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    I'm getting a kitty! He's too young to take home for a few months but I love him already.
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    1. Tom Brady (New England Patriots 2000-Current)*** 1st Place Patriots QB Career Record 222-63-0 (77.89%) 1st out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 168-13-0 (92.82%) 2nd out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 54-50-0 (51.92%) 2nd out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 181/285 (63.51%) 12th out of 102 (+11) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (3.532) (3.560 after the 2018 season) Tom Brady cheated.
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    Lmao did yall see Harris' response to Gabbard after the debate? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/01/politics/tulsi-gabbard-kamala-harris-debate/index.html "I'm a top-tier candidate and she's polling at 0-1%." She basically said Tulsi was just trying to find a spark to get her on the stage in November and she's beneath her. Hoooly shit. Harris can fuck right off.
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    You aren't gonna hear it from me, Cousins is great efficiency wise, the problem is his teams are always 7th, 8th best in the NFC so he's seen as a disappointment for the money put into him. And people conflate "well Case Keenum got them to the NFC Championship game". In any case, Matt Ryan at 69 is a joke, and is definitely not nice.
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    Razor, thank you so much for this incredible endeavor. I know I haven't been commenting much, but you know I enjoy your mathematical studies of football no matter what angle you're playing. I have enjoyed this list immensely, and I know others have too. All of that said, the data in this study cements the top two on my personal all-time QB list: Joe Montana Tom Brady Don't fucking @ me.
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    They bought almost all of it from the landowners. Palestinian wasn't even a name for the nomadic bedouins until the 60's, and it was part of the British ottoman empire for centuries before Israel laid claim. There are land deeds and records of sale from the late 1800s until the 40's. So as far as I'm concerned the Palestinians can suck it. Also the Jews paid handsomely at 1100 dollars an acre for shitty tractsof land nobody wanted until the arabs renigged because major powers recognized Israel's sovereignty. They didn't steal shit.
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    Yang got fucked too. MSNBC literally muted him outside of the TWO questions he was asked directly and the raise your hand quick fire answers they did. He said he tried cutting in on education and immigration specifically and his mic wasn’t hot. Marianne Williamson said her mic was also muted for most of the debate. Fuck Russia, we have media corporations here at home influencing our elections and undermining democracy. Everyone there qualified for those debates and had invitations. Let them f’ing talk. And if we, the people, don’t want to hear them we will make that known. Even though Yang got the shortest amount of time to talk (half of the 2nd least) he was still top 5 in search engine and social media searches. And he’s up over 130k unique donors I believe so he’s qualified for debate 2 already I think. I still prefer Tulsi because she has common sense when it comes to foreign policy (by far the best of any candidate and it’s not close)... but I still want to hear other candidates talk and share their ideas .
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    So I have talked about this in the shoutbox and I think it deserves its own thread In the news I started reading about Megan Rapinoe and her quest for gender pay gap among U.S. represented sports teams. It is a fair question since Entertainment is the one area where a vast pay gap exists, and it is not for a lack of success. My personal thoughts is that it is the eyes you bring to the table that count. News anchors, athletes, and anybody in front of a camera should be paid by the amount of eyeballs they have on the T.V. set. The reason Rapinoe has such a strong case is because the viewership for The U.S. women's soccer team is far greater than that of the men. So what gives? Now I am a firm believer that in most athletic ventures women's sports is just an inferior product. Not because they are women necessarily but because of a skill discrepancy because of the average athleticism between men and women. Basketbal for instance, it is more fun to watch Vince Carter jump over a 7 ft defener and throw it down than it is to watch Sheryl Swoops who was dominant in the sport as well. So there is an inherent discrepancy there that until women are built like LeBron will always exist. Then I started thinking about Soccer, which admittedly I am not a huge fan but I will watch it if nothing is on, but there does not seem to be a huge discrepancy in the product. I get that Rapinoe would not be Messi, Ronaldo, Kane, or Mbappee. That said I dont think the team aspect of it for the mens is that much more compelling on the mens side, I could be wrong. Then this weekend I was watching the UFC fight and I am always interested in the payouts because you hear stories of UFC fighters not being able to pay their medical bills which I find fucking insane. I referenced the Cyborg V.S. Spencer fight in the shoutbox, because I found that to be appalling. Cyborg made $145,000 which is good money but still a problem considering she has lost one fight in 13 years, and Frankie Edgar doubled her up on money and has lost 2 of his last 3. Granted he is a legend but he is nowhere near as dominant as what he does as Cyborg is. Then you have Felicia Spencer who made $17,000. She was in the Co-Main event slot and was the bottom 5 lowest paid fighter making less than guys on the fight pass prelims, and all the people on the prelims. Her and Cyborg put on arguably the greatest fight of the night. I think it is insane that she will make under $30,000 dollars this year and she will have risked more physically and incurred more medical bills than almost any other profession. This made me wonder is it time to Unionize all sports, or do we stick with the standard model. There are problems to both but it just seems something has to be done, at least in the UFC. The problem with unionizing is that you would have a tough time finding an equitable number per shares of eyes. There is no way any woman pulls in more than Conor McGregor or Jon Jones. One of whom who is a massive fuckup and cheater and the other has become annoying with his banter. The other problem is the pay per view model limiting eyes on the sport and diminishing shares of revenue coming in for fighters. That said you cant tell a company to abandon pay perviews and take down their stupid pay walls as nice as it would be. That said they shout AT THE VERY LEAST get full medical coverage. Thoughts? Solutions?
