basically a statue and had lost what he had in previous seasons. The Oline will take time to gel but it should be better than last year. The RB corp is looking better with Grimes showing up in the preseason as well as 6th round Alfred Blue looking like a steal. Ronnie Brown adds some experience and is a decent blocker. Foster is said to be looking like the Foster of old, but his hamstring can be an issue at any time. The TE's are looking good with Mike Thomas showing his value, Ryan Griffin progressing nicely and CJ Fiedorowicz catching some nice passes. The LB corp has shown some better polish under Vrabel. Btw, Max Bullough is looking like a nice prospect.
  21. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    I don't see Fitz as Texans saviour and never mentioned his name. All he has to do is manage the game, which he can do, and keep the ints to a minimum. Special Teams looks like it has a heartbeat again and if the D does get it's mojo back and force more turnovers than they did last year (which shouldn't be hard), then Texans will be a handful for teams once again. I agree that it may take time for the team to gel, but lots of other teams have new players and coaches also. Texans schedule is easier than last years.
  22. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    Agree that injuries always play a part however, Texans seem to have enough depth this year. The new coaching regime has given ALL players the chance to make the team and that has made everyone more competitive - gone are the days of the Kubiak cronyism. The secondary seems upgraded as well, and most importantly, the coaching. Mr. Clowney adds a new dimension to the pass rush and Jerrell Powe looks like a decent upgrade at NT. One has to be justifiably optimistic with Texans chances and as the season progresses, they will get better within the new system.
  23. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    Texans:- v Washington - W @ Raiders -W @ Giants -L v Bills -W @ Cowboys -W v Colts -W (Texans break the Hoodoo at home) @ Steelers -L @Titans -L v Eagles -L BYE @ Browns -W v Bengals - L v Titans -W @ Jags -L @ Colts -L v Ravens - W (Texans rally at home against their old coach) v Jags -W This is very doable for Texans. We may lose both games to Colts and lose to Ravens but could pick up the Bengals game and could also pick up the Jags at Jags. Texans could snag a wildcard. 9 - 7
  24. Wattafan

    Predict Your Team's 2014 Record

    Interesting you have Texans beating you at home - I have pencilled that game as a loss for Texans
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