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  1. Gunga Din

    1st Draft Results

    Benson will be on his bye week seven and miss week 8 in jail. I would wait until closer to that time. There might be a real good back dropped by an impatient owner by then. I've seen it happen in years past. Basically you have a pretty strong team.
  2. Gunga Din

    RZB's Draft Results

    Considering 14 teams X 16 players, that's a lot of players. I think you did great with your QB and receiving corps. The rest will have to be seen.
  3. Gunga Din

    Sundays draft results

    Cassel was what was avail at the time. If Brees doesn't get hurt or go to shit week 11 is the only time I will need him. ( too bad he's playing NE that week ). Thomas Jones will only be used to replace Benson week 7 ( he plays Oak ). Week 8 I will have Bensen (in jail), McFadden, the kicker and DEF on Bye week. I will try to use that week for add/drops/trades etc that are necessary so the -10 point price for each won't be such a killer. Usually injuries blow my season plan out of the water early. Still I did come in second last year. Thank you for your time and analysis, Patriots 2994.
  4. Gunga Din

    Sundays draft results

    Start QB 2_RB 2_WR TE K DEF 12 teams PPR starters and 3 bench every add/drop or trade = -10 points the week of the transaction. I had 4th pick. Drew Brees QB - NO Matt Cassel QB - KC Darren McFadden RB - OAK Cedric Benson RB - CIN Thomas Jones RB - KC Mario Manningham WR - NYG Austin Collie WR - IND Danny Amendola WR - STL Jason Witten TE - DAL Robbie Gould K - CHI New York Jets DEF Could have done better but it moved really fast. As usual WR ius my weakest spot, I believe. All comments welcomed.
  5. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    I don't argue. I come here to gather information from those that spend many more hours in statistical analysis than I have available. It appeared I was getting a very narrow opinion. I expressed mine. I got lots of descent but little useful information. My fantasy draft begins in less than two hours. So I have all the expert opinion I'll be getting here this year. I just wish the response had centered more on your football reasoning than your opinion of my character. Thank you. Gunga Din
  6. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    I quoted his noticing I had ignored him. The rest of the outraged gibberish wasn't pertinent.
  7. Gunga Din

    Let's find the Average TGP member

    Yeah kinda like that, except, no-one called me ginger, or pointed, or laughed, or,,, Alright there was that once at school when the cheer leading squad pantsed me and did their playing and measuring thing !!! But I still got three phone numbers. I'm not Ginger !!!
  8. Gunga Din

    First Draft of the Year

  9. Gunga Din

    Let's find the Average TGP member

    Red. A lighter red now that some lighter hairs are mixed in. It happens in time.
  10. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    I'm sorry but with several identical posts I usually answer one or none. If I knew you were sensitive to responses in a general nature I would have reverted to my non-responsive mode.
  11. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    Now I will agree Fitz would be much better statistically and performance wise, if they didn't feel the QB had to spoon feed him. The defenses pick up on that attitude. With a QB like Manning, or Brees where would he be today. He is great but not as great as he should be. I think I misread this thread, I thought it was predictive in nature, not solely a historical analysis thread. Whether my guess is as good as yours will be answered this year, not last year.
  12. Gunga Din

    Let's find the Average TGP member

    Right now I'm at 260 down from 280 in June.
  13. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    For me this is normal. I post on several sites, each with it's own format restrictions. As far as looking like a poem, the thought never crossed my mind. I've never read much poetry, and none on the internet. I came here to glean the expert knowledge here, not to pontificate my radical opinions. Although the info I gather here is used in my reasoning process. So if it looks like a poem, feel free to ignore it. It will contain nothing illuminating.
  14. Gunga Din

    Top 10 WRs in the league?

    Razorstar both of your compiled lists seem like a fair assessment of the votes. I think much of the criticism I received was because I was considered a radical newbie who didn't fight for his opinion the way others would have. I've been a member a long time. I just don't argue a lot, you'll notice my low posting numbers. Once I post, I get on with my life, instead of hanging on the edge of my chair, barbs at the ready. Since my thought processes used to arrive at my list varied so much from others, how could I possibly explain so they could understand. Statistics don't always tell the whole story. Austin collie had 6 games before his first concussion last year. Along with two more in the other three games he played. In one game he was only involved in the play he was hurt in. As I said Fitz still needs someone to reliably get him the ball. Insults are something people use to look smart when they are confused.
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