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  1. I love Von Miller, and JJ watt is nearly unstoppable, but I gave my vote to Kuechly, and he only gets the edge over Willis for me because of age. I've seen Von and JJ get nullified in games with the quick pass. Kuechly is in on almost every single play. JJ is also rendered pretty ineffective when you run the ball around him cus the Texans were terrible vs. the run.


    I'll take an all-star middle backer over an all-star pass rusher every day of the week. :shrug:

    You prolly right about the LB - Texans are horrible without Cushing.

    I would disagree about what you said about Watt though - his front on defense is as solid as it gets and the "Watt Factor" makes teams change their tactics.


    There was nothing fluky about the stats in that season. The stats told the real story and matched the eye test lol. He was a monster and straight dominated. His tackles for loss behind the line of scrimmage, his pressures, hits, and sacks were astronomical; even his batting passes. He was effective in every single aspect of his position last year to a superlative and unprecedented degree. I think it would be nearly impossible for anyone (including himself) to match that type of season again. His 2013 season was definitely elite and still outstanding production for a 3-4 DE but pales to his 2012 season.

    I am a huge fan of Watt's and follow all the news on him and the Texans and I'm telling you do not be surprised if he has an even better season next year.

    I don't think I have ever seen a more dedicated and hard working player and this off season he has been killing it and not just physically.

  3. 1. Jimmy Graham

    2. Rob Gronkowski

    3. Julius Thomas

    4. Vernon Davis

    5. Jordan Cameron

    6. Jason Witten

    7. Jordan Reed

    8. Charles Clay

    9. Greg Olsen

    10. Eric Ebron

    Ebron hasn't touched a ball in an NFL game.

    I know Owen Daniels has been hit with injury in the last few seasons but he managed to make Matt Schaub look halfway decent at times - no mean feat in itself.

    He has great hands.

  4. Something that's kind of been bothering me the past few years about the NFL is how meaningless the passing numbers and stats have become. I mean Matthew Stafford threw for 5,000 yards a few years ago. This year Peyton threw for 5,477 yards. If this trend keeps continuing then eventually we'll have someone throwing for 6,000 yards. It's just not the same league that I fell in love with. Any scrub QB can have a 4,500 yard, 30 TD season. Most of this is due to all the rules being catered to the offenses as we all know.


    You can't touch a receiver without getting PI or illegal contact, and you have to be extra careful when sacking/hitting the QB that you don't hit him too low or too high. Like I hold my breath every time a QB gets hit now and my first instinct is to think "Is there a flag?"


    So my questions to you are

    1. Do you think we've sort of reached the apex in terms of passing efficiency? Like will passing numbers continue to climb to previously unthinkable heights or will it plateau? Will we see a 6,000 yard passer someday or is 5,500 yards about the highest that someone will be able to get in a 16 game season?


    2. Has the massive growth of passing and offense in the NFL the past ~7-8 years changed your feelings on the sport at all? For me it has definitely made me care less about the sport than I used to. The NFL used to be BY FAR my favorite sport but now it's definitely way down the list. Not sure if others share my feelings on this or if people actually like this arena league garbage the sport has turned into under Goodell.


    Also yes I realize that my team's QB has benefited from these rules. But I enjoyed the game much more back when defenses actually had a fighting chance against top offenses in the NFL.

    The way the game is set up at the moment the passing game is favoured.

    I have a feeling Andrew Luck could be the first to reach that mark.

    Indy has acquired some real weapons for him to throw to so after a season or two to develop that combination and understanding we could well see him get to that mark.

  5. First off, I'd like to tip my hat to Jim Harbaugh. He may annoy some people with his antics (not me personally) but he's done a heck of a job turning that organization around into a winning franchise. The 49ers are an elite team; arguably the 2nd best team in the NFL. They have been on the cusp of a Superbowl for 3 seasons now. With the type of success they've had, they are expected to win a Superbowl. This is very reminiscent like and turning into the situation of the Eagles last decade having a lot of success* but not winning it all. The Eagles went to 3 NFC Championship games in a row then a Superbowl berth (then another NFCCG 4 years later). The 49ers are closely following that mold being to two NFC Championship appearances and a Superbowl berth (actually getting to the Superbowl earlier). The question is now, when will they actually win it if so at all? What is everyone's thoughts on the 49ers? Will they win a Superbowl in the next 2 years? What do they need to do to get over the hump?

