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Greatest rivalry in all of sports?

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I could be getting my decades a bit over lapping I dunno. But back in the day when Raiders came into town that game wasnt the normal exciting day of football. We spent more then the average time waiting for penalties and fouls to be announced then actually playing. I still get a kick out of watching the old clip of Bo Jackson plowing over Brian Bosworth. He is the only Seahawk I cant stand at all. He talked so much trash how hes gonna shut down the Offense in every team that the Seahawks would play. And in the end Bo made Bosworth look like a weak chump. So the rivalry is Seahawks and 49ers now? I never would of thought that since the Hawks spend more time talking about what they are gonna do against the Rams or even when the Cardinals werent half bad.


Well, at least the 49ers seem to think it is. Cards and Rams fan are actually civil and show some respect for other teams. 49ers fans just go around talking about their 10 year old superbowls and pretending they still rule the West. Then again, I live in Oregon, so we're sort of caught in a buffer zone between Seattle and San Francisco so usually here you're either a Seattle fan or a 49er fan, and we tend not to get along together. So maybe chalk that up to locational bias.

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