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  1. Divisional Round: Brady/Manning XVII in Foxborough. Manning chokes and Lord Brady laughs his way to the AFCCG.


    AFCCG: Steelers somehow end up in another AFCCG against the Pats. They finally get over the Brady hump and take a close game in Foxborough on Ben's arm.


    Super Bowl: Cardinals run the table lead by the miraculous Coach of the Year Bruce Arians. Bruce is the second ex-Steeler OC to take the Cardinals to the Super Bowl against their former team. Arians has the opportunity for revenge for being forced to "retire" as the Steelers OC.


    Todd Haley, the Cardinals OC in 2008, is on the other sideline this time as Bruce's replacement.


    Carson Palmer finally has a chance to repay the Steelers for derailing his career in the 2005 playoffs in Cincinnati.


    Brett Keisel was at the airport to head to Arizona for a contract when he and his kids began getting emotional and he called Colbert to ask for a deal to stay in Pittsburgh.


    James Harrison comes out of retirement and leads the Steelers' D to the Super Bowl for one last ride.





    The storylines are too great, Rog! It's a win-win for the league, so make it happen, WWE style!






    I don't actually expect this to come to fruition, but if it does, you heard it here first.

    The way Steelers have woken up in recent games, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the SB.

    I loved the beatdown they put on the Colts and I hope they do it to NE too.

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  2. Cincinnati @ Cleveland 8:30 ET

    Chiefs @ Bills 1:00 ET
    Dolphins @ Lions 1:00 ET
    Cowboys @ Jags 1:00 ET
    49ers @ Saints 1:00 ET
    Titans @ Ravens 1:00 ET
    Steelers @ Jets 1:00 ET
    Falcons @ Bucs 1:00 ET
    Broncos @ Raiders 4:00 ET
    Rams @ Cardinals 4:20 ET
    Giants @ Seahawks 4:20 ET
    Bears @ Packers 8:30 ET

    Panthers @ Eagles 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  3. This week from Philly I would take Darren Sproules.

    You might be thinking why not Nick Foles? Well, strangely enough, His QB rating is lower than Fitzpatrick's at the moment and Texans game is heavily predicated on the run.

    Even though Alfred Blue is coming along nicely, a real dual threat in our running game would make Texans running game a serious weapon.

  4. Thursday:
    New Orleans @ Carolina 8:30 ET

    Tampa Bay @ Cleveland 1:00 ET
    Arizona @ Dallas 1:00 ET
    Philadelphia @ Houston 1:00 ET
    New York Jets @ Kansas City 1:00 ET
    Jacksonville @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET
    San Diego @ Miami 1:00 ET
    Washington @ Minnesota 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ San Francisco 4:00 ET
    Denver @ New England 4:30 ET
    Oakland @ Seattle 4:30 ET

    Baltimore @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET

    Indianapolis @ New York Giants 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 58

  5. Epic is overused in general (I'm guilty of it, pretty sure everyone is guilty of it) it's just spread to football videos.

    Heh, it's like the trend to overuse the word "awesome" by younger people to describe just about everything.

    I shouldn't criticize too much though - I like to use the word "fuck" to describe my displeasure quite often. :)

  6. Thursday:

    San Diego @ Denver 8:30 ET


    Detroit @ Atlanta 9:30 AM ET

    Minnesota @ Tampa 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Chicago @ New England 1:00 ET

    Seattle @ Carolina 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Baltimore @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Kansas City 1:00 ET

    Houston @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    Philadelphia @ Arizona 4:05 ET

    Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh 4:25 ET

    Oakland @ Cleveland 4:25 ET

    Green Bay @ New Orleans 8:30 ET


    Washington @ Dallas 8:30 ET

    Tie breaker 48

  7. I'm more interested in Connor Cook. Or, looking forward, Christian Hackenberg.

    Cook is looking good and has a high ceiling.

    Hackenberg, if he continues to progress, will likely be the best QB to come out since Luck and will obviously be a hot commodity.

