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  1. Thursday:

    Cleveland @ Cincinnati 8:30 ET



    Green Bay @ Carolina 1:00 ET

    Washington @ New England 1:00 ET

    Tennessee @ New Orleans 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Buffalo 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Minnesota 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Oakland @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET


    New York Giants @ Tampa 4:00 ET

    Atlanta @ San Francisco 4:00 ET

    Denver @ Indianapolis 4:30 ET


    Philadelphia @ Dallas 8:30 ET



    Chicago @ San Diego 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  2. Thursday:

    Miami @ New England 8:30 ET



    Detroit @ Kansas City 9:30 AM ET (LONDON GAME!)


    Tampa Bay @ Atlanta 1:00 ET

    Arizona @ Cleveland 1:00 ET

    San Francisco @ St. Louis 1:00 ET

    New York Giants @ New Orleans 1:00 ET

    Minnesota @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    San Diego @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET

    Tennessee @ Houston 1:00 ET


    New York Jets @ Oakland 4:00 ET

    Seattle @ Dallas 4:30 ET


    Green Bay @ Denver 8:30 ET



    Indianapolis @ Carolina 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the monday night game?


  3. Thursday:

    Seattle @ San Francisco 8:30 ET



    Buffalo @ Jacksonville 9:30 AM ET (LONDON GAME)

    Tampa Bay @ Washington 1:00 ET

    Atlanta @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    New Orleans @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET

    Minnesota @ Detroit 1:00 ET

    Pittsburgh @ Kansas City 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ St. Louis 1:00 ET

    Houston @ Miami 1:00 ET

    New York Jets @ New England 1:00 ET


    Oakland @ San Diego 4:00 ET

    Dallas @ New York Giants 4:30 ET

    Philadelphia @ Carolina 8:30 ET



    Baltimore @ Arizona 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on monday night?



    Great effort posting this up every week Razor.

    Good stuff.

  4. Thursday:

    Atlanta @ New Orleans 8:30 ET



    Washington @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Arizona @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET

    Kansas City @ Minnesota 1:00 ET

    Cincinnati @ Buffalo 1:00 ET

    Chicago @ Detroit 1:00 ET

    Denver @ Cleveland 1:00 ET

    Houston @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Tennessee 1:00 ET


    Carolina @ Seattle 4:00 ET

    San Diego @ Green Bay 4:30 ET

    Baltimore @ San Francisco 4:30 ET


    New England @ Indianapolis 8:30 ET



    New York Giants @ Philadelphia 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  5. Thursday:

    Indianapolis @ Houston 8:30 ET (Houston bounces back)



    Chicago @ Kansas City 1:00 ET

    Seattle @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET

    Washington @ Atlanta 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET

    New Orleans @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Green Bay 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ Tennessee 1:00 ET


    Arizona @ Detroit 4:00 ET

    New England @ Dallas 4:30 ET

    Denver @ Oakland 4:30 ET


    San Francisco @ New York Giants 8:30 ET



    Pittsburgh @ San Diego 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  6. Baltimore



    New York Jets






    Atlanta (*sigh* Heart says Houston, head says Atlanta)



    San Diego

    Green Bay









    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


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  7. Dunno if I can deal with it razor - may need to have a hissy fit.


    Washington Redskins 8:30 ET



    Atlanta 1:00 ET

    Tennessee 1:00 ET

    Cleveland 1:00 ET

    Cincinnati 1:00 ET

    New England 1:00 ET

    Carolina 1:00 ET

    New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Houston 1:00 ET

    San Diego 1:00 ET

    Pittsburgh 1:00 ET


    Arizona 4:00 ET

    Miami 4:30 ET

    Seattle 4:30 ET


    Denver 8:30 ET



    Green Bay 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  8. Hoyer threw two picks inside his own 13 yard line. Both resulted in TD's for KC.

    He looked like he wasn't picking up blitzes and held onto the ball too long.

