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    Years from now, History books will be unkind to Trump for obvious reasons. Here's to hoping they're as unkind to all the petulant, whiny, violent protesters we see in this country these days. But of course, they'll likely be portrayed as heroes, even if they're all cowards. That poor bastard who had someone spit in his face in Minneapolis. I'd love to give him 5 minutes alone with the prick who spit on him. He'd likely be kind to the asshole, mind you, but our world could use a little more frontier justice. I mean, seriously, these protesters can't even articulate what they're upset about. A good 99% of them are just sheep following the shepherd of fabricated, practically non-existent problems, or false equivalences, such as LGBTQ people facing discrimination similar to black people in the past (yawn--it's not similar. We all know that). We're seeing resistance mostly to the absolutely, 100% crazy elements of their group (which consists of a very small portion of LGBTQ people). Take the forthcoming SCOTUS decision regarding trans discrimination. One of the cited cases is a funeral home being unwilling to let a man wear dresses while at work, looking strange and out of place while a grieving family is trying to focus on final care for their deceased loved one. When the employee refused to comply with wearing sex-appropriate clothing, they fired him. And rightfully so. You can do and be whatever you want on your own time. If your workplace has reasonable expectations of you, you comply or deal with the consequences.