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  1. 3 hours ago, FartWaffles said:

    A lot of pundits are panning the Texans draft, so I'm convinced this might be their best draft ever! :yao:

    In all seriousness, yeah it sucked to see the Iggles snipe Dillard one pick before the Texans, but supposedly the Ravens called the Texans to counter and they refused.

    Everyone is going to say the Texans panicked/reached on Howard, and that may be true. Who knows? People said the same in '08 when they drafted Duane Brown. At the end of the day I'm just glad they addressed their biggest needs with four of their seven picks. (OT and CB)

    Warring seems like an athletic freak that had to be a BPA pick in the 3rd, considering they drafted two TEs last year. When they drafted Omenihu in the 5th, my jaw dropped. I honestly thought he had already been taken on Day 2. He should push for d-line rotational snaps even in his rookie year.

    I understand the Gillaspia pick as well. O'Brien's old-school pound the rock offense hasn't been the same since Jay Prosch was released. Plus he'll largely contribute on STs. Seems like Bryan Braman 2.0.

    Long story short, I just want to see these guys on the field before I or the media condemn them. From a positional needs perspective, Gaine hit 'em all in my opinion.

    Well said. 

  2. Congrats to Cards fans - their FO did a great job and snagged some really nice draftees. 

    I haven't looked at all the teams picks but is there a better one than what the Cards got?

    I know my team disappointed - at least until we see them in action.

    At least they got some nice UDFA's! Sucks when you are reduced to that.


    On 4/25/2019 at 4:11 PM, FartWaffles said:

    I see two scenarios for my Texans...

    1. Trade up: If they do this, it will be for one of the three top o-linemen. (Taylor, Dillard, Williams)

    2. Stay put: At #23 the hope is probably that Ford falls into their lap. (possible, but not likely) If he's gone it's probably going to be either Bradbury or Risner. Lindstrom could be a darkhorse pick.

    Cornerback is another huge need for this team, but I feel like there's still going to be a lot of value at that position in the 2nd round.

    Hey Fart - long time no chat.

    I was sitting at Coaches watching the draft.

    Seeing all those big names tumbling down the board was something else. Then the Eagles traded and I'm like Oh no...not Dillard.

    But I'm thinking, well, Murphy and Taylor are still there so no biggie.

    They took Dillard and we took Howard. Phark.

    All I can say is he better work out or Gaine is gonna look like an idiot.

    I liked the Scharping, Omenuhi pick and also Gillaspia, but thought he coulda fallen off to UDFA.

    It's sad when you are reduced to being excited about Higdon and Dixon.

    Back to the drawing board.

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    Allegedly, it's that ISIS is developing laptop bombs to take on airplanes -- which is information that was released publicly months ago and something I am sure Russia was already aware of.

    That's what I figured but thought I had missed something due to all the attention it's been getting.

    Am I wrong in thinking it is way over the top?

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  4. Personally, Texans did pretty good.

    R1. Deshaun Watson QB

    Was going to be contending for top QB on the board if he had come out last season. Has that intangible called "desire to win". Could be good, bad or in the middle. Odds are in the middle which will be better than most of the offerings over the last few years.

    R2. Zach Cunningham. LB

    Was projected to go well into the first round. To get him at 57 is a steal. Looks like he will be Brian Cushing's replacement when he pulls the plug.

    R3. D'onta Foreman RB.

    Not a complete back, and had 6 fumbles last season but will be the thunder to Lamar Miller's lightning.

    R4. Julien Davenport OT.

    For mine, plenty raw, but has several pundits intrigued. Wait and see for me - likely a year away.

    Texans BADLY needed OT help, but waited for R4. Must have contingency plans up sleeve.

    R4b. Carlos Watkins DT.

    Another one projected to go much higher which is likely why Texans pulled the trigger on him. But, Texans have let Wifork walk, so (big guy up front) may have been in the plan.

    R5. Treston Decoud CB.

    Texans lost two DB's in the offseason so was a PON pick. Has good upside but needs some coaching.

    R7. Kyle Fuller OT.

    Another one projected to go higher (R6.) and is intriguing. With Derek Newton not likely to return from dual patella breaks, RT is crucial - Texans take two from this draft but they will need developing. A little odd as they will likely need to pick up a vet anyway.