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    That's an elite wr and my job isn't that I build a winning team, it's to keep my boss happy. And you can't cut the QB to replace him with a nobody unless he's 2015 Peyton Manning level washed. It hurts to have to give more guarantees to an injured cb but that's the move you have to make. Unless the QB is washed in which case you tell him he can retire or he's cut, clearing room without giving the cb more. Though if the QB is a tall white guy I'm gonna give the Denver Broncos a call as well.
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    This one is pretty easy. A WR averaging nearly 1,700yds and 11 TDs a season with 17.3 ypc? Make him the highest paid receiver. Do your HoF QB right and let him stay that last season then ride off into the sunset. Although I would try discussing with him that we could restructure his contract to move some money into next year as a re-structure bonus, which he can collect upon retiring. If still not interested, then talk with the corner and try to lower that additional guaranteed money a bit. Would also try getting most of that additional guaranteed money onto next season since you would have a huge contract coming off the books to offset it. The injury is a bit of a concern but at least it was week 1 so he has plenty of time to recover.
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    I think the only two options are to either re-sign him for cheap, which probably isn't viable since a 2x SB champ isn't going to re-sign for cheap, or you franchise him at the end of season and try to trade him. Those are some fairly meh numbers, and if he's able to put up those numbers and still win in the postseason then the team obviously has good pieces around him, whether it be a good defense, good run game, or both. Can't just let him walk because the return would be minimal, and if you don't have a viable back-up behind him you're more than likely gonna need some ammo for the draft. The pass rusher should probably get paid. Early holdouts shouldn't be rewarded, and two Pro Bowl noms is sorta vague, but even with that said, you should probably pay him.
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    Trump doesn't care. Nor will he ever. That is akin to people who say but Hillary when Trump does something (I've done it). Just because trump is a piece of shit does not mean Cummings is not. When Bernie said the very same thing about Baltimore it was not racist. Not excusing Trump, but it is mostly a true statement. And every time cummings talks about race relations he cant wait to pin it on white oppression. It has nothing to do with Baltimore mayors, and congressman have been ALL black since he took office and it has only gotten worse. Yet it is the white guy. Fuck him. Trump saying Cumming is a sack of shit does not make it true. The fact that he is a piece of shit makes him one. He has been one long before trump stumbled ass backwards into a true statement. I brought him up just because it was poignant to gentrification.
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    Lol they just move to a different location. It solves nothing.
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    Didn't know that was a thing. If it's on HBO, then yes. As long as AMC doesn't touch it.
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    Don't want to interrupt, but Tulsi is suing Google: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/25/technology/tulsi-gabbard-sues-google.html
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    Well since the Jews really didn't steal anything I'm not making the connection. That is a huge misrepresentation at best and a flat out lie at worst.
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    My wife and I are closing on a house in Roatan next week. We have all of our legal stuff with Macy figured out, her bio parents cant ever abandon or disappoint her again. My son got accepted to Holy Rosary private school even though admission is steep. My company has tripled in size in a year and is becoming too big for me to manage and bid alone so I'm searching for the right people now. Other than that working a shit ton of hours and lamenting having a pernicious work life balance. Good for you though Zack. I've thought of moving abroad as well but I couldn't leave this country permanently. I hope you and you girlfriend (?) enjoy it if you do.
