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NCAA Team(s)

Found 4 results

  1. PhilElliot

    2017 TGP Pick Em Week 14

    Thursday, December 7 Saints at Falcons Sunday, December 10 Colts at Bills Bears at Bengals Packers at Browns ( guys named after guys who pack meat in boxes vs guys who are named after a man named Brown..or the Boxer Joe Louis) Raiders at Chiefs Cowboys at Giants Lions at Bucs Vikings at Panthers 49ers at Texans Jets at Broncos Titans at Cardinals Redskins at Chargers Eagles at Rams Seahawks at Jag-u-arz Ravens at Steelers Monday, December 11 Patriots at Dolphins total points
  2. PhilElliot

    2017 TGP Pick Em Week 13

    Thursday, November 30 Redskins at Cowboys Sunday, December 3 Vikings @ Falcons Patriots @ Bills 49ers @ Bears Bucs @ Packers Texans @ Titans Broncos @ Dolphins Chiefs @ Jets Colts @ Jaguars Lions @ Ravens Browns @ Chargers Giants @ Raiders Panthers @ Saints Rams @ Cardinals Eagles @ Seahawks Monday, December 4 Steelers @ Bengals total points tie breaker
  3. PhilElliot

    2017 TGP Pick Em Week 11

    Bye-Colts,Jets,Niners,Panthers Thursday Titans @ Steelers Sunday lions @ Bears Jag-u-arz @ Browns Ravens @ Packers Bucs @ Dolphins rams @Vikings Redskins @ Saints Chiefs @ Giants Cardinals @ Texans Bills @ Chargers Bengals @ Broncos Patriots @ Raiders= in Mexico Eagles @ Cowboys Monday Falcons @ Seahawks Tie breaker, total points, Monday night
  4. PhilElliot

    2017 TGP Pick Em Week 6

    RazorStar said he would put it up later if no one put it up earlier. So I did. You're welcome. but I ainted be counting crap that's still his job. Sean won again! Get your shit together TGP. BYES: - Bills,Bengals,Cowboys,Seahawks Thursday Eagles @ Panthers Sunday Bears @ Ravens 49ers @ Redskins Dolphins @Falcons Patriots @ Jets Packers @ Vikings Lions @ Saints Browns @ Texans Buccaneers @ Cardinals Rams @ Jaguars Steelers @Chiefs Chargers @ Raiders Giants @ Broncos Monday Colts @ Titans Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday night? Standings: Sean(53-24) (Week 1, 4, 5 Winner) BWare(48-29) (Week 1 winner) SteVo(48-29) Thanatos(47-30) (Week 1,3 winner) Sportsguy(44-33) PD2010(44-33) Ace(44-33) (Week 2 winner) Vin(43-34) WeaponX(43-34) Oochy(43-34) Jayrus(42-35) PhilEli(41-36) Razor(41-36) BJORN(41-36) Cherry(40-37) TGP Aggregate: (45-29-3) Missing Time: BLOTS(28-49) ATL(27-50) Fart(10-67) Sparty(0-77) GoogleDoc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LRR7cTcUpdcGPTfa__-_teB5DL0nPRIKXon2nEbG7cc/edit?usp=sharing