    I like this draft - it addressed the key position and also snagged a young gun back to help him out (a la Cowboys). Scoring some steals along the way added some extra cream on top.

    Has to be one of the better drafts (if not the best) from Smith.

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  5. 1 Cleveland - Myles Garrett DE Texas AM
    2 San Francisco - Solomon Thomas DE Stanford
    3 Chicago - Jamal Adams SS LSU
    4 Jacksonville - Leonard Fournette RB LSU
    5 Tennessee - Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio St.
    6 New York J - Mitchell Trubisky QB UNC
    7 Los Angeles - Jonathan Allen DT Bama
    8 Carolina - Dalvin Cook RB Florida State
    9 Cincinnati - Reuben Foster​ LB Bama
    10 Buffalo - Malik Hooker FS Ohio St.
    11 New Orleans - Marlon Humphrey CB Bama
    12 Cleveland - Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
    13 Arizona - Forrest Lamp OG WKU
    14 Philadelphia - Taco Charlton DE Michigan
    15 Indianapolis - Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin
    16 Baltimore - Mike Williams WR Clemson
    17 Washington - OJ Howard TE Bama
    18 Tennessee - Cam Robinson OL Bama
    19 Tampa Bay- Haason Reddick LB Temple
    20 Denver - David Njoku TE Miami
    21 Detroit - Malik McDowell DL Michigan St.
    22 Miami - Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
    23 New York G - Takkarist McKinley OLB UCLA
    24 Oakland - Jabrill Peppers S/LB Michigan
    25 Houston - Pat Mahomes QB Texas Tech
    26 Seattle - Garrett Bolles OT Utah
    27 Kansas City - Charles Harris DE Missouri
    28 Dallas - Kevin King CB Washington
    29 Green Bay - Chidobie Awuzie CB Colorado
    30 Pittsburgh - TJ Watt OLB Wisconsin
    31 Atlanta - Corey Davis WR W Michigan
    32 New Orleans - John Ross WR Washington


    Dudes, this draft is wicked - you could make a case for about 50 guys to go in the first.

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  6. Texans don't really need receiver help that much. (especially not to address it in the first round) If they go pass catcher there and how your board has fallen, I'd hope they select Njoku.


    If they move up that far it would be difficult to imagine anything other than a QB - and I don't see one they would move that far up for - maybe a handful of spots but that would be about it.


    Yes. Which is why it made sense for Houston to just trade him there. Browns can absorb it, they can sweeten the pot by taking more salary on and hope they can flip him again for a pick.


    Houston meanwhile can put a full court press on for Romo now. I think they may be the favorites. They have a better OL, WR core pretty damn close, the defense is still amazing and the division is a lot easier.

    Titans and Jags did pretty well in FA and Titans have two first round (high) picks.

    Titans will be very tough this year and I would not be surprised to see Indy rebound.

    Jags also should start seeing some dividends on their D.

    AFC south should be vastly improved and even dangerous this year.



    I'm not happy that it cost Texans next year's second but getting rid of Osweiler was worth it.

    Texans just got better by deduction and it frees up a valuable 53 spot.

    Also wont have to count him in the QB corp - it is not a good idea to carry more than 3 QB's on a squad and you run a risk stashing a QB on a practice squad.

  8. How good the Texans are outside of the quarterback position, I'd personally take the risk if it were possible to trade for/sign him. Who knows how much longer the Texans can keep this good of a roster intact? My guess is a season or two max. Gotta swing for the fences IMO.

    This is why they took a gamble on Osweiler.

    I think they will try for one of the options out there but whether they have the cap or balls after being stung by the Osweiler debacle is yet to be seen.

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  9. R1. Ryan Ramchzyk OT

    or Cam Robinson OT

    or Garrett Bolles OT

    It's no secret Texans need QB help in the worst possible way but a rookie is not likely going to be the saviour this season so Texans bolster their oline - just in case Newton can't play.


    R2. DeShone Kizer QB

    or Patrick Mahomes QB (May have to trade back up for either of these two)

    Texans have to keep trying for a franchise guy so either of these two give them someone to develop over the next year until Osweiler's 2nd year expires.