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    He had one great month last year but those 4 games accounted for about 1/2 of his yardage for the season. He's a solid back with tons of talent, but he needs to show a lot more consistency before I'd put him in the top 100.
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    Cam Newton being on the list is bold, but what can you do?
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    Kyle Fuller way too low. He was a top 5 corner last year.
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    4. Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers 1979-1992, Kansas City Chiefs 1993-1994) 1st Place 49ers and 1st Place Chiefs QB Career Record 131-54-0 (70.81%) 4th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 98-20-0 (83.05%) 27th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 33-34-0 (49.25%) 3rd out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 118/185 (63.78%) 10th out of 102 (+6) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (2.441) And now we're here, the real meat and potatoes of this list. Joe Montana, 49ers legend, and very good Chiefs QB finds himself here at number 4. Montana was the GOAT when I was growing up. Sure, people had different opinions, some were fans of more old school guys like Unitas, or taking the way back machine with Otto Graham, but ultimately the discussion always came back to Joe. As a multiple time super bowl champion, with an offense that was copy and pasted by the rest the league for years after he hung up the cleats, Montana is certainly worthy of that respect. Montana was drafted in the third round by the San Francisco 49ers, who were struggling to find their next franchise QB after John Brodie had retired a few years earlier. The Steve Spurrier experiment failed, the veteran retread plan failed, and it was clear that Steve DeBerg whom they signed the year prior wasn't inspiring confidence. Montana didn't have the greatest measurables around, but watching him play at Notre Dame, people could see he clearly passed the eye test, even if his arm wasn't the strongest around. Rookie Head Coach Bill Walsh liked what he saw, and when Montana fell to them in third round, they scooped him up. Montana sat on the bench his rookie season as the team went 2-14 under DeBerg. Montana would eventually take over in 1980, and while the team was still struggling around him, Montana took to Walsh's offense like a bear to honey, completing 64.5% of his passes and throwing for 15 TDs in 7 games. He even led the first comeback of his career against the New Orlean Saints, down 35-7 to halftime, the 49ers scored 28 points in the second half, and got a field goal in overtime to win 38-35. That would set something of a trend for Montana, and 1981 would be when the league would finally be put on notice. 1981 is a very important year, as it marks the birth of the 49ers dynasty. One that not only dominated on the offensive side of the ball with the new and improved West Coast Offense, but also dominated on defense, as the 49ers would spend the next 14 seasons allowing 300 or less points on defense all season. Montana led the team with tactical proficiency, throwing for 3565 yards, 19 TDs and 12 INTs. The 49ers would go 13-3, and win home field in the NFC. Their first battle was against the Giants, but Scott Brunner could not get the wheels spinning fast enough to deal with the 49ers methodical drives and watched as the 49ers offense wore down the Giants defense in a 38-24 victory. The came the conference championship against the Cowboys. I talked a bit about this from Danny White's perspective, but this was a good game of showing how Montana kept his cool in any situation, and despite throwing three interceptions to Everson Walls that game, Montana just kept throwing, kept to the game plan, and with an opportunity to lead a game winning touchdown drive in the 4th quarter to win it, he did, leading a 13 play drive in four minutes, capped off with a Dwight Clark touchdown catch, with Montana evading pressure as he did, throwing to the spot where he knew Dwight Clark would be. The super bowl by comparison wasn't nearly as exciting, but we got to see a battle of Bill Walsh proteges. But there's a reason it's called the West Coast Offense and not the Skyline Chili Offense, and that's because Montana was the master of. The 49ers capped off their season with a 26-21 super bowl victory, their first of four with Montana starting. 1982 would mark a step back in the strike shortened season, as despite Montana's 346 passing attempts (in 9 games) and relative proficiency, the defense took a big step back, giving up 23 points a game. The 49ers went 3-6, losing 5 of them by 6 or less points. It was a minor setback though, and the 49ers would be back to competing in 1983. Montana would lead the team to win the last three games of the season to get into playoff position at 10-6, and with the addition of Roger Craig at fullback the offense expanded even further as Montana threw for 3900 yards, 26 TDs and only 12 INT's. Montana's magic would continue in the postseason, as he led a last minute touchdown drive against the Detroit Lions to win 24-23. He would even lead the 49ers from being down 21-0 against the Redskins in the 4th quarter to tie it up, but the Redskins had the last possession of the game, and were able to get their MVP kicker into field goal range to seal the 24-21 victory. 