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    This situation is obviously pretty unique. This Steelers group has become a really weird and slightly ghetto one with the whole Tomlin, Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell situation. The list of incidents is getting really long with the whole locker-room private meeting getting on Facebook Live, Tomlin intentionally trying to trip up the Ravens punt returner, Ben having moments of acting a bit less than professional, AB not appreciating Ben skipping OTA's preventing the two increasing their chemistry on the field, and now Antonio quitting on the Steelers at the end of the season. Randy Moss walked off the field early once but that instance wasn't really with playoffs on the line and a Lombardi possible. Brown is obviously too good to move. We were all talking about a possible Steelers super bowl with what JuJu's ascension adds to the team how well they replaced Leveon and they beat the Patriots with an amazing defensive performance. The team seems too good to break up and return to rebuilding mode, but then again, isn't the game of football one where you have to love and respect the heck out of one another as a team in order to lay it all out there for the guy next to you? It seems hard to have that extra spark to go the distance. Why would any of the players show up to OTA's after all this adversity and drama flares up again? How do you trust Tomlin in this situation as a player? Finding a replacement coach is risky because then you have a big learning curve for the new offense. Maybe Bill Cowher could come out of retirement and save this generation of the franchise? Or Bruce Arians? What a mess. As much as I want a winnable game for the Hawks next year when we travel to their house, its better for the NFL and the ratings if the Steelers can be as good as they've been the last 15 years to have more intriguing weeks of football, and I find them to be a highly entertaining team.