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Found 2 results

  1. There are a few QB's that I'd love to pick especially Andy Dalton having issues in the playoffs considering the great team around him, but I'm going to have to go Jake Locker here. He has done virtually nothing since he's been in the NFL and he can't stay on the field. They have a new HC over there in Wisenhunt who's a good coach. I think this will be Locker's last chance to impress and fight for his starting job. Honestly, I think they may even draft a QB in the first round.
  2. With some of the all time greats close to retirement and other elite QB's getting up there in age, it's a great situation for the NFL to have a surge of young QB talent in today's league. All of these young QBs have potential and have opened the eyes of today's NFL. It's also interesting that 7/8 of these young Qbs led their team into the playoffs. Who do you guys believe will have the better season next year? (poll) Who do you rank from best to least? Here is some fun statistical information on these QB's performance & efficiency in different yard ranges. As for my list, I ranked these Qb's with an eye test and impact / effectiveness while factoring in circumstances of the Qbs team. 1. Andrew Luck - I'm still putting down Luck as the #1 young QB in the league. He's definitely the most talented passer and throws some of the most beautiful aerial balls I've seen in a long time. I love his mobility and have seen him make some outstanding plays under pressure. He's also very strong in the pocket and can break some tackles. I'm glad his running attack got slightly better (even though ranking 20th in the league) but he still carries this offense. Luck also orchestrated some great games while beating some premiere elite playoff teams. Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos (AFC elite lol). Luck is still the best in my opinion and my sentiments are in this old thread. http://www.thegridironpalace.com/forums/index.php?/topic/65876-lets-put-this-to-bed-give-me-andrew-luck/ 2. Cam Newton - Cam is one of the most explosive QBs in the league. Definitely one of the most versatile threats this league has. Outside of an aging Steve Smith, he doesn't have many weapons but he still has to be accounted for because he's a dynamic playmaker through the air and ground. If you give Cam the luxury of a running attack (excluding himself), he gets even more lethal. 3. Russell Wilson - Watching Russell Wilson is just amazing at times. Most people will have him as their #1 guy and I wouldn't argue. Wilson is just in the perfect situation in my opinion. He has the #1 defense in the league in yards allowed per game, points per game AND turnovers. That defense gets him the ball back a lot. Not to mention he has an elite RB at his disposal. However, he is doing everything that is asked of him and you can't ask for anything more. Their offense is very efficient and especially when they get the ball back from a turnover which is HUGE. Wilson is one of the most elusive mobile QBs in the league and he makes outstanding plays running and throwing. He's a big time play maker and he executes very well. I can't take anything away from that but I won't ignore the circumstances of him being on an all around great team. He's also very mentally tough. But one of the better qualities I like about Wilson, he's an awesome decision maker; one of the best out of this group and he makes big time plays when his team needs it which is why he's a good QB. 4. Nick Foles - I'm excited to see Foles do as well as he did this year considering I've been calling his number since his rookie preseason. He originally lost the QB competition in the offseason but when he got his 2nd opportunity, he took it and ran with it. Foles demonstrated great decision making, pocket awareness, good progression reads, good mobility and able to throw on the run. Foles had an amazing stretch this past season. His real test will be next year with defenses having tape on him and playing all 16 games. I think Foles will have an amazing season next year leading our offense. If Foles can play even remotely close to last season, he moves up on this list. 5. RG3 - I'm taking RG3 over Colin Kaepernick and a healthy RG3 moves up on this list. I feel as though they allowed RG3 to play a little too early before he was ready but he still wind up playing well for the most part. His accuracy was suspect at times as well as his throwing mechanics, but it appeared as though he could not plant his leg firmly at times to get a good zip on his throw. He didn't play bad down the stretch. His team in general was just trash especially his defense which continually dug a deep hole for the offense to dig out. However, if RG3 can't back healthy, I can see him dropping quite a bit. 6. Colin Kaepernick - It feels wrong having him down this low because he is one of the most dynamic QBs on this list. His big play making ability is insane however, majority of it comes from the ground. His running ability dictates his game more than all the other QB's on this list in my opinion. He's made some great throws, straight zip line passes, but he's very inconsistent and his accuracy comes into question more than the rest of these guys. He needs to string together more consistency with his passing game. Even with this said, he is one of the most dangerous QBs on this list. You are weary going against Kaepernick on gameday. 7. Andy Dalton - His stat line isn't all that bad but I strongly believe A.J Green carries him miles. I also believe Dalton is one of the issues holding this team back from being deep playoff contenders. I like the Bengals and they are a very young and talented team that is prime to make a run if they can get some stable production out of the QB position in the playoffs. I've seen Dalton be indecisive / passive and not pull the trigger when he should and miss out on big plays in big moments. Then afterwards he would make an even worse decision by throwing a bad pass for an interception. If he can get better with his decision making, his game definitely improves a lot. His ceiling could be pretty good if he fixes that and the Bengals will directly benefit and more then likely win some playoff games. Hopefully Dalton can fair better in Hue Jackson's system because Jay Gruden's was definitely suspect. If he can break away from bad decisions, he can move a few spots up this list. He has the talent 8. . Ryan Tannehill - Despite the numbers and record, I really like what I saw from Tannehill this year. Tannehill put on some good games this year. I saw some really good flashes from him. Some great throws and put on some good games against some playoff teams. However, Tannehill has one of the worst offensive lines in the league (sacked the most) and their running game left more to be desire. He is a more traditional QB and I think if they solidify some offensive pieces around him with more support, his game rises even higher.