    R3. D'onta Foreman RB

    Texans were obviously missing that extra oomph in their run game last season. Lamar Miller got his 1000 yards but was not used in his preferred role so bring in a hammer.


    R4. Adam Shaheen TE

    Huge, athletic ex-basket baller with good hands and should make a big target for whoever is under center.


    R5. Damien Mama G

    Texans continue seeking help for their line.


    R6. Levon Myers OT

    More depth for that oline


    R7. Josh Tupou NT

    New fattie to groom in the wake of Wilfork's possible retirement.

  10. Week 10

    Byes: Bills, Lions, Colts, Raiders

    Ravens > Browns

    Jags > Texans

    Broncos > Saints

    Jets > Rams

    Eagles > Falcons

    Panthers > Chiefs

    Bucs > Bears

    Vikings > Redskins

    Titans > Packers

    Dolphins > Chargers

    Cardinals > 49ers

    Cowboys > Steelers

    Seahawks > Patriots

    Bengals > Giants


    Week 11

    Byes: Falcons, Broncos, Jets, Chargers

    Panthers > Saints

    Steelers > Browns

    Cowboys > Ravens

    Lions > Jags

    Colts > Titans

    Bengals > Bills

    Chiefs > Bucs

    Giants > Bears

    Vikings > Cardinals

    Rams > Dolphins

    Patriots > 49ers

    Seahawks > Eagles

    Redskins > Packers

    Raiders > Texans


    Week 12

    Vikings > Lions

    Redskins > Cowboys

    Steelers > Colts

    Bears > Titans

    Bills > Jags

    Ravens > Bengals

    Cardinals > Falcons

    Browns > Giants

    Rams > Saints

    Dolphins > 49ers

    Texans > Chargers

    Bucs > Seahawks

    Raiders > Panthers

    Broncos > Chiefs

    Jets > Patriots

    Packers > Eagles


    Week 13

    Byes: Browns, Titans

    Vikings > Cowboys

    Chiefs > Falcons

    Saints > Lions

    Patriots > Rams

    Jags > Broncos

    Packers > Texans

    Bengals > Eagles

    Dolphins > Ravens

    Bears > 49ers

    Bills > Raiders

    Giants > Steelers

    Cardinals > Redskins

    Bucs > Chargers

    Seahawks > Panthers

    Jets > Colts


    Week 14

    Raiders > Chiefs

    Bills > Steelers

    Broncos > Titans

    Bucs > Saints

    Eagles > Redskins

    Cardinals > Dolphins

    Panthers > Chargers

    Browns > Bengals

    Bears > Lions

    Texans > Colts

    Vikings > Jags

    49ers > Jets

    Rams > Falcons

    Packers > Seahawks

    Giants > Cowboys

    Patriots > Ravens


    Week 15

    Rams > Seahawks

    Jets > Dolphins

    Packers > Bears

    Cowboys > Bucs

    Jags > Texans

    Browns > Bills

    Ravens > Eagles

    Chiefs > Titans

    Giants > Lions

    Vikings > Colts

    Saints > Cardinals

    Falcons > 49ers

    Broncos > Patriots

    Raiders > Chargers

    Steelers > Bengals

    Redskins > Panthers


    Week 16

    Giants > Eagles

    Dolphins > Bills

    Bucs > Saints

    Jets > Patriots

    Jags > Titans

    Packers > Vikings

    Browns > Chargers

    Bears > Redskins

    Panthers > Falcons

    Raiders > Colts

    Seahawks > Cardinals

    Rams > 49ers

    Bengals > Texans

    Ravens > Steelers

    Chiefs > Broncos

    Lions > Cowboys


    Week 17

    Falcons > Saints

    Bucs > Panthers

    Titans > Texans

    Jags > Colts

    Bengals > Ravens

    Steelers > Browns

    Redskins > Giants

    Cowboys > Eagles

    Dolphins > Patriots

    Bills > Jets

    Packers > Lions

    Vikings > Bears

    Rams > Cardinals

    Seahawks > 49ers

    Chiefs > Chargers

    Raiders > Broncos


    Final Season Standings:


