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Infraction Penalty Point System

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The staff upon realizing we didn't have any organized guidelines for infraction points came together collectively to implement a structured system so penalties are more straight forward. This way there are no surprises issued to the members feeling blind sided and the staff penalties are consistent on our end.


Here are the guidelines:


  • Unofficial warning reminder via PM (optional)
  • 1 point = Official warning point - Can issue a 1 day ban depending on the discretion of the staff member if they deem the offense worthy. (optional)
  • 2 point = 3 day ban
  • 3 point = 7 day ban

Anything more then 3 points, the staff collectively will determine an appropriate punishment for the insubordinate member resulting in extended ban time or worse.

  • Also, shout box and IP chat share penalties since they are both chat functions. Getting banned from one is essentially getting banned from both.
  • Random and unexplained hate negging can also result in the temporary loss of using the reputation system. Example: Someone makes you mad and you go into random threads and begin to neg all of their post.

Point removal

After a month of good conduct, members can get 1 point removed from their record. Anyone who hasn't received any points within the past month will have all their points reset.

Thank you for your time. From TGP Staff ~

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