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  1. CribbsForTheWin


    It's been a minute you guys.
  2. CribbsForTheWin


    Sorta just fudging around with this one. Playing off the Flash thing, dont think I executed at all, just thought I'd Share. I really like the way this one turned out. Thoughts? I have both PSDs for these if anyone thinks they can do something with them.
  3. CribbsForTheWin

    Who to Start? Running 2014 Thread

    Huge game for me this week. If I win, I get first place in the league and automatically win 160 dollars. PPR League. I need to pick 2 RBs 2 WRs and a FLEX 2 RB Mark Ingram @ Pit (11th against RBs) Justin Forsett vs SD (18th against RBs) Ryan Mathews @ Bal (3rd against RBs) Denard Robinson vs NYG (31st against RBs) Tre Mason vs Oak (29th against RBs) I think the only one I'm really sold on is Forsett from above. Other than that Ingram struggled this past week as did Denard and Tre. Matthews had a good day but left with an injury and has a tough matchup this week. I think I'm leaning towards Denard currently. 2 WR AJ Green @ TB (27th against WRs) Jeremy Maclin @ Dal (6th against WRs) Josh Gordon @ Buf (14th against WRs) Martavis Bryant vs NO (26th aginst WRs) Gordon and Green both had good weeks last week and should again this week, so I am leaning towards those two. I only really put this because I also have a FLEX spot so you can choose one of the leftovers from above. Maclin is still getting the targets, but his production has been down with Sanchez and he has a tough matchup (but I would like to root for someone on Thursday). Martavis Bryant had a bad week the other week, but had a bunch of targets still. FLEX Do I get cute and play a matchup here (Tre Mason/Martavis Bryant), or do I play the best player that I have left (Mark Ingram/Jeremy Maclin/Ryan Mathews).
  4. CribbsForTheWin

    Who to Start? Running 2014 Thread

    Pick 2 PPR Branden Oliver @ Mia Denard Robinson @ Cin Trent Richardson @NYG Chris Ivory @ KC Mohammed Sanu vs Jac (I have AJ Green starting)
  5. CribbsForTheWin

    New Wallpaper

    It's on my work computer, so hopefully it's still there on Monday when I get in. How should I upload the .psd?
  6. CribbsForTheWin

    New Wallpaper

    Bored, so I decided to try to make a Browns Rookie Class wallpaper. I wanted to get the main contributors from the class so far, as well as all the draft picks, but I couldnt find anything worth while of Pierre Desir and Ray Agnew, so I just went with this. Thoughts?
  7. CribbsForTheWin

    Can we take a minute to appreciate my FF Team

    I was thinking the same thing. Some people were telling me I was stupid because Sproles *was having a ridiculous year, but I was more along the lines of the fact that they have Shady and no way would he keep that up. I would rather the consistent play of Antonio Brown than a Boom or Bust performance out of Sammy and Sproles. Just completed a Justin Forsett and Ben Tate for Matellus Bennett trade. The other teams RBs are: Andre Ellington Matt Asiata Chris Johnson Maurice Jones-Drew Bobby Rainy He has Bennett and Kelce at TE.
  8. CribbsForTheWin

    Can we take a minute to appreciate my FF Team

    This league is 10 dollars a person, so a 120 dollar pot. We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs, but I actually forgot to include our flex position in the lineup, so that's either pretty much been Forsett or Bradshaw all season. I'm 4-1, with my loss coming week one to the guy who is 5-0, but my team is much better and played like shit that week. I have ~60 more total points than he does on the season, and he is the second highest scorer, but he has gone up against the 2nd least amount of points. That week I lost by 12, and the Saints D/ST got me -8, and Jordan Reed & Ben Tate didnt even finish that game. It was also before I traded for Brown. Trying to trade Forsett and Tate for Gronk right now.
  9. I have never had this much luck in Fantasy Football. I'm in a 12 man PPR League, here's what I am rolling out each week with their rankings in my league QB - Jay Cutler - 4th ranked QB RB - DeMarco Murray - 1st ranked RB RB - Matt Forte - 2nd ranked RB WR - Antonio Brown - 1st ranked WR WR - Julio Jones - 2nd ranked WR WR - Vincent Jackson - 30th ranked WR TE - Zach Ertz - 14th ranked TE D/ST - Eagles - 1st ranked D/ST (I'm streaming defenses though) K - Cody Parkey - 4th ranked K It doesn't stop there, because I have sweet depth too. Justin Forsett - 5th ranked RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 6th ranked RB Ben Tate/Isaiah Crowell Jerrick McKinnon Kendall Wright Marvin Jones Josh Gordon So I end up with 4 of the top 6 RBs, including 1 and 2 The top 2 WRs Which ends up translating to 4 of the top 5 RB/WR/TEs and 5 of the top 11 players in Fantasy Football this year. I drafted everyone except Antonio Brown, Justin Forsett, Eagles D/ST, Cody Parkey, Jerrick McKinnon, Isaiah Crowell, and Marvin Jones. Of those above, I traded Darren Sproles and Sammy Watkins straight up for Antonio Brown and Justin Forsett after week 2. I'm trying to trade for a TE, but no one will trade with me because "that will make your team unbeatable though." Just thought I'd share my luck with you guys.
  10. CribbsForTheWin

    Who to Start? Running 2014 Thread

    That's who I was leaning towards. Thanks.
  11. CribbsForTheWin

    Who to Start? Running 2014 Thread

    Alright. PPR League. Somehow or another I am 2-1, but got a tough one this week. WR2 - Cecil Shorts III or Sammy Watkins FLEX - Cecil Shorts III, Sammy Watkins, Toby Gerhart, Trent Richardson, Owen Daniels Thoughts?
  12. CribbsForTheWin

    Post your rosters thread

    You clearly went after the pass catchers and/or big-play makers at RB. I like that in a PPR. Solid QB, could be better, could also be much much worse. WRs are good if not great. Green will get his, and Antonio Brown will too. Reggie Wayne was a stud last year when healthy. Kelvin Benjamin is a boom or bust type pick. Dwayne Bowe is pretty meh, but assuming you got him late, that's not a bad pickup. I am a big fan of Justin Hunter's this year. Kicker and Defense is usually a crapshoot so whatever. Your wide receivers are great, but I think Danny Woodhead might be your best bet at RB being a PPR league. I'm super iffy on Vereen, Thomas, and Jackson this year. I like Gronk, but I dont think Lewis deserves to even be on a roster.
  13. CribbsForTheWin

    Post your rosters thread

    12 Man PPR League. 4th Overall pick. QB - Jay Cutler RB - Matt Forte RB - DeMarco Murray WR - Julio Jones WR - Vincent Jackson WR - Kendall Wright TE - Jordan Reed FLEX - Ben Tate D/ST - Saints K - Alex Henery Bench Sammy Watkins Terrence Williams Darren Sproles Terrence West Josh Gordon Ahmad Bradshaw Zach Ertz I'm probably boned in week 9 with all my byes, but whatevskis.
  14. CribbsForTheWin


    I might do this.
  15. CribbsForTheWin

    Cell Phone Accessory Question

    Amazon is usually my go-to for something like this as well, but with it being the same cost, I may as well just get it at the Verizon store. It was sort of one of those things that if I needed it shipped it would be here by the time I had my phone. Who knows maybe Verizon will have some sort of deal on a case when I get my phone.
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