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  1. IndyColt500

    EA raise video game prices

    That's B.S.!! I usually wait some time and then buy them used, for about 10-15-20 bucks! Though I just recently bought NCAA College Football 2014 for $59.99 I just couldn't help myself. LOL. And man, it is the best one yet! Well worth it. I love EA NCAA football,always did. But Madden, forget about it. Last one I bought was 2009, and I will NOT buy another. They still can't get it right!
  2. IndyColt500

    Favorite vegetables?

    Zucchini/squash. Even better when thrown on the grill with some olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. AWESOME!
  3. While I do agree, this case was blown out of proportion. Racially motivated IMO. But it is easier said than done to move on. Some will move on. Others will just foster yet more hate in their hearts and use this as fuel to keep it burning. And that's the sad part! This hate and bigotry thing is getting old, if you hate someone based on skin color or sexual orientation shows your level of intelligence and you wonder why is it so easy to hate people you don't even know. Very sad!
  4. IndyColt500

    Geno Skips Sanchez's Jets Offensive Chemistry Camp

    I am not a Geno Smith fan at all (attitude) BUT to be honest, I don’t think that this is a snub at all to the Jets or Mark Sanchez. If Geno is actually working on technique, or learning at some capacity. That's fine. But, if he is just sitting around and staying in shape, then no wrong move. And like others have already said, Sanchez’s camp has not produced any results for the Offense in any way!!
  5. IndyColt500

    How many games do the Colts win in 2013?

    Im with you on 11-5. The reason why? A much improved run defense! Teams won’t be able to run on us at will and keep our offense on the bench. I used to scream at my TV like a madman when the defense got manhandled in that way. And even the secondary is much improved, as well as our run defense. Also this will lead to more series for Luck, as well as a much more efficient OC means that our defense should be well rested on the bench. Throw in an upgraded offensive line, maybe now we can return the favor! We're on the right track. I’m looking forward to this season.
  6. IndyColt500

    Which Team Has the Thinnest Backfield?

    I'm going to go with my Colts. This is mostly due to a multitude of injuries and inconsistency at that position last season. Nearly every running back on last years roster went down and missed time during the season. We even brought in, released, and then brought back veteran rusher Mewelde Moore in 2012, due to necessity at the position. Now going into 2013, Vick Ballard will most likely take the majority of the carries, with plenty of position battles going on behind him. Ballard was brought in the 2012 NFL Draft, possibly to the lack of production that had come from 2011 and 2012 draft picks, Donald Brown and Delone Carter. Both Brown and Carter have been given chances as starters for this team, and neither seemed to step up and take the reins. Rookie Kerwynn Wiiliams was taken in this year’s draft, but may most likely see the field on special teams, returning kicks and punts. We also gave a one-year contract to former Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw has battled injury, and spent mandatory mini-camp in a walking boot. Still, the contract is low risk and high reward for both the player and this team. And knowing Bradshaw's injury history this should make Ballard the workhorse, with Bradshaw having a very good chance at being Ballard’s back-up. But we definitely need that one go to guy to step up..PLUS our offensive line will be much better this year. In 2012, we scored more than 7 points in the first quarter only once. And Luck was sacked 41 times. Now having Cherilus as a more reliable book-end, along with better interior protection, that will allow us to work opponents, and run the ball more.
  7. IndyColt500

    Favourite Player?

    Colts Peyton Manning Marvin Harrison Reggie Wayne Dwight Freeney Dallas Clark Non-Colts AP JJ Watt Patrick Willis Drew Brees Emmitt Smith Joe Montana Brett Favre Derrick Thomas(RIP)
  8. IndyColt500

    Best RB + WR combo in the NFL?

