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  1. Well it's the offseason, and that means it's time to rejuvenate the board with some ridiculous contests. Normally we go through and have a best players, or a top 100 topic or something, but I've decided to change it up. If someone else wants to start one of those up, that'd still be really cool. However I'm going to start this up, the most popular active players topic. I'm thinking I can do this as an X man single elimination tournament but I'll still accept any nominations even if we end up with a weird number because of it.


    So here are the nomination rules:

    1. You may nominate up to 50 active players. If they retired this offseason or end up retiring you can still include them. There is no limit to how many players on a single team you can nominate.

    2. The number of nominations will help with seeding, so if you like a guy and see he's already been nominated, go ahead and nominate him again.

    3. That should be pretty straightforward, we don't need more rules.


    I'll let this go for a week or so, depending on when activity dies down. You can post reasoning for your nominations if you like, it's up to you.


    Here are mine for the moment. I may have more later which I'll edit in.


    1. Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

    2. Von Miller (Broncos)

    3. Eddie Lacy (Packers)

    4. Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

    5. Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)

    6. Frank Gore (49ers)

    7. Chris Harris (Broncos)

    8. Charles Woodson (Raiders)

    9. Jordy Nelson (Packers)

    10. Antonio Brown (Steelers)

    11. J.J Watt (Texans)

    12. Marshal Yanda (Ravens)

    13. Geno Atkins (Bengals)

    14. Brent Grimes (Dolphins)

    15. Kam Chancellor (Seahawks)

    16. Earl Thomas (Seahawks)

    17. Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)

    18. Calais Campbell (Cardinals)

    19. Chris Long (Rams)

    20. Thomas Davis (Panthers)

    21. Eli Manning (Giants)

    22. Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants)

    23. Chris Borland (49ers)








    One notable I would suggest is Andre Johnson - been around the league for years and does a TON of community work and is a well known philanthropist. Is arguably the most popular Texan of all.

  2. I'd be very surprised if any defensive player is taken ahead of Leonard Williams. Williams is an athletic freak and has the versatility to play all over the d-line and still be successful at getting after the quarterback. He's a rare talent.


    And Malcom Brown looks good too - he can play any position on the Dline and is a run stuffer with some athleticism for a big guy and gets into the backfield with regularity.

    Looks like he will be there abouts for Texans. God knows JJ still needs help.

  3. I think that is a valid reason.


    But for me just because a guy wasn't asked to do something a lot doesn't me he can't do it. Just knowing Mariota and the training he has, I know he is more prepared to read coverages.

    Enjoyed the dialogue between you and Donovan.

    Would like your take on Grayson?

  4. Probably a lot of changes gonna happen after the combine*, and I watch a lot more. But this is how it's looking right now:


