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  1. Holy fuck I've been waiting for another huge Brees to Cook game but 67 points from those two alone. Picking up Bilal Powell was big as well. I'm gonna say GGs Ace because unless Evans gets you 57 points I'm on to face Charles. I feel like the Giants to your Pats in when it matters
  2. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 15

    7-3 going into the late games if my maths is correct
  3. I'll take this start against Ace
  4. Bangy

    Jon Gruden Willing to "Listen" if Rams Call

    I think the would be a great fit, he has young QB to work with and he is great teacher when it comes to fine tuning mechanics. He has a history with the GM so they know how to work together. I see this working
  5. Well shit, it's the GMEN vs Cowgirls this week and I'm up for a sig/avatar/title bet if any of the girls fans around here are? Looking smack that Dallas ass twice this season and make Dak/Dez/Zeek triplets look pathetic.
  6. Bangy

    2017 London Games Announced

    Shit were just excited that we are getting an extra game here next season. Saints vs Dolphins will probably be the best of the 4, Not surprised that the Dolphins are coming over as they have always had one of the bigger followings over her and they have Jay Ajayi. The other potentially good game is actually the Ravns vs Jags, the Jags fan base has grown a lot over here and the Ravens have wanted a London game for a few seasons. I think this is the game I'll be going too as two of my good mates are both ravens fans and annoyingly I am now in the position to afford a London game which I wasn't for the Giants this year. I will guarantee that all 4 of these will sell out or be close too.
  7. Bangy

    Official Hockey Thread

    The Penguins are so damn exciting to watch right now. Seeing Crosby turning back into a scorer first now he has the supporting cast to let him do that is awesome to see. Mike Sullivan since he took over has done a hell of a job of getting this team to gel and play attractive hockey. It will be interesting to see what the Pens get for Fluery as Murray is the sure #1 and as much as Marc-Andre has been the stalwart in net for them and a huge contributor to the city of Pittsburgh. his days there seem numbered.
  8. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 15

    Thursday: Rams @ Seahawks 8:30 ET Saturday: Dolphins @ Jets 8:30 ET Sunday: Packers @ Bears 1:00 ET Browns @ Bills 1:00 ET Eagles @ Ravens 1:00 ET Titans @ Chiefs 1:00 ET Steelers @ Bengals 1:00 ET Lions @ Giants 1:00 ET Colts @ Vikings 1:00 ET Jaguars @ Texans 1:00 ET Saints @ Cardinals 4:05 ET 49ers @ Falcons 4:05 ET Raiders @ Chargers 4:25 ET Patriots @ Broncos 4:25 ET Bucs @ Cowboys 8:30 ET Monday: Panthers @ Redskins 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 61
  9. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Alright Dak your sig shall be this http://giphy.com/gifs/nfl-football-new-york-giants-l0MYCGyNccYuNHeMM Avatar is this
  10. 17 from Edelman, 14 from Bennett and a few from the Pats defence means I finally get my fantasy football playoff revenge against Than two years later. Aight Ace let's go again.
  11. Bangy

    NFCE Juggernaut?

    Vernon has gotten better with each game after a poor start but as everyone else has said Snacks has been a God damn monster in the middle, especially in the running game. He and Hankins control the middle really well together. It's nice to see the Giants have a good defence again more specificly the DLINE as this could be a dominant line like back in the days of Tuck, Osi and Strahan
  12. Than, this is going to be a hella close game. I have 3 Pats and need around 28/30
  13. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 14

    7-8 currently
  14. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Considering you kept saying The Cowgirls were the best in the league. You being a pussy worked in your favour
  15. Bangy

    NFCE Juggernaut?

    May have paid $200 Million for it but this defence is good. Dak finally got shown up, Dez held to no catches until 2:40is of the 4th when he then fumbled. Zeek still came to play but damn sweeping the Cowgirls is a nice feeling. Also Jenkins, Apple and DRC have really started to click together and with Adams and Collins over the top. This DB corps has the chance to be one of the best in the league. Thoughts on either Janoris Jenkins or Landon Collins being in the defensive MVP hunt?
  16. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Well shit, I was actually expecting to lose this one. For name you can change to Where's Dak?and title can be NFCE 2nd best. I'll find a avatar and sig later for you
  17. Bangy

    Browns Starting Kessler

    RGIII is back and starting against the Bengals boys
  18. Bangy

    Happy 10th Birthday, TGP!

    There's been plenty of drama around here but many a good memory. Happy 10th birthday TGP and to the rest of you guys who help keep it going
  19. Bangy

    Dear Bware

    I think your jumping the gun on a rookie who is still learning the game at the professional level. Remember this is a probably a bigger step up in competition that any other rookie QB in recent years seeing as he was playing in the FCS. If this was year 3 then by all means slate the hell out of Wentz but being real here, he isn't even out of his first season. He's pretty much average to what you would expect for a rookie. Plus the weapons he has at WR are oretty much diabolical, Wentz is the foundation to build that offence around.
  20. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Sweet with me, confirmed. I'll not take any further bets seeing as this covers me for everything
  21. Bangy

    2016 Baseball Thread

    Shit won't lie, no matter how much I try I always follow Chisox. I knew the trade was big but I'm not overly hot on the minors so thanks for letting me know. Firesale and rebuild is in full swing on the Southside right now as Eaton has gone to the Nationals as well. I'm really hoping both Quintana and Abreu stay but it's looking unlikely
  22. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Confirm it Dak and it's on
  23. Bangy

    2016 Baseball Thread

    White Sox traded Chris Sale to the Red Sox for two highly touted prospects. Can anyone confirm how highly before I lose my shit?
  24. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    Aight I'm down for the name and all three I mentioned change bet. Confirm it and it's on
  25. Bangy

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    So Stevo stepped up and your going to chicken shit it after all the Cowboys are the best in the league shit
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