    KC won the field position and time of possession battle.

    Texans made some adjustments in the second half to pitch a shutout but the damage was done in the first half.

    I had the feeling Texans weren't prepared well enough and started pretty slow as seems customary for them.

    Hopefully O'Brien makes more adjustments and lights a fire under their asses against Panthers.

  9. Thursday:
    Denver @ Kansas City 8:30 ET

    Houston @ Carolina 1:00 ET
    San Francisco @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET
    Tampa Bay @ New Orleans 1:00 ET
    Detroit @ Minnesota 1:00 ET
    Arizona @ Chicago 1:00 ET
    New England @ Buffalo 1:00 ET
    San Diego @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET
    Tennessee @ Cleveland 1:00 ET
    Atlanta @ New York Giants 1:00 ET
    St. Louis @ Washington 1:00 ET
    Miami @ Jacksonville 4:05 ET
    Baltimore @ Oakland 4:05 ET
    Dallas @ Philadelphia 4:25 ET
    Seattle @ Green Bay 8:30 ET

    New York Jets @ Indianapolis 8:30 ET


  10. Thursday:

    Pittsburgh @ New England 8:30 ET


    Green Bay @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    Kansas City @ Houston 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Indianapolis @ Bufffalo 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Washington 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Seattle @ St. Louis 1:00 ET

    New Orleans @ Arizona 4:05 ET

    Detroit @ San Diego 4:05 ET

    Tennessee @ Tampa Bay 4:25 ET

    Cincinnati @ Oakland 4:25 ET

    Baltimore @ Denver 4:25 ET

    New York Giants @ Dallas 8:30 ET


    Philadelphia @ Atlanta 7:10 ET

    Minnesota @ San Francisco 10:20 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the last Monday Night game?


  11. Oh yeah, Brian Cushing is back, says he is the best he has felt since 2012. His mojo in practice is evident - his coverage and leadership are just like old times.

    While not technically an unheralded player, he is more of a forgotten one. If he even gets to 95% of his 2011 - 12 form, this will be a very good D.

  12. 6th rounder DT/DE Christian Covington. Has a nice pass rush with surprisingly fluid hips for a 290 pound guy - loops around nicely to get to the QB. Will be in the rotation.

    WR Keith Mumphery - has very nice hands and gets open more times than his 5th round would indicate. Fighting for a spot - if he gets put on the ps, somebody will pick up a very nice prospect.

    Both look like steals right now.

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  13. I see fellow Texanite fartwaffles has posted in this thread and I differ in some of my estimations thusly:-



    D line




    No real "strengths" but WR and O-line should be sturdy.









    Special teams

    Punter - Lechler has played elite level.

    Lacks a really good kick returner.


    Also, I think the coaching is a strength.

  14. Every year we see the hype from the preseason and most of it seems close to the mark.

    We get a decent indication of who is in shape and shaping up to be good when the real deal starts.

    From your own team, name those who look like they may make waves - including rookies.

    My team - Texans:-

    Vets - D - Vince Wilfork has struck up a nice comaraderie with Watt and DE Jared Crick has shown improvement.

    Brian Cushing is the big news for me - it is reported he looks in similar shape to his 2011-12 form, described as "remarkably fluid". If he is even 95% that will be huge for this D.

    Jadeveon Clowney is said to have had a "remarkable recovery" from microfracture surgery and shows no sign at all of knee injury - will likely be ready for game 1 but will be eased into it.

    S Rahim Moore is a real team man and mentor - can't wait to see him in action.

    The rookies - CB Kevin Johnson has looked like he warranted his first round rating.

    Bernardrick McKinney has looked good also, but the ILB position is one that usually takes time to reach full potential.

    The big surprise from the rookies is 6th rounder DT Christian Covington, his work ethic and pass rush is very good.