1984 would mark the first time in league history that a team would win 15 games in the regular season, as Montana continued to improve on his efficiency numbers. The 49ers had the best defense in the league, and the second best scoring offense as well as they pulverized most of the competition that year. They got up early on the Giants in the divisional round, and despite Montana throwing a pick six, the 49ers defense shut the Giants down in a 21-10 victory. The Bears were next, but they were held scoreless as the 49ers offense eventually whittled down the Bears on long field goal drives, that turned into long touchdown drives in a 23-0 stomping. and the super bowl would feature a battle of the two best offenses of the day, and two of the best young QB's in the league in Montana and Marino. However when Marino caved under the pressure of the 49ers defense, Montana thrived on the biggest stage, throwing for 331 yards and 3 TD's and earning his second super bowl MVP. Montana would take a few seasons off from winning super bowls after that. 1985 would mark the coming of the Chicago Bears, but after the 49ers only barely made the playoffs at 10-6 thanks to a bunch of close losses, the New York Giants would be the team to strike San Francisco from the playoffs in a 17-3 wild card showdown. 1986 would see Montana suffer a horrific back injury in the first week of the season, one which doctors urged him to retire. Montana of course, was back for the end of November, and helped the team win five of their last 7 to sneak into the playoffs at 9-6-1. Of course Montana wasn't anywhere near his best against the Giants in that wild card round, and the 49ers got crushed 49-3. 1987 would see Montana return to form, as he threw for 31 touchdowns in just 11 games, most of them to emerging hall of famer Jerry Rice who had 22 receiving TDs on just 65 catches. Steve Young and a few trick plays would add another 13 passing touchdowns to that count of course, but the 49ers were going ballistic on offense. But the 49ers would lose in the divisional round as the Vikings caught fire under their backup Wade Wilson and put up 36 points on that 49ers defense, 6 of them courtesy of a Montana interception in the second quarter that led to him getting pulled for Steve Young. But adversity brings out the best in some people, and even though Montana and Young were fighting for playing time in 1988, Montana won his coaches faith, and when the 49ers were struggling to tread water at 6-5, Montana took over, winning four of the next five games to secure the NFC West at 10-6. In the rematch against the Vikings in the divisional round, Montana would throw three TD's to Jerry Rice in the first half in a 34-9 dismantling of the squad. The Bears were next on Montana's hit list, and he'd throw for 3 more touchdowns as the Bears struggled to get anything going in a 28-3 loss. The Bengals would challenge them again, this time with Boomer Esiason at the helm. The game was a defense struggle, until Cincy's kick returner broke the game open with a 93 yard kick off return TD to go up 13-6 at the end of the third. Montana threw a few quick strikes to tie the game up at 13 on the next drive and the game was on. Cincy punted, San Francisco missed a field goal, and the Bengals took the short field to get in range for a 40 yard kick, that went through with less than four minutes to go. But that's plenty of time for Joe Montana, who surgically and methodically led the 49ers down the field, and capped off the drive with a TD pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds left. Montana had an excellent showing with his 357 yard, 2 TD's performance, but ceded super bowl MVP to Jerry Rice that time around. He cemented his legacy as an all time great. But that wasn't enough for the man, because he was heated in 1989. Some people have different arguments for who the greatest team of all time was. The 85' Bears, the 72' Dolphins, the 07' Patriots... I will always argue for the 1989 San Francisco 49ers. They may have 'only' went 14-2 in comparison, but their offense was on fire, and their defense was golden too, being first in scoring offense and third in scoring defense. Montana had the best season of his career despite missing three games with injury, completing 70% of his passes for 3521 yards, 26 TD's and only 8 INT's. He also led five game winning drives in the season, flipping most of the close results back into the 49ers favour. He kept the dominance up in the postseason, throwing for 4 TD's against the Vikings in a 41-13 victory, then putting up 262 yards and a pair of TD's on the LA Rams, winning 30-3. The Denver Broncos didn't stand a chance in the super bowl as Montana went full Vishnu on their sorry butts and claimed his third super bowl MVP on the back of a 300 yard and 5 touchdown victory. The score was 55-10, and remains the biggest blowout in super bowl history. Montana