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  1. Brick

    Stadium Wars: Divisional Semifinals

    I have only been to one of these stadiums and that is M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. I would have to go with that and Heinz field cause of the tough home field advantage.
  2. Brick

    Matt Barkley returning for senior year

    I believe this was a good decision for Matt. All upside for him.
  3. This hurts an already inept passing attack for my Ravens. We will need to use Rice allot more which we should have already been doing. Flacco better get his crap together real quick.
  4. Brick

    Championship Decisions

    I agree with Kila here but I believe that I would lean toward Julio Jones.
  5. Brick

    I Am Back

    Razor that disappointed me more than it did you. lol
  6. Brick

    I Am Back

    Hello everyone, I have been away from here for a good while and I missed it so I decided to come back. I look forward to interacting with you all again.
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