    On the O, we have a true QB competition and it is 50/50 atm, but the whispers are that Hoyer looks much improved in this system and may take the job over Mallett. Gonna have to take a raincheck until gameday on that one. Tom Savage shows a glimmer of hope as he is greatly improved over last season.

    Deandre Hopkins is in great form and Nate Washington looks like taking Andre Johnsons vacated spot.

    Foster will likely miss at least 6 weeks of the regular season and that is a big blow as he was basically 80% of this teams offense.

    Alfred Blue has worked very hard in the off season with Adrian Petersen's trainer but there has been no real buzz about him.

    CJ Fiedowicz is said to be a different player this season, so will watch for him.

    Ben Jones C takes over the center spot vacated by Chris Myers, his old position in college. LG could be a problem as Xavier Sua Filo has disappointed.

    Rookies - Jaelen Strong really worked hard to shed 20 pounds and is looking very good - needs work on routes but has very good hands.

    Kenny Hilliard is looking better than Blue did his rookie year and looks to be a trucker (...ask the Redskins defender).

    This Texans D is likely gonna be very strong - looks better on paper than last season.

    Alas the O may be the worst in football with no Andre Johnson now and Foster out for a substantial part of the season.

    Coach O'Brien though has already won the hearts of the Texans fans with his very professional no-nonsense approach.

    Texans looked like they were getting used to the complicated systems on both sides of the ball towards the end of last season so hopefully take up from there.

    Go ahead and boost your team.

  15. Texans+



    49ers - 46
    Bears - 41
    Bengals - 8
    Bills - 39
    Broncos - 6
    Browns - 15
    Buccaneers - 9
    Chiefs - 35
    Colts - 20
    Dolphins - 9
    Falcons - 10
    Giants - 7
    Packers - 22
    Panthers - 9
    Ravens - 7
    Redskins - 4
    Saints - 1
    Steelers - 17
    Texans - 12


    See, I don't think the penalty was that far on the too harsh side... If, that is, they had substantial and proof without a doubt that he was involved in telling the ball boys he wanted the balls deflated below the legal psi.


    That's the thing. They don't. I understand this is a sport league and not a court of law, but do you think someone could be convicted in a real court with the type of burden of proof that the NFL currently holds over Tom Brady? In terms of having nothing saying he did it and nothing saying he didn't, this is as 50/50 as it gets in my opinion. There's nothing proving either side right. Which is why there should be no suspension here.



    Further, let's discuss Goodell sitting over and judging this appeal process. How is this right? It's not. I fully agree with the NFL Players Association on this one. A man who is involved in the case as a material witness or involved in the case as the man who gave the original punishment can't preside over an appeal. If that's the case, there is basically no way that Tom Brady and the Patriots can even come close to winning this appeal. It's just not right. Get an outside source, like we've seen on numerous other accounts with the NFL and their appeals process, to rule this situation.

    Right now, Roger Goodell is trying to strong arm the NFLPA into acting as the "bad guy" for this case. I fully believe this is just an attempt for Goodell and his close personnel to regain their public figure.

    If it does go outside, then the defendants can raise all the inconsistencies in Goodell's decisions - iow, shift the limelight on him.

    I can understand the league's wanting to lump past discretions into this one lump penalty, but there are other teams with multiple discretions as well.

    Personally, I was shocked when I first heard the details of the penalty and I am not even a fan of the Pats.

    If you want to get technical, then you give Brady a punishment ( the 4 game suspension) and the Pats organization a penalty ( either a million dollar fine or a first round draft pick). That would have been seen more just and right.


  17. Titans have had the worst draft not even through 1 round, IMO. Not even close.


    I don't like or understand Leo to the Jets, no matter how good you think he is. Texans have maybe my favorite pick so far.

    Funny you should say that - fans on the Texans board were not thrilled, but most accept it and are okay with it, even though most had their hearts set on others myself included.

    Once you research him, he does look like the best pure pass defender in this crop.