    1. Leonard Williams - DL - USC

    2. Jameis Winston - QB - Florida State

    3. Amari Cooper - WR - Alabama

    4. Kevin White - WR - West Virginia

    5. Randy Gregory - DE-OLB - Nebraska

    6. Dante Fowler Jr. - DE/OLB - Florida

    7. Vic Beasley - DE-OLB - Clemson

    8. Jordan Phillips - DL - Oklahoma

    9. Melvin Gordon - RB - Wisconsin

    10. Marcus Peters - CB - Washington

    11. Andrus Peat - OL - Stanford

    12. Todd Gurley - RB - Georgia

    13. Trae Waynes - CB - Michigan State

    14. T.J. Clemmings - OL - Pittsburgh

    15. DeVante Parker - WR - Louisville

    16. Brandon Scherff - OL - Iowa

    17. Shaq Thompson - LB - Washington

    18. Ronald Darby - CB - Florida State

    19. La'el Collins - OL - LSU

    20. Michael Bennett - DL - Ohio State

    21. P.J. Williams - CB - Florida State

    22. Danny Shelton - DL - Washington

    23. Brett Hundley - QB - UCLA

    24. Hau'oli Kikaha - DE-OLB - Washington

    25. Owamagbe Odighizuwa - DE - UCLA

    26. Mario Edwards Jr. - DE - Florida State

    27. Maxx Williams - TE - Minnesota

    28. Dorial Green-Beckham – WR – Missouri**

    29. Cameron Erving - OL - Florida State

    30. Duke Johnson - RB - Miami

    31. Malcolm Brown - DT - Texas

    32. Jalen Collins - CB - LSU


    33. Devin Funchess - TE - Michigan

    34. Shane Ray - DE-OLB - Missouri

    35. Carl Davis - DL - Iowa

    36. Denzel Perryman - LB - Miami

    37. Marcus Mariota - QB - Oregon

    38. Chris Hackett - S - TCU

    39. Paul Dawson - LB - TCU

    40. Landon Collins - S - Alabama

    41. Xavier Williams - DL - Northern Iowa

    42. Eli Harold - DE-OLB - Virginia

    43. Nelson Agholor - WR - USC

    44. Benardrick McKinney - LB - Mississippi State

    45. A.J. Cann - OL - South Carolina

    46. Eric Kendricks - LB - UCLA

    47. Arik Armstead - DL - Oregon

    48. Charles Gaines - CB - Louisville

    49. Ameer Abdullah - RB - Nebraska

    50. Jake Fisher - OL - Oregon

    You have Danny Shelton at #22 - all the boards I have seen have him higher than that and the NFL one has him about 8 from memory?

  5. To play like that and win is unreal. But to have those circumstances and come out with a win is crazy, and more awesome than i can really fathom. Some will rightfully be really down on Wilson and having once again been bailed out by his defense and running game through 58 minutes. But on the other hand, to know your team has the fight/ability to pull that off on the slim chance we do have all those freak turnovers happen again at some point, with the defense we have, will are always in any game pretty much no matter what.


    Gunna have to sleep the aftermath of the nerves off for an honest evaluation, but at the end of the day, this game was all a bunch of missed opportunities from both sides. Dropped balls, batted interceptions, and all way too many freak happenings. I don't think that's who we will be next week, and we definitely needed those times GB shot themselves in the foot. I feel we shot ourselves more, and that we didn't start playing offense until the 4th quarter, but we managed barely putting ourselves in a good enough situation to be that clutch.

    What won the game for me was the heart and belief the Seahawks had. They did not give up for a moment - just kept plugging away until the Packers choked.

  6. Who knows? Time will tell. Only thought in my mind right now is if Peyton made the right decision going to Denver.




    Oh what maybe could have been...

    His accuracy on his deep balls is off just a fraction and that is not the young Peyton. I think the extra effort he has to put on them is effecting his accuracy. You will notice he is still good on the short to intermediate throws, so buyers beware.

  7. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred. Peyton is preparing to choke in the most vainglorious fashion.

    He's not a choker - he is just done.

    A shame indeed, but the great one has seen his best days.


    I did not see it. I was so frustrated and pissed off that I shut it off.


    What happened? I trust that it was a bad non-call.

    Let's just say it was called and then not enforced for ...some...reason.

    No-one on the panel could offer an explanation either.

    Lions fans must be livid.


    Can you guys believe it? Week 17 is three days away. The 2014 regular season is that close to being over. As we approach a new year and reflect over what we've seen this year, I thought it would be fun/interesting to see what surprised us most about this year. Include teams, players, and coaches that caught you off guard. I'll just throw a few out there:


    • The Browns winning more than 3 games
    • Dallas being so efficient offensively, and dominating in December
    • LeSean McCoy sucking ass
    • Odell fucking Beckham
    • The Bears taking a big step backward


    For me it was the meltdown in San Fran and the poor performance of the entire NFC South (although Panthers played well yesterday).

  10. Listen up, draft gurus...


    The Eagles need a QB. But we're not trading 25 draft picks to get Mariota. We need someone who will be available in the 15-25 range, someone Chip can develop for a year or two.