    I think Seahawks will have a SB hangover and not make it to the big game next season.

    49'ers will be the hungrier team and likely make it to the SB - biggest question will be Kaepernick though - will he rise up out of the funk he was in for most of last season and will he get better at throwing from the pocket?

    I am not sure he will be too excited about the contract he signed once he figures out 49'ers tactics. - especially if he turns his game around.

  6. People that drive automatic cars.


    What about the incapacitated or elderly or those that have to commute in stop/go traffic for hours?

    Oh, and my Ford Ranger work truck is a stick shift.

  7. The world has a lot of things. Sometimes, people hate these things. This thread is to tell people about the things you hate at any given time.

    Religions that think it is fine to kill for their god.


    The cancer that attacks innocent children.


    People that beat up on women, children or old folk.


    People that think it is okay to just murder other people.


    Pedophiles that prey on innocents.

  8. Thanks for all the positive vibes, guys. My surgery was successful, I was at the hospital for about 12 hours yesterday, the last patient to leave the post-op room. My surgery got delayed an hour because the anesthesiologist was off schedule (it wasn't his fault). The surgery then took about an hour longer because they needed to remove two lymph nodes underneath my right pec, they were really deep and because I'm pretty muscular the surgeon had difficulty getting them out quickly. Im recovering at the hotel right now, I'm in some pain but i have pills for it, the issue is that i have shooting nerve pain down my right arm, it feels like an ice burn. Ill find out the results tomorrow afternoon so I will update everyone then.

    Hope it's all good dude.

    My dad has been in remission for Lung C for about 10 years and is 79.

    Hang in there.

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    Not at all, and fair enough. I think Ealy was a steal as far as he fell, but not too unlike Nix you could ask why he did. I don't know how these kids will pan out, no one does, but based on 'expert' ratings (not just my own) Carolina missed on some players I thought would've been better for them right now since they were so close last year. Not one tackle? Most had a couple receivers that were still on the board rated higher than Kelvin, but they obviously felt they weren't as good of fits and you provided very strong evidence that they know what they're doing.


    I respect not drafting for need though if you think you can. The running back late also threw me a little bit I guess too. I wouldn't give them an A but I'm not giving them an F either... I don't really think any team had a very bad draft. I think most outlets gave them a pretty good grade... just giving opinions the op asked for.

    Another team that quietly have a fabulous draft was the Steelers:-

    Ryan Shazier

    Stephon Tuitt

    Dri Archer

    Martavius Bryant

    Shaquille Richardson

    Wesley Johnson

    Jordan Zumwalt

    Daniel McCullers (yeah, they got HIM)

    Rob Blancheflower

    Any one of those players would look good in my teams uni.

  10. Teddy seems to be the only one of the rookies where the coach has already come out and said he will get 1st team reps in OTAs so he seems like the most likely to get the most starts out of these guys so that has to be it. None of the other QBs have had their teams speak as if they will get to start this year.


    Add that to the fact that he landed with Norv Turner (who loves play action — one of Teddy's strengths), with AP, a solid OL, and weapons in Jennings, Patterson, Simpson, Rudolph etc. it seems like the most likely result.

    All these QBs (except Garoppolo) really landed in the perfect spots in terms of team fits/scheme wise too. I can see why each team grabbed each QB. The reason I list Garoppolo as the only one that doesn't make sense is he just doesn't fit what the Patriots have typically drafted in QBs. That's yet to be seen what their plans are with him and if they can fix some of his serious flaws.


    He is the most NFL ready QB from the draft so his transition should be sooner than most of the others therefor he has more chances of posting better quality games and be ahead of the class.

