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  1. British_Raven

    NFLs most overrated players (or coaches)

    this may be quite unpopular with other Ravens fans but I personally think that Torrey Smith is a bit overrated. This is the guy the Ravens want to become their next 1. Receiver, the guy who has not yet had a 1000+ yard season. Don't get me wrong, I believe the guy can be a very good receiver and has had a few tremendous games (e.g. vs Patriots in the regular season and vs Broncos in the play-offs. However if he is going to be the true 1. receiver he needs to improve his route running and hands. he also needs to make sure he works at being there every game as he seems to disappear for whole games (usually because he has the other teams 1. CB on him. now that Boldin is gone he needs to be able to beat the 1. CBs ev every week because Doss, Thompson, Streeter (all have potential) just don't have the experience at the moment. Some people already seem to think that Smith is great but I personally believe he is only an above average receiver for the moment. Hopefully he will explode for 1000+ yard season next season and come into contention as one of the NFL's top 10 receivers.
  2. I think possible Andre Johnson due to the fact that he hasn't got a ring yet. his years of playing for a poor Texans side will have taught him what it is like to lose and how painful it is. hopefully he will get a ring before he retires but if he doesn't he will have that extra will to win so that he can finally get a ring. he looks like he will be able to help younger players, as he is tutoring DeAndre Hopkins to be his number 2 and heir apparent.
  3. British_Raven

    The Rookie You're Most Anticipating?

    Star Lotulelei Ryan Swope Tyran Matheui Kyle Juszczyk Justin Hunter Dion Jordan
  4. British_Raven

    Your Teams Mount Rushmore?

    Ray Lewis Jonathan Ogden Ed Reed Jamal Lewis
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