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  1. Bengalbob214

    Bengals @ Browns

    It brought me so much glee to read all the Dawgpoundturds putting down the Jungle Catz again, just like always...I wasn't even sure they could do anything. But, on pure faith in the Catz, I picked them in all the ESPN pigskin pick-ems, and the Beat the Insiders site. Based on the indicators, I was in a very small minority who picked em to win. Congratulations Andy Dalton, and Grankowski, although the Raider castoff didn't look like he knew how to play QB at all. Hope Andy is alright. 1-0 and counting. I was pleasantly surprised to see them play so well. Got rid of all the idiots and big-mouths. Now, maybe they can play as a "TEAM", and not Ocho's lackeys.
  2. Bengalbob214

    Making a comeback here... My re-intro

    I decided to make an appearance myself. Been offline since last season. Welcome back, Sportsmistress. I just have one question: What do you do during the two times a year the Bengals beat the Ravens??
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