    AFC East

    4. Jets 8-8 (2-0 H2H vs. Dolphins)

    Dolphins 8-8

    Patriots 6-10

    Bills 6-10


    AFC North

    2. Bengals 12-4 (8-4 CONF)

    6. Steelers 10-6 (8-4 CONF over the Raiders)

    Browns 9-7

    Ravens 7-9


    AFC South

    3. Jags 10-6

    Texans 8-8

    Titans 5-11

    Colts 4-12


    AFC West

    1. Chiefs 12-4 (9-3 CONF over the Bengals)

    5. Broncos 11-5

    Raiders 10-6 (7-5 CONF)

    Chargers 3-13


    NFC East

    4. Redskins 9-7

    Eagles 7-9

    Cowboys 7-9

    Giants 6-10


    NFC North

    1. Packers 13-3

    5. Vikings 12-4

    Lions 5-11

    Bears 5-11


    NFC South

    3. Bucs 9-7 (Got to SOV tiebreaker before saying fuck it)

    Saints 8-8

    Panthers 7-9

    Falcons 5-11


    NFC West

    2. Rams 10-6 (2-0 H2H with Seahawks) (4-2 Div)

    6. Seahawks 10-6 (0-2 H2H with Rams) (4-2 Div)

    Cardinals 10-6 (2-4 Div)

    49ers 4-12


    Playoff Predictions:


    Wild Card Round

    6. Seahawks > 3. Bucs 24-20

    5. Vikings > 4. Redskins 31-16

    3. Jaguars > 6. Steelers 24-21 OT

    5. Broncos > 4. Jets 38-7


    Divisional Round

    1. Chiefs > 5. Broncos 27-21

    2. Bengals > 3. Jaguars 38-14

    6. Seahawks > 1. Packers 20-19

    5. Vikings > 2. Rams 40-14


    Conference Championships

    2. Bengals > 1. Chiefs 28-24

    6. Seahawks > 5. Vikings 30-27 OT


    Super Bowl LI

    2. Bengals > 6. Seahawks 31-26

    Just for something to do, I'll offer my (ahem) humble opinion. :coffee:

    Even if Pats are Brady-less for 4 weeks, I think they still win a minimum of 10.

    Browns will be lucky to win more than 5.

    Colts will win at least 9 and Jags will be improved, but they won't win more than 8.

    Panthers won't regress out of the playoffs - they still win 12.

    The rest are doable but of course there will be adjustments which I have not done.


  11. Sunday:

    New York Jets @ Buffalo 1:00 ET
    New England @ Miami 1:00 ET
    Philadelphia @ New York Giants 1:00 ET
    Washington @ Dallas 1:00 ET
    Jacksonville @ Houston 1:00 ET
    Tennessee @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET
    Baltimore @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET
    Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 1:00 ET
    Detroit @ Chicago 1:00 ET
    New Orleans @ Atlanta 1:00 ET

    Oakland @ Kansas City 4:25 ET
    San Diego @ Denver 4:25 ET
    Tampa Bay @ Carolina 4:25 ET
    Seattle @ Arizona 4:25 ET
    St. Louis @ San Francisco 4:25 ET

    Minnesota @ Green Bay 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on SUNDAY night?


  12. Thursday:
    San Diego @ Oakland 8:30 ET

    Washington @ Philadelphia 8:30 ET

    San Francisco @ Detroit 1:00 ET
    Pittsburgh @ Baltimore 1:00 ET
    Dallas @ Buffalo 1:00 ET
    Chicago @ Tampa 1:00 ET
    Carolina @ Atlanta 1:00 ET
    Indianapolis @ Miami 1:00 ET
    New England @ New York Jets 1:00 ET
    Houston @ Tennessee 1:00 ET
    Cleveland @ Kansas City 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ New Orleans 4:00 ET
    Green Bay @ Arizona 4:30 ET
    St. Louis @ Seattle 4:30 ET

    New York Giants @ Minnesota 8:30 ET

    Cincinnati @ Denver 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  13. Thursday:
    Minnesota @ Arizona 8:30 ET

    Buffalo @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET
    Seattle @ Baltimore 1:00 ET
    San Francisco @ Cleveland 1:00 ET
    Detroit @ St. Louis 1:00 ET
    Tennessee @ New York Jets 1:00 ET
    Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET
    Indianapolis @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET
    San Diego @ Kansas City 1:00 ET
    Washington @ Chicago 1:00 ET
    Atlanta @ Carolina 1:00 ET
    New Orleans @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET

    Oakland @ Denver 4:00 ET
    Dallas @ Green Bay 4:30 ET

    New England @ Houston 8:30 ET

    New York Giants @ Miami 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  14. Like Fart said, it should be Watt, but I bet Keuchly wins because 11-0.