  8. If Winston declares this year we will know a bit more about him by then.

    As it stands right now it would be risky for a franchise that is struggling with depth if other very good prospects at positions of need were available on their pick - especially if there is another decent QB prospect available.

    Winston might grow up, and grow out of his issues but what if that is just his make-up? You could blow a very valuable high first round pick.

    Too risky at this point.

    Otoh, if he is still there on your second pick and you badly need a QB, you would have to seriously consider it. You would still have to consider his off field antics, etc,.

  9. Thursday:

    New York Jets @ New England 8:30 ET


    Atlanta @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    Tennessee @ Washington 1:00 ET

    Seattle @ St. Louis 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Minnesota @ Buffalo 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    New Orleans @ Detroit 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Green Bay 1:00 ET

    Kansas City @ San Diego 4:05 ET

    Arizona @ Oakland 4:30 ET

    New York Giants @ Dallas 4:30 ET

    Denver @ San Francisco 8:30 ET


    Houston @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the Monday Night game?


  10. Praise

    1. Have stuck to their guns well. The games against Cowboys and Colts are evidence of that.

    2. Have performed reasonably well with new coaches and many new players after a dumpster fire season last year.

    3. Special Teams has turned 180 degrees from last season.

    4. Turnovers eluded Texans last season - they have re-emerged.



    1. Slow starts or lack of early urgency have cost Texans two games they could have won.

    2. Offensive line has lost it's way since first two games.

    3. Secondary needs to concentrate more on wrapping up the tackle. They too have gone off from earlier games.

    4. Depth is once more a problem for this team.

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  11. #1 is Peyton Manning. Will go down as one of the best ever. Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are also fabulous QB's. One also has to admire Russell Wilson here.

    #2 is probably Rob Gronkowski. One of the best ever at his position.

    #3 Wes Welker. For such a little guy plays with tremendous heart and is very skillful = a great player.

    #4 Darelle Revis. Great at his position and does the job without histrionics.

    #5 Marshawn Lynch. Bulldozing RB and so hard to bring down.

    Honorable mention for Tom Brady and Patrick Willis. And Jason Witten.

  12. Thursday

    Indianapolis @ Houston 8:30 ET (Voted against my team last week and got it right - just a gut feeling this time)


    Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 1:00 ET

    New England @ Buffalo 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    Green Bay @ Miami 1:00 ET

    Detroit @ Minnesota 1:00 ET

    Denver @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Baltimore @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET

    San Diego @ Oakland 4:05 ET

    Chicago @ Atlanta 4:25 ET

    Dallas @ Seattle 4:25 ET

    Washington @ Arizona 4:25 ET

    New York Giants @ Philadelphia 8:30 ET


    San Francisco @ St. Louis 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points are scored in the Monday Night Game? 41

  13. Sunday

    Chicago @ Carolina 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET

    Atlanta @ New York Giants 1:00 ET

    Tampa @ New Orleans 1:00 ET

    Houston @ Dallas 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ Detroit 1:00 ET

    Baltimore @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET

    Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Arizona @ Denver 4:05 ET

    Kansas City @ San Francisco 4:25 ET

    New York Jets @ San Diego 4:25 ET

    Cincinnati @ New England 8:30 ET


    Seattle @ Washington 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored in the Monday night game?


    Missed the Thursday night game which woulda got me a point.

  14. Evaluate your team from the coaching staff on down. Who's overrated? Who's underrated? Who are the enigmas? Who doesn't belong in the stadium?




    Overrated: Cordarrelle Patterson. Don't get me wrong, he's all kinds of electric, but he's still very raw as a wide receiver and it shows in his lack of targets through 4 games. He's been completely neutralized from week 2 on and purple fans would be wise to pump the brakes on the praise. Kyle Rudolph. Similar to Patterson, but Rudolph has every tool at his disposal but still disappears for weeks at a time. You factor that in with his injury history and it makes you wonder if the Vikings should have tried to hold on to John Carlson.