    But you have to be intrigued by Manziel, Bortles and Carr. These are the main challengers to Bridgewater.

  11. There are a few QB's that I'd love to pick especially Andy Dalton having issues in the playoffs considering the great team around him, but I'm going to have to go Jake Locker here. He has done virtually nothing since he's been in the NFL and he can't stay on the field. They have a new HC over there in Wisenhunt who's a good coach. I think this will be Locker's last chance to impress and fight for his starting job. Honestly, I think they may even draft a QB in the first round.

    I agree with Bradford, but there is one that you left off your list who I thought dropped of a bit last season and that is Colin Kaepernick.

    If he doesn't turn it around this year it might be uncomfortable for him in the next off season.

  12. You know what, these guys get paid the big bucks to go out their and PLAY football!

    Let them come back to the real world and they might appreciate it more.

    There are a lot of guys, the vast majority actually, who never even make it to the NFL.

    There have been some great players and coaches who never got rings - it's the name of the game.

    If everyone got a ring, who would care about them anymore?

    Hopefully this is just him voicing disappointment, but you know what, he can go out there and make this team better!

    After all, his performance dropped off last year too.

  13. What ya got?


    Here's mine:


    • NFC East has a repeat champion finally in the Philadelphia Eagles (my only bold prediction that came true last year was that the Eagles would win the NFC East.)


    • Jimmie Ward wins DROY (carry over from rookie thread, but imo it's bold.)


    • Jadeveon Clowney will miss a decent amount of time due to leg/foot injury


    • The winner of the AFC South will only win between 7-9 games

    Rams have a big year.

    Texans turn it around. Coach O'Brien vindicates Texans selecting him.

    Raiders have best year for some time making the playoffs. Schaub finds some redemption.

    Johnny Manziel gives Browns plenty of excitement on and off the field.

    Patriots miss out on SB appearance.

    Clowney wins DROY and ROY.

  14. 1.1 - Jadeveon Clowney: DE, South Carolina Grade A

    -With the first overall pick the Texans took the best player in the draft. Anything else would have been a travesty.


    2.33 - Xavier Su'a-Filo: OG, UCLA Grade B+

    -Definitely a BPA pick here as most saw XSF as a first round prospect. Wade Smith was just put on notice.


    3.65 - C.J. Fiedorowicz: TE, Iowa Grade B

    -Not gonna lie I didn't really look at tight ends this year, but I know JD is a fan so neener neener neener! :laugh:


    3.83 - Louis Nix III: NT, Notre Dame Grade A FUCKING PLUS!

    -Holy shit! I had a high 2nd round grade on this guy. What a steal and upgrade at a position of need on top of that.


    I've been one of Rick Smith's biggest critics, but right now I'm pretty happy with the job he's done this year. Now just hurry up and get a quarterback!!! If the Texans draft Aaron Murray I might go streaking to the quad.

    Can't believe we got the Irish Chocolate. Great move.

    Let's see if Belichek drafts Murray now.

    Loved the Ninja psyche with the Fiedorowicz pick too.

  15. Some teams have had successful drafts so far - go ahead and show why.

    Rams did very well with Greg Robinson, Aaron Donald, Lamarcus Joyner and Tre Mason.

    But, I think the Texans have pulled off a coup in the 3rd.

    They scored Jadeveon Clowney (best OLB), Xavier Su'a Filo (best Guard), CJ Fiedorowicz (top 4 TE) and Louis Nix!!! (best DT/NT).

    I have to say I am pretty excited by this draft so far.

    Oh, and there is one team that stuffed up pretty bad too.

    I'll let you figure out who that was.

    If Texans can snag Aaron Murray, It will be by far the best draft they have taken - already qualifies for that imho.

    Make your own case here.

    Good luck for the new season all.


    1. :Texans: QB Blake Bortles - Must take a QB here, Clowney may be the best player in this draft, but the Texans still have holes in that secondary that need to be fixed. They have the first pick for a reason. And adding more to a strength while looking away from their biggest weakness at QB would be stupid.

