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  1. Europeans would drink us under the table. I remember staying at a hostel and hearing stories and actually drinking with some folks. Funny enough on one occasion some of the Germans recoiled in terror when I pulled out some weed :lol: So is it just an American culture thing really? Or more-so a Western cultural thing?


    As far as the college stuff and underage drinking I think that kinda has something to do with our legal age being 21. So drinking has that forbidden, "I'm a grown-up now" mystique to it. So being denied it for so long once they get away from supervision they just go fucking nuts with it. Kind of like the Catholic school girls going wild away from all the suppression.


    I do think that part of our drinking culture as a man is if you don't drink when others are you're scoffed at or looked at as a pussy. I remember when I was last at a family get together at a sports bar type place the other people ordered beers except for the kids of course and when the waitress (college age) came over to me and I said "Just a coke" she gave me a stink face and blurted out in disapproving tone, "really?" :dying: Then I had to inform her right after that get together— like within the next hour—I had to go to work and she just kinda had a, "well excuse me" look on her face.

  2. But yeah whatever he was doing he planted his foot with a lot of force, went to twist or turn and foot likely stuck keeping his calf planted and his thigh twisted with lots of force as he was trying to turn/cut and the force just dislocated his knee from the joint. That's fucking insane that it happened, obviously rare in it's severity but it's possible evidently.


    There's also this from the draft process




    I remember hearing it and scoffing but welp

  3. I mean come on




    :lol: It's so obvious he just got introduced by his new girl to a whole different world. And hey, that's fine he's obviously still finding himself. It's just happening in the public eye and I think he saw LeBron, Wade, Paul, Melo etc. speech at the ESPY's and wants to use his platform in the locker room to say what he thinks. I watched an interview he did where he said he respects the troops, he has family in the military etc.

    He's being corny in his way of doing it with the excruciatingly cliche college kid stuff, but whatever man at the end of the day if a dude doesn't want to stand for the national anthem that's his decision. It's not like he's joined ISIS or something. This all just wreaks of the media needing shit to bitch about, and I'm very angry that my local ESPN radio affiliate replaced Bomani Jones' radio show with the fucking SEC Paul Finebaum show and all his played "let's put on the crazy hicks with the funny accents who rant" bit because I know he would of had some jokes about Kaep's college freshman woke phase. :(

  4. So official word is it's a knee dislocation with multiple ligament tears likely, atleast three maybe all four given players saw it visibly and were that disturbed (meaning it looked disfigured.) Sounds like no nerve or artery issues which is the best news so recovery is possible. But he's likely out for preseason next year too, possibly into next year depends how his rehab goes. Multiple set-backs tend to happen with these. This sucks. Man. The good thing is he is a QB and not a RB or WR so sprinting then cutting and the like isn't required for his position so it's possible he recovers. Shitty.

  5. He's not lying. Treason gonna land us common folk in the federal prison.


    Definitely. It's just funny that once he got himself in some new pussy via DJ Nessa of HOT97 he's turned into your friend who went to college and suddenly grew out his hair and started getting really into politics even though he's obviously got a very naive perception of the world. He's going to say things that are absolutely true like here, he's also going to be so impressionable that he's going to fall into conspiracies and groupthink that he thinks makes him "woke" but really is just naive emotional reactions to life events, falling in line with the popular groupthink on his campus at the time. Doesn't make him a bad guy or whatever else people are lambasting him about, just kind of humorous to view from the outside.

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  6. The Night Of finale was last night. It didn't disappoint even though it didn't have a HOLY SHIT or twist type moment. Tied everything up, and the various themes, and message it aimed to portray were delivered for sure. Gonna miss it. :(


    Also, right after it the 7th episode or so of Vice Principals. Might be the best episode of the season. It's been lots of laughs but this episode finally gave it more of a rounded shape, added some of the feels in there. Good stuff.


    Bosa hasn’t signed because of offset language and the timing of his signing bonus, and the Chargers turned it into a public battle this week by making details of negotiations public. Everyone seemed to take a side.

    Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman wrote that he talked to unnamed NFL general managers and there was “unanimity” that the Chargers were to blame.

    “I cannot stress this enough. Every team I speak to thinks the Chargers are ruining Bosa. They are laughing at the Chargers,” Freeman wrote.

    Freeman cites three unnamed general managers, and you have to assume there are others around the league who would not side with the player holding out over what seems like a relatively minor contractual detail. But it’s clear at least some teams don’t understand why the Chargers are taking this stance.

    The Chargers made a point to say Bosa would get 85 percent of his signing bonus in this calendar year, via the San Diego Union-Tribune. Bosa’s agents didn’t want to negotiate in public so we’re stuck with the Chargers’ side of that story.

    But the problem, which Freeman wrote about, is Bosa’s rookie season is pretty much a waste at this point. Unless he’s a transcendent player, you have to figure he will be nothing more than a role player as a rookie — and that assumes he signs relatively soon, which is no guarantee.

    Here’s roughly what this comes down to, if you believe the Chargers. They have offered to pay Bosa 85 percent of his signing bonus this year, according to the Union-Tribune. His signing bonus is about $17 million. The Union-Tribune reported that Bosa’s side came down from their demand of 100 percent being paid out this year (which is the typical concession when there’s no offset language included), but not enough for the Chargers to agree. So let’s guess when Bosa’s agents came down off 100 percent, they asked for 95 percent to be paid out this year. That would be a 10 percent difference: $1.7 million.

    So the third pick of the draft is not with his team because both sides refuse to budge over when, not if, $1.7 million is paid to Bosa.

    That’s crazy.

    Although both parties have more than their share of blame over the situation, the Chargers have more to lose. For anyone who says that Bosa is giving up a year of earning ability, there’s no logical reason why sitting out this season would cut a year off his career expectancy. If Bosa re-enters the draft — granted, I still think it’s a long shot he’ll sit all season — he’ll still be a high pick. Maybe his 2017 rookie deal will be worth less because he won’t go third overall again (hence, why he’s screwing this up too), but he’d still be a high pick and get paid well. The Chargers, if they don’t sign Bosa, lose the third pick of the draft and get nothing in return. All over setting a precedent over the timing of probably about $1.7 million in bonus money.

    Perhaps this fiasco comes to an end soon. But you have to wonder what kind of damage has already been done, for both sides.


    For all you pro-Chargers guys. :shrug:

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  8. I drink pretty much everyday. When I'm really hungover though I usually don't drink the next day. When I get off work I just have to have a beer because I wanted to kill people for the last 4-10 hours (depending on the day) dealing with them at work. I got issues :yep:

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