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  1. Titanswin472

    New to the team, Vet to the game.

  2. Titanswin472

    Mark Cuban Takes Skip Bayless To School

    This is great. He makes Skip look like he knows absolutely nothing about basketball
  3. Titanswin472

    Most legit SB contender: AFC West

    It has to be Broncos. Even though unlikely, when you add a quarterback of that caliber anything can happen.
  4. Titanswin472

    [Official] TGP ESPN Fantasy Football League

    If theres a spot in either Id like to be in
  5. Titanswin472

    Rodgers vs. McCluster

  6. I hope he's right. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/06/23/chris-johnson-compares-himself-to-lebron-james/
  7. Titanswin472

    Official I hate steelerain43 thread...

  8. Who is an underrated player from your team that you think will or could become a superstar next season? For me its Kenny britt if he stays healthy through the whole season...I mean he showed what he could be in the 1st three games of last year when he was tops in the AFC in yards and touchdowns before he went down. He also will be helped by the addition of Kendall wright and Chris Johnson playing this year with camp under his belt. If not him Alterraun Verner.
  9. For me its Peyton Manning and Tony Romo
  10. Titanswin472

    Who's now the best athelete without a title?

    I would say Kevin Durant but their are many superstar players in the NFL without a ring like Patrick Willis, Andre Johnson , Ed Reed, Larry Fitz, Darrelle Revis , etc.
  11. Titanswin472

    Whats up??

    Hey whats up? This is like the third time that I've "came back" to this site and it probably wont be the last time but now that basketballs over I feel like talking football with you guys again so here I am. Hopefully some of you remember me. But look forward to talking football with you guys again.
  12. Titanswin472

    2011-2012 Redunkulous throwdowns

    Im gonna start posting on here more often but anyways...
  13. Titanswin472

    My first highlight video!

    Made another one lol...
  14. Titanswin472

    My first highlight video!

    I was bored as crap tonight so I just decided to make a highlight video for UL. Thoughts?
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