    Mainly, I need someone I can get my hopes up for only to watch the Eagles draft another position in the first round.


    I need a name...

    Trae Waynes.

  11. Shhh, spoilers Thanatos.


    WEEK 17 Standings!


    Bware 13-3

    BradyFan 12-4

    PD2010 12-4

    FartWaffles 12-4

    Jayrus 12-4

    Thanatos 11-5

    RazorStar 11-5

    Wattafan 11-5

    KempBolt 11-5

    Zack 11-5

    SteVo 11-5

    Shotgun 11-5

    Vin 10-6

    Oochymp 10-6

    Campin 10-6

    Blots 10-6

    Eefluxx 9-7


    And here are the cumulative results!


    Final Cumulative Standings


    RazorStar 168-88 (Week 9 winner)


    Oochymp 167-89 (Week 1 winner)

    Shotgun 167-89

    FartWaffles 167-89 (Week 6 winner)

    Bware 167-89 (week 17 Winner)

    SteVo 166-90 (Week 7 and 12 winner)

    KempBolt 164-92

    Thanatos 162-94

    Jayrus 162-94

    PD2010 158-98

    Vin 152-104 (Week 4 and 16 winner)

    Blots 152-104

    Campin 150-106 (Week 11 winner)

    Zack 143-113 (Week 13 winner)


    TGP Aggregate: 164-87-5 (166-89-1)


    Missed at least one week:

    BradyFan 161-95 (Week 3 and 14 winner)

    Bucman 142-114

    ATL 139-117

    Wattafan 138-118 (Week 10 winner)

    Bay 130-126

    Trident 129-127

    Eefluxx 125-131 (Week 15 winner)

    Spartan 123-133 (Week 2 and 8 winner)

    GA Eagle 107-149

    Favre4Ever 104-152

    Dutch 80-176

    Chernobyl 70-186

    JetsFan4Life 40-216 (Week 5 winner)

    Terry 36-220

    Rain Man 32-224

    Burfict Storm 26-230

    eightnine 25-231

    LOLBANGY 8-248

    Hobos 6-250


    Congratulations on everyone competing this year, it was a tough road, but thanks to everyone who picked all 17 weeks, and to everyone who gave this a sporting chance despite missing time. It was a lot of fun to do this. I'll put up some last minute stats for everyone, since that was the real reason I was so interested in running this.

    Thank you dude, for your efforts and diligence in keeping up with quite a bit of work in these threads.

    Hope you do it again next season.

  12. Dent has come on strong as of late, and is a good special teamer.



    That may be so, but he's a huge character risk which guarantees the Texans won't even have him on their draft board. Personally I'm a big fan of Trae Waynes.




    Dent has looked good and Waynes is very likely Texans R1 pick.

    I wonder what it would take to get Dan Williams in here...I really like Danny Shelton if we can't get a decent NT.

    Here's hoping Nix gets his head out of his ass.

  13. Sunday
    Cleveland @ Baltimore 1:00 ET
    Dallas @ Washington 1:00 ET
    Indianapolis @ Tennessee 1:00 ET
    New Orleans @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET
    Philadelphia @ New York Giants 1:00 ET
    Buffalo @ New England 1:00 ET
    Jacksonville @ Houston 1:00 ET
    San Diego @ Kansas City 1:00 ET
    New York Jets @ Miami 1:00 ET
    Chicago @ Minnesota 1:00 ET

    Oakland @ Denver 4:30 ET
    Arizona @ San Francisco 4:30 ET
    Detroit @ Green Bay 4:30 ET
    St. Louis @ Seattle 4:30 ET
    Carolina @ Atlanta 4:30 ET

    Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Sunday Night Football?69

  14. Well the regular season is almost over, so I figured now is a good time to fire this topic up.


    List: http://nfltraderumors.co/2015-nfl-free-agents-list/





    QB Ryan Mallett

    OT Derek Newton


    OLB Brooks Reed

    ILB Akeem Dent

    CB Kareem Jackson

    S Kendrick Lewis

    S Danieal Manning



    RB Shane Vereen

    WR Dane Sanzenbacher

    WR Cole Beasley

    TE Virgil Green


    DE Cedric Thornton

    DE Lawrence Guy

    NT Dan Williams


    Pipe Dream

    WR Randall Cobb

    WR Wes Welker


    OLB Brian Orakpo

    ILB Brandon Marshall

    CB Brandon Flowers



    So who's on your list?

    On your resign list I would omit Dent and add Brandon Spikes.

    I would also like to see Mark ingram come in to help out with the running duties.

    I would also trade in Daniel Manning for a newer model. Byron Maxwell would be nice to have but would cost a packet so the draft will have to be the go. Marcus Peters is the best CB in the draft.

    I wonder what Raji would cost us?

  15. you're right, the argument hinges on the 'valuable' aspect of the award, because the Texans could miss the playoffs without Watt and they're missing the playoffs with Watt, so how 'valuable' is he really?


    and I realize that by this reasoning a player who makes his team a 10-6 team rather than an 8-8 team is more valuable than a player who makes his team an 8-8 team rather than a 2-14 team, but IMO the difference between a 10-6 team and an 8-8 team is much bigger than the difference between an 8-8 team and a 2-14 team


    also, I don't really agree with the notion that Watt's accomplishments just get pushed away, he will be the DPOTY by a huge margin

    But like you said elsewhere, his team is not headed to the playoffs...

  16. Yes, because I don't think the team performance should hinder the individual player if he's having an MVP caliber year. I'd say the same if next year Mettenberger threw for 60 TDs and 6,000 yards, but the Titans had a historically bad defense and always gave up at least one more point than Mett would put up.


    You put Watt on the Packers with the year he is having and Aaron Rodgers wouldn't even be the MVP of his own team.


    I'll repeat it - if a defensive player cannot win MVP with the season Watt has had, then I can't ever see a defensive player ever winning it as there will always be a standout QB.

    They may as well just call it Most Valuable Offensive Player and be done with it.

    Hope you don't mind me borrowing that Fart.

  17. With Tony Romo and Russell Wilson also coming into the MVP conversation, JJ Watt's chances of taking it have gone up.

    Add to that the fact that Rogers has not been, well Rogers of late while JJ actually seems to be getting better and that whole D feeds off him, puts has his nose in front. If he does not win it, the mind boggles at what a defensive player has to do to do so.

    If you didn't watch the Texans Ravens game, I suggest you do yourself a favour and enjoy possibly the greatest ever to play his position just to marvel.

    He may not have had the gaudy numbers like he did some of his other games, but his performance was stellar.

    One play that will stick in my mind was when he had been completely gassed on one knee late in the game but would not go off the field, lined up on the next play and played well, like Watt and produced a great TFL to send the Ravens O off the field.

    My admiration for him went up another notch.

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  18. I like the little I've seen of Grayson. Hopefully the hype train doesn't make him higher than a 2nd-3rd rounder.


    I absolutely hate Mannion. Wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole. Turrible mechanics.

    OB might think he can fix Mannion. Trouble is, we will have too many "fixer uppers" on this team.

    Back to the drawing board for Texans - unless they take a punt on someone like an RGIII or Foles/Sanchez become available.

    He might swing a surprise deal for someone. I am trying to remember the name of the rookie who beat us last year that played for OB in college? Possible last name started with G...

  19. This news saddens me. Cook appeared to me to be the prototypical quarterback that O'Brien is looking for. I just hope they can re-sign Mallett and then draft either Cook or Hackenberg in 2016.

    Garrett Grayson.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Texans take a punt on Mannion - just not in the first round for either of these two.

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