    Underrated: Matt Asiata. No, he's not a great back. Yes, he's going to struggle to top 100 yards most weeks. At the same time, the guy is an absolute freight train who gains yards, even it's just 2-3 on some plays. He's hard to tackle, hangs on to the damn football, and is all but a sure thing anywhere near the goal line. Vikings fans need to appreciate Asiata a bit and try not to clamor for the Jerrick McKinnon show too soon. Anthony Barr. Everybody expected struggles for the UCLA product, but so far he's been Minnesota's best linebacker in a fairly strong grouping that's flying under the rader. Barr is a ferocious tackler with his speed and size, and has proven to be better in coverage than the team could have hoped for. Josh Robinson. Robinson was a laughingstock last year, but most fans knew he simply isn't a slot corner. Robinson excels on the outside, with good physical ability and a fierce competitiveness that he wears on his sleeve. In his natural position, Robinson has been making plays for this Vikings team, and I think we're a few weeks from seeing him supplant Munnerlyn in the starting lineup. Mike Zimmer. At this site, we know how great Mike Zimmer is, but from the perspective of general NFL fans, it's hard to believe that this coaching hire wasn't praised, universally. Zimmer coaches a heck of a defense and gets the most out of what he has. Minnesota is still having its hiccups, but is playing at an elite level in spurts and I hope that's the direction this team is heading.


    Enigmas: Matt Kalil. He's not as bad as overreactive Vikings fans might tell you. He pretty much neutralized Robert Quinn in week 1, then followed it up with two sub par performances. Yesterday, he was a beast all over again. It just goes to show that in today's NFL, very few tackles can dominate with a statue at quarterback. Bridgewater makes Kalil's job much easier. Xavier Rhodes. The kid shows elite corner potential, but is still getting burned from time to time. Most corners will, but it's hard to look past some of the plays he gives up. Nevertheless, he makes flash plays that showcase his size and physical ability. He knocked a deep ball away from Julio Jones yesterday, which turned out to be a big play that might have saved the game. Jarius Wright. I wanted to cut him after the first 3 games and give Adam Theilen and/or Rodney Smith more snaps at receiver, but week 4 comes around and he makes me look like an idiot for doubting him. I don't know if Bridgewater will continue to use him as effectively or if this is just a flash in the pan, but we'll find out on Thursday. Wright had a nice 50+ yard reception early in yesterday's game, but he should have been able to take it to the house. Seeing a Saints DB scream up behind him and tackle him around the 20 was disheartening. Not every Vikings WR can take it to the house with YAC, but there's no way Wright should have been caught on the play. I'll give him his due--he had a great game, yesterday, but there were still some red flags, out there. Robert Blanton. Perhaps he's just a young safety, but Blanton is a lot like Rhodes in that he looks good a lot of the time, then gets embarrassed by guys like Antone Smith for a long TD run. Blanton makes nice plays in pass defense, and is a good tackler. He gets lost from time to time back there, and was responsible for the Josh Hill touchdown, last week. I think he'll come around, but his bust plays often lead to touchdowns for the opposing team, and they can't keep happening at the rate that they are, now. Norv Turner. Yeah, I get it, he's an offensive "mastermind" but to score 16 total points against two defenses that have proven inconsistent over the first four weeks is baffling. I'd rather see some consistency, some more effort to getting the ball to Patterson in other ways. Too many Patterson decoy plays.


