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  1. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Where are you today?

    as an architecture nerd that stadium is fire emojis, can't wait to watch games from there.
  2. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    You're in a dark alley, with no weapon in hand

    Yeah Calais sounds straight out of a PIxar Monsters Inc movie. I was gonna say Chandler Jones because roids hookup with his bro, but then I remembered the synthetic weed and all around being a dumbass so he'd probably fail to show up that night because he got lost in his bathtub or something. So I'll go with James Harrison. LIKE A MAN https://www.instagram.com/p/49YZiopFjp/ Plus he's like 37 now so he's got some wisdom and experience and of course; old man strength. Which we all know trumps youngin' strength.
  3. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    The good news thread

    That's the thing man. When our economy is mostly service based now, people with these types of degrees gotta fight for a limited amount of jobs and the losers are left out here with the rest of us.
  4. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    The good news thread

    God damn that's why better than what I got under the ACA. I'm a 62ish a month, 2.3k out of pocket max (already met it within 3 months), yep blew through that much money out of my savings because of my mental breakdown I'm thinking of having my right hand rebroken and set right after I broke it on some dudes face years back but didn't have health insurance so just let it heal as is and it aches in cold weather/rain sometimes and there's this huge calcification knot where it healed on it's own, makes my hand feel a lot less stable. Might as well, already met out of pocket.
  5. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    I think for them it's more it being confirmed as truth. Because most expected it, but to see it finally put on the table in black and white and suspicions validated is what's behind the reaction in my opinion.
  6. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What song are you listening to atm???

    first heard this in HS it was one of the bonus tracks at the end of All Things Fall Apart, fucked me up immediately. Hit WAY too close to home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazI4Fr_Aqw come back to it every once in awhile and still just as powerful. First. Lullaby. First... son... will ever hear.
  7. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

  8. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    Alex Jones just topped Mike Gundy's, "I'm a Man! I'm 40!" rant, impressive performance to say the least. https://twitter.com/Chemzes/status/750377555744661504
  9. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Show is fire. On the fourth episode now. Third episode ending was
  10. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    That's awesome man. Must of been a blast, those through passes
  11. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    2016 NBA Offseason!

    That Bulls-Wolves Summer League Title game was doooope. Tyus Jones hits the 3 to put Wolves up with 3.6 left, Denzel responds with his first 3 pointer of the game (was 0-6 up to that point.) Then after a banked in Silas 3 for the Wolves to tie it up. Denzel with the GWer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOpzDJwHa-E Wade happy https://twitter.com/DwyaneWade/status/755236373918060544
  12. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPs33txZ5G0 Just watched first episode. If you like any of Danny McBride or Jody Hill's other works this is for you.
  13. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Peanut Tillman retires...

  14. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    I generally enjoy watching Obama, but I cringed HARD and changed the channel when he was on Jimmy Fallon singing and starts peddling the fucking TPP mid-song as Jimmy and the Roots echoed the lyrics. Basically up there singing about how we need to vote Hillary and this TPP needs to pass etc. Gtfoh dude.
  15. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    Not even Hillary Clinton supports the TPP, Gary Johnson is the only candidate who supports it. His quote about NAFTA back in the day was something like, "It won't hurt New Mexico, we didn't want those kinds of jobs anyways." GTFOH.
  16. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  17. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    What a shit show of an election. Hillary gotta be one of the most outwardly corrupt politicians there is and Trump is a salesman preaching nationalism and has the entire political landscape confused because they don't know if he's progressive or conservative Obvs I voted shoot me, but realistically if I actually was registered to vote (I'm not because honestly even though I understand the whole lesser of two evils stuff, I just can't put my name on someone I don't like and I haven't liked one politician in my entire life) I might actually of voted Trump in this election. That's how fucked up of a situation this election is in. Because while the shit Trump says is ridiculous most of the time at his core it's just all about nationalistic principles more than anything else and obviously that's going to help me/us more than Hillary's status quo platform. Because if you really think she's gonna implement things Bernie's kind of forced her to acknowledge; you're naive. I don't trust Hillary or Trump, but one is a lot easier to read. And it's not Hillary. Almost a case of better the devil I know than the devil I don't. Fuck this.
  18. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Read up and seems like a lot of people feeling this except that which does make more sense.
  19. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Mr. Robot season 2 premiere.
  20. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    Bomani Jones called it
  21. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Ricardo Lockette: "Am I about to die?"

    Had only seen the Marshawn stuff before this. *shudders*
  22. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

    I would trust Air but he's obviously an Illuminati agent that practices Satanic rituals, let's be honest here.
  23. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    There goes my productivity

    Sammy coming off a foot injury man, those are no joke. But obviously Allen Robinson was coming off one his rookie year before he exploded last year. Sammy is still young, just something to watch. Heard he had a setback but then recently sounds like hes starting to rehab nice again. Lots of "maybes" regarding Training Camp.
  24. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Jags Owner Ron Jeremy: "Fans Should Expect To Win"

    Not if you vote to make the Jaguars Great Again Vin
  25. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Jags Owner Ron Jeremy: "Fans Should Expect To Win"

    This was coldest part of his quote
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