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New & improved Peak Photography

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For those of you who don't want to read about it, check out my new site: http://www.peakphotographymt.com



Still here?...well recently I got in a bit of a legal battle for my name. Well I won when I found out that I could go by my legal name of Peak Photography of Montana, which is what I now go by (although calling it Peak Photography is just fine ha).


Well I planned to redo my website anyway, so I just built the new site with the new name while keeping my old site open. So here's the new one.. this is a soft release to you guys so play around with it and let me know of any changes I should make and any suggestions.




I still havent' flipped the switch on the old site, so you can still go there to compare the old vs the new.


The changes aren't ridiculous But the back end for my behalf is so much better. A whole nother world. My favorite aspect of the new site is going to a specific picture like this: http://www.peakphotographymt.com/montana/landscapes/h5065002a#h5065002a


Now there are tons of options to share the picture on their favorite social network site and it links back to the picture. Also all of the commenting is way better. As well as the old site just totally blocked right clicking. This site allows right clicking, but right clicking brings you to a custom menu where you are given the option to buy the picture.


As far as the home page.. I'm not a huge fan. But the site gives me the option to build my own home page off site. Then basically have just the galleries hosted on it. Which I might pay someone to build me a kickass home/about page and the galleries would link to this site.


Anyway, would love to get some feedback before I launch it!





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