    Trash: Charlie Johnson. I don't care if he revitalized his career at guard. I don't care if he's a veteran presence. Charlie Johnson is still a mediocre offensive lineman, at best, and is penalty prone. The Vikings need to look for an upgrade in the offseason or this line will fail to meet it's potential with Kalil and Sullivan as cornerstones. Sullivan's nearly 30 already. Let's put a good guard to his left. Captain Munnerlyn. Thanatos warned every team that signed secondary members coming over for the Panthers, but few could speculate that Munnerlyn is as bad as he is. First and foremost, he has to be the worst tackling corner I've seen not named Mike Jenkins, and he's too small to be dominant in pass defense, though he has some skills, in that department. He's scored quite a few defensive touchdowns, but has yet to force a turnover for the Vikings. To top it all off, he's as dumb as a rock. Check that, he IS the rock by which all stupid people are compared. I am not impressed with Captain at all, and hope to see him cut or moved down the depth chart, where he belongs. Jeff Locke. Look, I get it--some people viewed Chris Kluwe as a distraction because he stood up for what's right when he really should have only cared about FUTBARR!! but to cut him and draft a mediocre replacement is going to burn this team, in the long run. Locke is not even close to as proficient as Kluwe at pinning teams inside their twenty, and I've yet to see him blast a punt with great distance when this team needs it. I expect Locke to be out of the league in a few years, but I hope it's the Vikings that send him packing after (or in) this season. Get the hell out of the league, Jeff Locke.

    There is one real surprise for the Texans that deserves kudos for the way he has turned his fortunes around and that is RT Derek Newton.

    Last season the entire fan base was calling for his head, but so far this year he is the #5 rated RT in the entire league and has been rated as high as #2.

    He is a big part of the more efficient than expected play from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  15. What a week of tough picks.


    And now it's going to get hard to pick against Dallas, but history has shown how they underwhelm after great performances. This guy might stay the course and pitch the Texans in week 5.

    My fear as well. That Oline looked really good especially in the first half - they just pulled the Saints D.

  16. Missed the first two weeks darn it.


    New York Giants @ Washington 8:30 ET


    Green Bay @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ Houston 1:00 ET

    Tennessee @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    Detroit @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Oakland 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ San Diego 4:00 ET

    Philadelphia @ San Francisco 4:20 ET

    Atlanta @ Minnesota 4:20 ET

    New Orleans @ Dallas 8:30 ET


    New England @ Kansas City 8:30 ET

    I know I picked Dallas to win at home, but after tonite, I would not feel comfortable picking against them period.

    Their Oline is the real deal and they will make the playoffs this year. They will also give grief to whoever they play when they get there.

    That Oline just mauled the Saints.


    If we're talking current play at Week 4 in the season, I can completely understand why you'd say no Green Bay, but overall GB has to be in the talk. They haven't been dominant as of yet in the season, but they have the talent. All are easily top 15 when healthy, and ARod/Lacy are top 5. Nelson is the only question on that group (If Lacy is being standard Lacy) and even then he is one of the most consistent WRs in the league. The dude has insane awareness and hands, and overall raises the trio. If it were Cobb, I would probably go somewhere else with my vote.

    And the Bengals are another notable omission from the list - AD is a competent QB and has Green.

    They have been a scoring machine so far.

  18. For me, I had to go with the Big Ben, Bell, and Brown. That combination right now is just electric. Granted, there may be other tandems on this list that have accumulated more overall statistics, but these guys are the most entertaining to watch right now. I think they compliment each other the best right now and are the most primed for success with how balanced the combination of them are as to where some of the other tandems are lacking in one of those positions. They may have the stats but don't have the intangibles or consistency to warrant being better than these guys. It's a much more stable group. Le'Veon Bell is one of the most exciting RB's in the game to watch right now, Antonio Brown is proving to be in the upper echelon of elite receivers and Big Ben is still Ben.

    Out of this particular group, it has to be Seahawks,

    One notable omission is the Broncos.

  19. Missed the first two weeks darn it.


    New York Giants @ Washington 8:30 ET


    Green Bay @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ Houston 1:00 ET

    Tennessee @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    Detroit @ New York Jets 1:00 ET

    Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Oakland 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ San Diego 4:00 ET

    Philadelphia @ San Francisco 4:20 ET

    Atlanta @ Minnesota 4:20 ET

    New Orleans @ Dallas 8:30 ET


    New England @ Kansas City 8:30 ET

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