wanted to go for three in 1990, as the 49ers went 14-2 once again in 1990. The 49ers would handle the Redskins in the divisional round winning 28-10, but the dream of a three peat died as the New York Giants got into a defensive slugfest with them, and did the best thing any defense could do against Joe Montana... make sure he didn't stay on the field. On a hard hit by Leonard Marshall, Montana was knocked out of the game, and the Giants eventually won 15-13 after kicking their 5th field goal. Montana would miss the 91' season and most of the 92' season with an elbow injury, and by this time Steve Young had established himself as the 49ers new guy. Montana would go to Kansas City and pair up with long time Raider Marcus Allen in their new look back field. While Montana wasn't quite the same guy coming off of his injuries, he was still able to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the postseason in 1993. He showed he still had the magic in him, leading a comeback victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card round, winning 24-21 in overtime. And then against the Oilers in the divisional round, Montana and the offense would score 21 points in the 4th quarter to take a 28-20 victory over the Oilers. But the dream would falter against the Buffalo Bills who just did too much on both sides of the ball, and once again executed the strategy of taking Joe Montana out of the game. The 49ers lost 30-13. Montana would play for one more season in 1994, and sneak the Chiefs into the postseason with a 9-7 record, but they were outmatched by Marino's Dolphins who won 27-17. Montana's career is one of excellence. When his defense didn't show up to play, the games were still coinflips because Montana was just that damn good under pressure. No matter what situation he was in, he always gave the 49ers a shot at victory, and his four super bowl MVP's show that on the biggest stages, he was the one who shined the brightest. He could have been even higher, but he played in a tough division with tough defenses. The Rams were pests his entire career, the Falcons had annoying defenses early on, and the Saints had the dome patrol in his later year in San Francisco. Which could be a fair explanation to why his record in defensive struggle is a bit lower than you'd expect from one called the GOAT. Still, his numbers are remarkable, and the teams he played on were remarkable as well. The last three players on this list all have three or more wins above average per 16 game season though, because some people are just that ridiculous.
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    My timing is impeccable. I to have recently returned and am extremely glad to hear you are living the life you were supposed to. Your choice in teams has always been questionable but hey, My teams head coach is still John Harbaugh so what can you do?
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    The gerrymandering decision today shows, once again, despite people's claims to the contrary, both parties are absolutely not the same. The GOP can no longer win elections without a frankly ridiculous amount of voter suppression, be it voter ID laws that unfairly target minorities as they have tried to do in the whole nation, closing voting stations in poorer neighborhoods in the South, which predominantly vote Democrat, most recently in the Georgia election, where they also had one of the candidates overseeing the vote count for the election, closing down voting altogether on Sundays- and admitting in Court the reason they did so is because a lot of black people vote on Sundays- as they did in South Carolina, and now, from the Supreme Court of the United States, where they say that the federal judiciary somehow has no Constitutional authority to prevent a party from re-drawing lines with the intent of political gain. This decision- more than anything else that has been done by this administration or this SC- strikes at the very core of American democracy. Without the courts ability to bring a check on partisan gerrymandering, the party in charge will have absolutely no reason to not engage in extreme partisan gerrymandering. And while the myth is that both parties engage in this conduct- they do not- there is now absolutely nothing preventing the Democrats from doing so either, should they win in the next election. This was an easy decision if you wanted to be fair and keep America's democracy intact. The GOP has shown that they do not care about this in the slightest, only what keeps them in power, even if the average voter is against it. NC breaks about 53/47 in favor of the GOP, yet the GOP has a 10-3 advantage in representatives. A member of the voting committee for redrawing lines in North Carolina, David Lewis, flat out admitted that their goal was to maintain the partisan makeup of the Congressional Assembly. Why did he want to do this? Because he did not "believe it was possible to draw a map that will yield 11 Republicans to 2 Democrats." Yet this complete, unhidden, blatant ignoring of the voting rights of the citizens of North Carolina is no longer challengable in federal court because the SC has now ruled so.