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  1. .CD

    Submit A Cut Thread

    I'm back lol, but i have a shitton of cuts to submit, i will work on organizing them soon
  2. .CD

    Counting To 1,000,000

    Blink 182 is a rock band
  3. .CD


  4. .CD

    Interesting Question

    sneaking into female locker rooms etc... maybe steal some cash
  5. .CD

    Update: Hines Ward to play another season

    He would lose so much respect if he didn't retire a steeler IMO, and i definitely think he is hof material.as well as Bettis
  6. .CD

    What Did You Spend Your Money on Today?

    $20 Xbox live points card $60 on Skyrim
  7. .CD

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I just got this tonight, looks good so far
  8. .CD

    What Did You Spend Your Money on Today?

    $1 for a can of pop lol
  9. .CD

    Pet peeves of yours?

    People who say shit like this. Most of the things my family does Fat people who wear spandex.
  10. .CD


    Yepim sarge, and i just use the trial versions for plugins. i'll pm you my fx later
  11. .CD

    Steelers RB coach badly burned in house fire

    My friend lives on that street. hope he gets better, never want to hear this about anyone
  12. .CD


    Can I try a collab on the 1st one Sam?
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