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  1. I dont mind the Browns at all. They are kind of the under dog that I root for. That said I think it is getting to the point where they are finally at the point to make up some huge ground in the hardest division in football and make it all the harder to win the damn thing. I cant stand the cardiac cats, not really because of the team or even the fans (although get off Palmer, he was never very impressive and WAAAAAAY over hyped) although for the most part they are pretty cool. The reason I hate them is because I don't know what it is about the cover 2 they run that is different from everyone else but that damn cover 2 has given Flacco fits every year. I mean he can play the steelers D better than the Bengals...what gives? I think mainly because of JJ and Leaon Hall before JJ went to be a Texan. Then Comes the Steeler's. As Hard as I try I cant hate the TEAM. Mainly because if you switch the jerseys you would not know. From teh composition of their line, to huge QB, to shifty RB's, and TE's. Then the defense's have been great since well forever. The thing I will say is that I dont mind trash talk but if you are going to talk at least be good. (lookin at you Ryan Clark) When woodley says it sure...he is a darn good player, Harrison fine, he is an all pro for a reason. Sorry Clark, Mundy, and Starks, you got no room. Everybody wanted to jump on Webb when he said something but that year he followed it up with not giving up a single TD. Outside of that the other reason I hate the steelers, is because it doesn't matter what happens neither team walks out healthy and we are both always in teh playoffs so it is shitty. And most years we are the wild card so we don't get the bye the Steeler's do, and this year it helped. This year the steelers got stunned, I don't want to say to injuries because who the hell runs zero coverage in OT but in any event it didn't help.
  2. Omerta

    AFC North Fan Roll Call

    Favorite Team:Ravens Player: Ray Lewis Moment: The comeback win v.s. the Steelers at Heinz field with a TD pass to a rookie, or whenever Cam Cameron gets fired.
  3. Omerta

    You're the Browns GM

    If I am the browns GM I figure out what i want first. If Washington wants to trade up and get him than go ahead. That means I get to pick up somebody like Morris Claiborne, or trade back and pick up A guy Like Konz in the first. Or I would not be opposed to getting Johnathan Martin or something to have book end tackles. Given time just about any QB can succeed and Joe Thomas and Reif or Martin could be a dynamic 1 2 punch. Woth the other one I could also help myself by pushing the Steeler's price up for Wallace hurting their cap more or I can pick up a proven deep threat in this league for a late first rounder. If not then the steelers match it and I put them in a harder spot with the cap and mkae them rely on rookies to fill the void for some veterans. If they keep wallace than I look at somebody like Mark Barron to sure up my secondary with Claiborne, Haden, and Barron. They are in the best spot in this draft as of now.
  4. Omerta

    2012 TGP Mock Draft Game Discussion Thread

    I agree with that Doug Martin would have been good and not have cost the seventh overall, vick Ballard will probably see the 5th after the olympic diving he showed at the combine but think he could be a good pwer back as well.
  5. Omerta

    Ravens release CB Chris Carr

    He wasnt even close to worth what we were paying for him. He is a serviceable nickel corner. That said with Webb, Smith, and my dark horse Gorrer, I am pretty sure we are set.
  6. Omerta

    Update: Hillis and the CIA story false?

    The man is a monster, I loove the way he runs and would be a great 4th quarter back, to just pound it on a tired defense. That said he has a hair trigger before he throws a tantrum apparently. You would have to give him the rock or he would feel slighted again and then cry about it.
  7. Omerta

    2012 TGP Mock Draft Game Discussion Thread

    You don't have to post to pay attention. Thank you for the concern for the integrity of the draft though.
  8. Omerta

    2012 TGP Mock Draft Game Discussion Thread

    Confirm me for the Ravens, thanks for the PM.
  9. Omerta

    TGP '12 Mock

    I'll take the Ravens.
  10. Carter has to be upset. He is still getting hosed.
  11. Omerta

    The Official Roger Goodell hate thread

    ROger spent the first 9 months of his life dodging a coat hanger. The End.
  12. Thats not fair, he has made some plays. He is just buried on a depth chart behind other talented linebackers. He may get his shot he may not but now that Albert McClellan and Josh Bynes are on the roster it is going to be even harder. That said I have seen Ruki do his fair share of screw ups as well.
  13. It makes me wonder though, once you have trimmed all the fat down, What kind of team are you going to field next year. Also Casey Hampton is a huge part of that defense, it is not a wonder when he went out that Pitt's D got soft in the middle.
  14. Omerta

    Ravens promote Dean Pees, retain Cam Cameron

    What sucks is that the Steelers picked up Haley who albeit is a bit of a whiner is a damn good OC. If he can shut his mouth and do his job then the Steeler's have all the pieces to have a scary offense. Us Ravens we have Don Coryell 0.5 damn....
  15. Omerta

    AP All-Pro Team

    They had it wrong. Polamalu has rarely been the playmaker this year. He was abused by AJ Green on that touchdown. He is a shell of what he used to be.
  16. Omerta

    Drafting: BPA or Team Need?

    It is really hard to tell. I think BPA is generally the way to go because then you end up with Blaine Gabberts, and Jake Lockers in the middle of the first, When Andy Dalton is there in the 2nd. When you reach you are robbing yourself of potential draft picks. In Gabberts case in all likelihood he could have been had later however they reached due to need and have a crappy QB. They could have had an extra draft pick and still got their guy which would have cushioned the blow of the pick busting because you give yourself another chance for a guy with excellent value later. The question you ask yourself is what is the BPA. If you are a team like the Jets then a Corner who may not be as talented as another corner or as fluid but has the size of lets say Aso compared to that of Brandon Flowers. Both are great corners but Aso is the better press corner, and in the Jets scheme you are going to need that for the blitz package that their coach likes to run. It is a variation from team to team because every team has a different scheme they are running. Another example is a team like seattle, Browner and Sherman are not the most talented corners but they have excellent physical tools which allows them to press and frees up Kam Chancellor and the pass rusher (Clemons) to get some pressure on the QB and then when they draft their leo position they will be in good shape. It all comes down to the scheme each team runs as to what the BPA is and if he fits what you are trying to do. I am a fan of BPA though because you always here phrases like, "You can never have to many at that position or that one." Well it is getting to the point that is every position. The steelers with o line. The Texans with QB. The Lions with RB. The Rams with Secondary. You need quality players everywhere so the more talented you can get at one position even though it may not be a need at the moment it may very well become one later.
  17. Omerta

    NFL's Most Improved Player?

    Lardarious Webb. HE hasnt had a touchdown given up this year. He has faced Mike Wallace, Larry Fitzgerald, AJ Green, and some other pretty good receiving talent.
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