    2. :Falcons: (trade) DE/OLB Jadeveon Clowney - I've said it before...and I'll say it again. As long as the Texans don't take Clowney...it's almost a 100% guarantee that Dimitroff trades up with last season's trade partner to get Trufant. Clowney is what the Falcons have been searching for for far too long.

    3. :jags: DE/OLB Khalil Mack- Jags miss out on Clowney, but David Caldwell knows very well that Khalil Mack is in the same tier of defensive potential as Clowney. Gus Bradley gets a cornerstone of a slowly improving Jags defense here.

    4. :Browns: QB Teddy Bridgewater - Browns could either go the route of Johnny or Teddy here. Personally, I think Teddy would do great things in Cleveland. The allure of Johnny is great, but the Browns want someone that they can depend on...both on and off the field. Teddy to Gordon for 6.

    5. :Raiders: QB Johnny Manziel - The place where all players NFL careers go to die right? Raiders don't have issues with taking players with off-field distractions, and possibly give Johnny the best possibility of being himself. Raiders let Johnny be Johnny...and the Raiders gonna Raider.

    6. :Rams: (trade) OT Jake Matthews - Sam Bradford is fragile. The offense is young, and on the cusp of being an above average offense. Rams have the QB, they just need to protect him. Matthews is the safest pick in this draft, and the Rams will reap the benefits of the trade with the Falcons here

    7. :Bucs: WO Sammy Watkins - Well damn. Bucs don't necessarily need to take a QB, give Glennon a full-offseason and then add Sammy Watkins and a healthy Doug Martin and the Bucs will be alright.

    8. :Vikings: QB Derek Carr - Mike Zimmer isn't here to play games. Everybody knows the Vikings need a QB. Is this a bit of a reach? Is it considered a reach if it's a desperate position of need and it's a coherent QB? Zimmer gets a great QB and can focus on putting the remaining pieces around him shortly.

    9. :Bills: OT Greg Robinson - Raw, but has quite the ceiling. Bills would do good to protect Manuel and get a mauler to pave running lanes for Spiller and Jackson.

    10. :Lions: WO Mike Evans - Too easy right? Stafford gets another WO to bail him out and the Lions offense becomes that much more complicated for opponents.

    11. :Titans: DE/OLB Anthony 'Bust' Barr

    12. :Giants: TE Eric Ebron

    13. :Rams: S Hasean Clinton Dix

    14. :Bears: DT Aaron Donald

    15. :Steelers: CB Darqueze Dennard

    16. :Cowboys: S Calvin Pryor

    17. :Ravens: OT Taylor Lewann

    18. :Jets: WO Marquise Lee

    19. :dolphins: OG Xavier Su'A-Filo

    20. :Cardinals: CB Justin Gilbert

    21. :Packers: DT Timmy Jernigan

    22. :Eagles: ILB CJ Mosely.... FUCK

    23. :Chiefs: OT Zack Martin

    24. :Bengals: DE/OLB Dee Ford

    25. :Chargers: CB Kyle Fuller

    26. :Browns: CB Bradley Roby

    27. :Saints: OLB Ryan Shazier

    28. :panthers: WO Kelvin Benjamin

    29. :Patriots: DT Louis Nix

    30. :49ers: CB Jason Verett

    31. :Broncos: WO Odell Beckam Jr.

    32. :Seahawks: OG David Yankey


    As an avid Texans fan I can say I see why you say QB is #1 for us. However, Clowney is a special talent that will be very hard to pass up no matter how much you may want him for your team.

    The reason I think Texans pass on QB @ #1 is that they may feel it is well worth the risk to catch a slider QB and trade back up to get him. So far, all top three QB's have been tipped to slide and in a draft this strong, it is very possible one falls all the way down to #33.

    I can guarantee you Clowney will not be there @ #33.

    They have 11 picks and Clowney may garner a trade even as far down as the Bills - depending on who is still left on the board.

