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  1. Thanks Bjorn, I'll keep an eye on it just in case but if you've not heard from me and it's time to pick. Go for it.
  2. Hey all, I’m going to need to give up my spots. Life’s a shit ton busier with a little one and I don’t want to hold up the draft any more. Sorry about this guys
  3. Halo oTs

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    Not going to lie but my Giant's draft was the shit. For Watson alone
  4. Halo oTs

    I know, I know....

    Good to hear you're back Natas. Hell the Bangywagon has been parked up a while, it's free to a new owner if you ever decide to go on the trail for a new team.
  5. I'm confused, have I some how picked up the New York Jets? Because Round 5 says I have
  6. With the 108th pick of the NFL Draft, The New York Giants Select: Mike White - QB - Western Kentucky
  7. Yes I know that Barkley was the #2 pick so it means that me picking Freeman means 2 RBs in the first three rounds but Barkley and Freeman imo would make the perfect 1-2 punch. Freeman is a Powerback that can still hit pay dirt at a moments notice and pairing him with Barkley means that you can’t underestimate the Giants running game on any down. Also with the big 5 QB’s gone I wasn’t going that route.
  8. Donte Jackson. Again sorry boys, hold my hands up and admit I've been shit. I'll get that board to Cherry and JD in the next few hours as soon as I'm at work
  9. Apologies boys, the DM I thought Id sent Cherry with my proxy didnt go through it seems so made up pick now and will make sure I send him a board of players just in case. Turns out shits harder to remember when you got a 6 month old Caught up the pick though and went with Josh Jackson. Vikings still have a need at CB and Jackson has good range and cover skill to help
  10. Making up their 62nd pick of the NFL draft. The Minnasota Vikings Select: Donte Jackson - CB - L.S.U
  11. With the 34th pick of the nfl draft, the New York Giants select Kolton Millar - T - UCLA
  12. Halo oTs

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Seeing the ChiSox smash 6 HR's on opening day was a thing of beauty, Especially Davidson smashing 3 and Tim Anderson hitting 2 out the park. Also nice to see Thor getting the win on opening day and Cespedes hitting in 3
  13. Going to be honest, I'm amazed that Wynn was still available this late. While he played T at Georgia and dominated a lot of top tier pass rushers, he will fit in nicely at Guard in the pros. Wynn has a lot of power and his lateral movement is one of the best in this draft. He fill's a huge hole the Vikings had.
  14. With the 30th pick of the NFL Draft, The Minnesota Vikings Select: Isaiah Wynn - Guard - Georgia
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