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  1. Well, seeing all the NFL off season talk going on I feel there needs to be a little love for those of us 3-Downers. WHERE TO WATCH IN THE US: http://www.cfl.ca/page/us-broadcast-schedule RULES CHANGES: Pass Interference Challenge: Smaller Rules Changes WEST: BC Lions Wally Buono has some serious thinking to do after last season. Hopefully the OL and QBs will stay Healthy, and maybe they can find a replacement for long time C Angus Reid. I honestly think BCs still 3rd place in the division if they stay healthy, and further down the list if they can't! Prediction: 3rd Calgary Stampeders(prepare for the homer) Well. The stampeders retained the services of the CFLs best edge rushing tandem, traded away a disappointing kick returner (replacing him with an actual player in Jock Sanders), and improve our DB corps. Add that to the fact that we retained both Bo Levi Mitchell and Drew Tate through the expansion draft, which I thought near impossible. Add to that the fact that Kory Sheets isn't in the league to challenge Jon Cornish, and our special teams I think we have ourselves the chance at returning to the Grey Cup. (PS Drew Tate. STAY HEALTHY MY MAIN MAN) Prediction 1st Edmonton Eskimos The best thing to come out of last season for the Esks might just be the fact that it's finally over. I personally attended quite a few home games here in Edmonton (Shout out to Section O) With the wave of OL signings I'm waiting to see if they can keep whoever starts behind center (Mike Reiley or Matt Nichols by my estimation) Fred Stamps is still possibly a huge threat at SB or WR and maybe they can find a kicker who understands the winds that swirl around Commonwealth and make a go of it. Prediction: 4th Winterpeg Winnipeg Blue Bombers I'm starting my description stating that last years problems for the Bombers didn't end on the field but they started there. With the addition of Korey Banks maybe the Defence will shore up a little bit. My area of concern is at QB. Drew Willy isn't tested and I hope his confidence is given a chance rather than the "QB by committee" that Winnipeg was last year. Oh. And maybe finding a stable front office structure'd be nice. Prediction: 5th (The west is too stacked) Saskatchewan Roughriders The Mellonheads were able to buy win a Grey Cup on home soil, but a repeat looks more difficult as the wests strength seems to just keep increasing over time. As somebody who can no longer play the game because of injury I look at Riderville and think "If the injury bug hits..." and scratch my head. They don't have a proven backup at QB, no Korey Sheets (at time of writing), one natural C on the OL, and only one natural safety on roster... I'm worried for the Green Machine. Prediction: 2nd EAST Toronto Argonauts Am I wrong in saying if Ricky Ray is healthy the Boatmen have a chance at running their whole way to the Grey Cup? Their possibly potent running game combined with Ray spreading the ball around better than any other QB in the game their Offence can drown you out of the game faster than their... interesting defense can sink them. Prediction 1st Hamilton Tiger Cats Tim Hortons Field will be opening with a new young face under center. Weather it's Dan LeFevour or Zach Collaros I still feel that the Ti-Cats are in for a tough year. I may be over simplifying but the CFL is a QB centric league for a reason. That being said maybe the weapons around them make them better than I can see on paper. I also look at their defence and say... "Uhh... who dat?" and that's NOT a good thing. The defence needs to make sure that the retooled offence stays on the field, and I'm wondering if that'll happen Prediction 3rd Montreal Alouettes It's the end of an era in Montreal. But is the rest of the team able to move on? In my opinion there will be a big initial down turn as the Als get used to not having AC13 in the backfield. That being said it's now seeming to be the young gunslingers division with more inexperienced QBs. Again, similar to Hamilton will the offence allow the QBs to flourish or flop? However unlike Hamilton the Als have the Defence that can talk the talk and walk the walk, especially with their LB core. Prediction 2nd And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST Ottawa Rough Riders Renegades ALL-CAPS RED-BLACKS I think this team has created more questions than answers for me. What will make this time different in Ottawa in terms of fan support? Will Henry Burris have anyone else to throw to other than Paris Jackson? Will Rick Campbell be able to create another contender? I really have no clue. Their Offence seems to be up to Hank to figure out, which isn't the worst but he's always had weapons around him, not just one stud WR. While offence wins games and Defence wins championships, I'm faltering in my confidence in this O to win. I'm just hoping this team stays afloat long enough to create Football Atlantic in the near future. Prediction 4th