    Worst case scenario - they get "stuck" with Clowney.

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    So it's been a couple years since we've done this, and it's probably too late to, but I figured we could give it a shot. If we get enough people the winner'll get an award tag.



    The gist:


    Just want to do something for fun here, since a lot of people here have a mock draft, I'd like to see how well we could predict how the NFL GM's are gonna do it.


    So to start off I've developed a scoring system that awards more points the further down you get in the draft. So anyone can predict Sam Bradford going number 1 to the Rams, so that's only worth one point, but who will the Saints take at 32, if you get that right it's 32 points.


    Now then, you get the full value of the pick if you pick the correct team, and correct player at the pick.

    Ex: Eric Berry going to the Chiefs at the 5th overall pick would net you 5 points if you had that in your mock


    You will get half value if you pick the correct player at the correct pick, but he goes to the wrong team

    Ex: Eric Berry going to the Seahawks at the 5th overall pick, but you didn't project the trade, would give 2.5 points.


    Likewise you'll get half value if you predict the right player to the right team, but at the wrong pick

    Ex: Eric Berry going to the Chiefs at 6th overall would net you 2.5 overall points if you had Eric Berry slotted to the chiefs at 5.


    The maximum amount of points for this is 528... but I don't see anyone going over 120 realistically. You have up until 15 minutes before the draft to submit your mocks.


    :Texans: Jadeveon Clowney DE/OLB

    :Rams: Greg Robinson OT

    :jags:Khalil Mack OLB

    :Browns:Johnny Manziel QB

    :Raiders:Sammy Watkins WR

    :Falcons:Jake Mathews OT

    :Bucs:Taylor Lewan OT

    :Vikings:Blake Bortles QB

    :Bills:Anthony Barr OLB

    :Lions: Mike Evans WR

    :Titans: Teddy Bridgewater QB

    :Giants: Eric Ebron TE

    :Rams: CJ Mosely ILB

    :Bears: Aaron Donald DT

    :Steelers:Justin Gilbert CB

    :Cowboys: Calvin Pryor FS

    :Ravens: Zack Martin OT

    :Jets: Odell Beckham Jr. WR

    :dolphins: Cyrus Kouandjio OT

    :Cardinals: Bradley Roby CB

    :Packers: Ryan Shazier OLB

    :Eagles: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS

    :Chiefs: Marqis Lee WR

    :Bengals: Darqueze Dennard CB

    :Chargers: Jason Verrett CB

    :Browns: Carlos Hyde RB

    :Saints: Stephon Tuitt DE

    :panthers:Brandon Cooks WR

    :Patriots: Rashede Hageman DT

    :49ers: Louis Nix III NT

    :Broncos: Demarcus Lawrence DE

    :Seahawks: Kelvin Benjamin WR


    If you are a fan of one of these teams and one of my picks makes you say "No way - ain't gonna happen...", I won't be offended if you make a suggestion. :smilee:


    He isn't a height/weight/arm guy, its starting to spread around the twitter world that NFL teams have never been high on him. It was all media hype and us armchair "scouts".


    I'm still sold on him as the best QB in this class. And is still a top 5, top 10 pick in my eyes.

    I like to believe that the actually evaluators having the discussions at team facilities knew all along the flaws, pros, and cons of all these prospects and whenever stock goes up and down it's really just media hype because NFL teams know talent. But, the truth is we will never really know unless we work for these teams.


    With that being said I believe NFL teams had him as a first round talent all along, but the interviews and his personality turned them off not his pro day.


    A top 5-10 pick you are saying he comes in today and starts. In the driver seat as a franchise QB and risk everyone's job. Do you really feel Bridgewater could step in and be the face of these teams picking 1-10?



    But you don't throw him in the deep end. Let him hold a clipboard for a while until he assimilates the system and the team, etc. Rogers sat behind Farve for 3 years? You would have to say it worked.

    Having said that, you don't waste a top 10 pick on a prospect that has to sit for a year.

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