  18. The penatly was too harsh.

    All the league succeeded in doing was getting the Patriots backs up.

    We could now see a long protracted battle that could even affect the regular season and therefor detrimental to the game.

    A four game suspension would have been enough and would not have pissed them off to the point where they go through litigation.

  19. I'm cool with Kevin Johnson, but man I really wanted Dupree. Steelers getting him at #22 was the biggest steal/best value of Day 1.

    Texans got the biggest steal in Round 3.

  20. 1. :Lions: Calvin Johnson - Injury plagued year and his placement as the best can't be toppled in one season.


    2. :Falcons: Julio Jones - Julio is an athletic freak of nature on all cylinders. He had the most explosive splash plays in the league last season.


    3. :Steelers: Antonio Brown - Brown simply put had the best season of all WR's last year and he did it beating some of the premiere corners in the league. If he keeps it up at this level, he could form to be the second coming of Marvin Harrison.


    4. :Cowboys: Dez Bryant - He may not be the most polished route runner and has a limited route tree, but this guy just dominates whoever he is facing. He's a circus freak and makes his defenders look like boys.


    5. :Bengals: A.J Green - It pains me to have A.J down this far... He had an injury plagued year and still did well. However, he does get shut down by some of the premiere corners. Joe Haden who is good but not great and Revis dominated Green.


    6. :Packers: Jordy Nelson - Jordy can do it all. Probably one of the most balanced evenly blended WRs in the league. Dangerous on the double move, savvy route runner, has a huge concentration drop every now and again but is still one of the best in the league.


    7. :Broncos: Demairyus Thomas - I don't necessarily like D.T's style of receiving being a bubble screen master YAC guy, but he's an dangerous threat nonetheless. I guess guys who are his size, I expect them to make big plays on the ball while it's in the air. D.T doesn't use his height well in my opinion and his catch radius and ball locating skills are very limited.


    8. :Redskins: Desean Jackson - People can say what they want about Desean Jackson, but he is one of the most dangerous receivers in the league PERIOD. He is the best deep threat in the league and he can kill you anywhere on the field and anytime. He can beat you long or catch it short and still take it the distance. Desean had 3 different QB's throwing to him this year and still made big plays. How do you catch only 56 balls and still get over 1100 yards? That's insane. He's not just a one trick pony either and showed that last year in Chip's offense catching 82 balls.


    9. :Eagles: Jeremy Maclin - Maclin balled out this year. He showed Philly that with Desean gone we still had a dangerous deep threat. He made some great grabs and made the catches when we needed him the most. Jmac definitely stepped up this year.


    10. :Colts: T.Y Hilton - Hilton has definitely earned my respect. He's shown that he's a great play maker. He just always seems to make the play when the Colts need it on important downs. His a dangerous threat deep and made some great defended catches this season.


    Honorable Mention:


    :Giants: Odell Beckham JR - One more year like last year and he's automatically in my top 5 lol. I don't like anointing rookies too soon but the level Odell Beckham played at this past year was historic even to the point where defenses were double teaming him before the season was over. I highly doubt that was a fluke but we will see how he adjust next year when after defenses watch that tape.


    :Bears: Alshon Jefferey - Play maker.


    :Lions: Golden Tate - Showed the world that he was more than what we all saw at Seattle. Without Megatron lined up next to him, Tate had some amazing games and helped the Lions get a few wins.


    :Bills: Sammy Watkins - I love this kid. He was suffering with a groin injury for a good part of the season and was kind of streaky but I love his potential. I'm eager to watch his growth development.

    Nice list, but where does Deandre Hopkins fit?

    Averaged 15.4 ypc his rookie year then went 15.9 last year for 1200 yds.

    Not too shabby.

    Kid has flypaper on his gloves and racked up those stats with Ryan Freakin' Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum throwing the pill for most games.

    One catch he made would have been a highlight reeler like Beckham's but was called back for inelligible receiver.

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