    I like the Texans duo Foster/Johnson right now. With the Buccaneers Martin/V-Jax a close 2nd! I expect BIG numbers from both.
  9. The sad part is Aaron and his GF Shayanna Jenkins have a baby girl together, Avielle Janelle, born in November of last year, and not even a year old yet! Just hope she has plans made and has the strength to move forward on her own for the baby's sake. Because the millions Hernandez was making are about to be obliterated. Really sad to see a guy blow it, esp at the level this dude is at in life, young rich and fucking stupid! SMH.
  10. IndyColt500

    Colts LaVon Brazilll suspended 4 games

    Yeah, it definitely wasn't Adderall. He was suspended under the Substance Abuse Policy, not the PEDs Policy (which Adderall falls under). My most likely guess is Marijuana, though we don’t know. But still in all a very dumb decision by Brazill. No way around it, and it opens up the wide receiver spot to even more intense competition once training camp rolls around.
  11. IndyColt500

    Which Young QB Would You Build A Team With?

    Andrew Luck! Although Luck earned a 3.48 GPA as an architectural design major at Stanford while learning Jim Harbaugh’s pro-style scheme, he also has great speed, power and agility. His numbers at the NFL Scouting Combine mirrored those of Panthers QB Cam Newton. Both ran the 40-yard dash in 4.59 seconds, and Luck jumped two inches higher (36) on the vertical leap and two inches shorter (124) on the broad jump. Talk about a tremendous athlete! Luck uses that athleticism to dodge pass rushers and extend plays. By never giving up on a play, he will sometimes take a sack, but more often that not, he will give his receivers time to get open and create a positive result. Also Luck joined a more challenging situation and had to take on more responsibility in his rookie year. (Remember we finished 2-14 the year before) During Manning's rookie year with the Colts, he would have two or three plays sent to him from the sideline, and he’d choose one. But Manning did not yet extensively direct the no-huddle offense that he would become his calling card. Where as Luck already orchestrated that hurry-up attack. Manning completed 56.7 percent of his passes for 3,739 yards, 26 touchdowns and 28 interceptions as a rookie. Luck has thrown for more yards (an NFL rookie record of (4,183) and less interceptions (18) while leading the Colts to the playoffs, which Manning did not do until Year Two. And perhaps most impressively, Luck has shown his ability in the clutch with seven fourth quarter comebacks, another rookie record! I got Luck all the way!
  12. IndyColt500

    Update: Colts, Bradshaw negotiating contract

  13. IndyColt500

    Patriots sign Tim Tebow

  14. IndyColt500

    Update: Colts, Bradshaw negotiating contract

    I personally would be stoked if we sign Bradshaw, esp when healthy, dude is a beast! If we sign Bradshaw, then either Brown or Carter will be going. Carter has a lot of potential though.. His main problem, which is huge, is that he has not adjusted to the NFL. Some of this is how Caldwell handled Carter after his fumbles, and the rest is directly on Carter. He was a strong heavy back that rarely fumbled in his college days. Even his fumbles his rookie year were more fluke hits then his own stupid fault. He could/would/should have added a very solid bruiser back. But, he didn’t… The likely thing is Carter losing his spot so we can keep both Havili and Moore. Neither are traditional FBs which allows them to take Carter’s spot and excel at it. But Bradshaw is more a threat to Brown then Carter. Bradshaw has been a open field terror; what we all hoped Brown would become. Bradshaw has been more successfully versatile then Brown.
  15. IndyColt500

    Why isn't Tebow on the Jags!

    Tebow should actually take Doug Flutie's advice and head over to the CFL. This is not taking a step back for him, and I think it will help him develop his QB skills more. I mean we all watched Flutie, and Garcia in Calgary do what they did! Maybe it would be wise for Tebow to listen? Because of all the Media Attention that follows Tebow in the NFL, is why no team wants to give him a try. His overall talent speaks for itself and the short stint he had with Denver, proves that he has talent and can be a winning QB in the NFL. Now I'm not saying elite, but a winning QB. He should play in the CFL for at least two years, then come back for a try with an NFL Team because by then some of these NFL Teams will find out that their former draft choices just might go Bust! You never know. Also, on a side note.. Warner and Romo were not drafted but got it together in the European league, then came back to the states and became starters in the NFL! So.....
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