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  1. Man this place is jumping. LOL Go Vols!
  2. Stone

    Tim Tebow Leadership argument...

    Exactly. Tebow is going to make a lot of people eat crow this year. The guy is amazing, he even made a Gator fan out of this Tennessee grad when I moved down here. You cant help respect the way he works, and he works as hard if not harder than anybody in the league. He will make both sides of the ball better through his effort, and the success will come. The thing that really bugs me about this kid is the loss of mechanics from his Sophomore season til now. That year he was zipping the ball and making throws I've never seen a lefty make, then Urban Meyer happened. Anyway, I'm pulling for the kid to have a big year. Numbers alone don't tell the story, just look at the interviews with Orton... seriously, who do you think the Broncos would rather play for?
  3. Stone

    Greatest rivalry in all of sports?

    Greetings, great thread. I wanted to chime in on this college football debate, there are some great historic rivalries out there, but if we're talking today, right here and now its Alabama/Auburn by a country mile. It doesnt really matter that the rivalry was suspended through 2 world wars, and the Depression, the hatred festered over that 40 years and every year it just gets worse. Its a 24/7/365 mutual disgust that invades every level of society in the state of Alabama. Five year old kids get in fistfights at Kindergarten over this thing, and generally started by Alabama sympathizers. I lived up there for 8 years and I have never seen anything like it, and even though I went to school in Knoxville, I'd never experienced anything like the Iron Bowl. In college football, its number 1. NFL: Patriots/Colts In all of sport: Yankees/Red Sox I don't give a flyin flip about the NBA.
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