    Meh - only counts if they go 16-0.

    If Texans make the post season, that advantage disappears.

    Keuchly is good, but also missed 4 weeks.

  15. Thursday:
    Green Bay @ Detroit 8:30 ET

    Jets @ Giants 1:00 ET
    Arizona @ St. Louis 1:00 ET
    Atlanta @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET
    Seattle @ Minnesota 1:00 ET
    San Francisco @ Chicago 1:00 ET
    Jacksonville @ Tennessee 1:00 ET
    Houston @ Buffalo 1:00 ET
    Baltimore @ Miami 1:00 ET
    Cincinnati @ Cleveland 1:00 ET

    Kansas City @ Oakland 4:00 ET
    Denver @ San Diego 4:00 ET
    Philadelphia @ New England 4:30 ET
    Carolina @ New Orleans 4:30 ET

    Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET

    Dallas @ Washington 8:30 ET

    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


  16. A thread from last year I thought would be interesting to revive for this year.

    Praise - Texans seem to be having fun out there again. The defense is now what we fans thought they would be pre-season.

    Rip - They need to do what they have to do to get that running game working. Oline and RB's have to step it up to match the defenses enthusiasm.

  17. I know a lot of people are fed up with his overexposure in commercials, but how good is Watt, and how deserving.

    I know of no other player that is as dedicated and hard working as this young man and it's not like he was a consensus #1 pick of the draft - he worked and studied to be as good as he is and is on a mediocre team to boot.

    Another one is Andre Johnson. A true champion without much to show for it and a true humanitarian.

    Arian Foster for similar reasons. Did you know he was an UDFA?

    And one not from my team - Jason Witten.

    Yeah, it's not ten, but I don't know enough about too many others.

    Oh and Larry Fitzgerald - helps out people wanting to finish college careers after missing out. Has a foundation of some sort?

  18. Week 12 Schedule:



    Philadelphia @ Detroit 12:30 ET

    Carolina @ Dallas 4:30 ET

    Chicago @ Green Bay 8:30 ET



    New Orleans @ Houston 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET

    Minnesota @ Atlanta 1:00 ET

    New York Giants @ Washington 1:00 ET

    Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET

    Buffalo @ Kansas City 1:00 ET

    Oakland @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    San Diego @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET

    Miami @ New York Jets 1:00 ET


    Arizona @ San Francisco 4:00 ET

    Pittsburgh @ Seattle 4:30 ET


    New England @ Denver 8:30 ET



    Baltimore @ Cleveland 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF?


  19. Thursday:

    Tennessee @ Jacksonville 8:30 ET



    Oakland @ Detroit 1:00 ET

    Indianapolis @ Atlanta 1:00 ET

    St. Louis @ Baltimore 1:00 ET

    Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET

    Denver @ Chicago 1:00 ET

    New York Jets @ Houston 1:00 ET

    Washington @ Carolina 1:00 ET

    Dallas @ Miami 1:00 ET


    Kansas City @ San Diego 4:00 ET

    Green Bay @ Minnesota 4:30 ET

    San Francisco @ Seattle 4:30 ET


    Cincinnati @ Arizona 8:30 ET



    Buffalo @ New England 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF?


  20. Thursday:

    Buffalo @ New York Jets 8:30 ET



    Detroit @ Green Bay 1:00 ET

    Dallas @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET

    Carolina @ Tennessee 1:00 ET

    Chicago @ St. Louis 1:00 ET

    New Orleans @ Washington 1:00 ET

    Miami @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET

    Cleveland @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET

    Jacksonville @ Baltimore 1:00 ET


    Minnesota @ Oakland 4:00 ET

    New England @ New York Giants 4:30 ET

    Kansas City @ Denver 4:30 ET


    Arizona @ Seattle 8:30 ET



    Houston @ Cincinnati 8:30 ET


    Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?


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