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    Yeah, totally, so we can rig the election for Biden! There's already mass crowds at wholesale stores and your local Walmart, but going to the polls? Oh no, way too dangerous. Are "mass crowds" even a thing at polling locations? I was in and out like a robbery when I voted in '08 and '16 (sat out '12 because fuck that Mormon loser) . I love how the left is already strongly pushing for mail-in ballots when we're 6 months out from the election. That's cute. I cannot believe the amount of tyranny and power tripping control still being displayed by these Dems, including our (NJ) governor Phil Murphy. Americans are now being conditioned to think that wanting freedom is SELFISH and that work is a privilege and not a right. We are now living in a country where sex offenders/pedophiles are being released for their own safety while a hair salon owner can get thrown in jail and fined $7k for serving a customer. But, but, but the government is looking out for our health and well-being REEEEEEEEEE!!!