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  1. BenGone

    Dallas Vs. Philly Part 1

    Cowboys receivers never drop passes. Especially Dez. These 2 young qb's are going to be entertaining us for years to come. Dak will win a few, C-Dub will win a few. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. BenGone

    Week 1 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The good: Romo and Witten doing what they do. The rbbc was more effective than I thought it would be. We saw at the end of the game how the strategy works with how they used Dunbar. The db's did a good job at stopping the long passes. Eli has a tendency to kill us with the deep ball. The bad: I was expecting more of a pass rush. Gregory going out didn't help, but they still have some guys that should have been doing more than they did. Which leads me to my next point... The ugly: Injuries. Damn. Also, no answer whatsoever to the quick passes. This basically shut down the pass rush before it could get started. I think this is going to be something that hurts Dallas against Philly, as quick accurate passes seems to be something Bradford is actually good at.
  3. BenGone

    The Table of Pessimism

    Teams that start 2-0 have something like a 40% chance of making the playoffs. Yes, Dallas won, but if Eli weren't such a tard, they would have lost. Plus, they lost Dez, Randy Gregory, and Ron Leary. Bernadeau is a decent backup to Leary, so I don't see the o-line dropping off, but Dez being out is huge. Gregory was the place-holder until Hardy comes off suspension, so I don't see Dallas having much of a pass rush for the next few weeks. (But man, when both those guys come back, look out.)
  4. BenGone

    Why do YOU love football?

    Because it's like chess with real people. Every game is an emotional roller coaster.
  5. BenGone

    Your Team's Unheralded Watch-Out Players

    That's how I feel about Sean Lee and Mo Claiborne (not like MC was great or anything). People talk about the success of the D last year, but forget both of those guys were out all or most of the season. Having them back is an automatic improvement.
  6. Maybe for felony convictions (emphasis: convictions). I'd lose my job if I caught a felony. But for your basic assaulters, underwear thieves, drinkers and druggers...no.
  7. BenGone

    Cortland Finnegan wants to return

    Translation: "I'm broke and need weed money" 31 isn't that old...is it?
  8. BenGone

    Your Team's Unheralded Watch-Out Players

    Joseph Randle - RB Hide your underwear and cologne...I think he's going to flat out ball.
  9. BenGone

    All NFC East Team

    I wish Tony could have had one or two of the Giants' defensive units the last several years.
  10. I've never understood how a metro area that supports 2 baseball teams, 2 basketball teams, a women's basketball team, a soccer team, and even 2 F'n hockey teams can't support 1 football franchise.
  11. I voted Bengals. It's the easy vote. If I got a second vote, I'd give it to the Lions or Panthers.
  12. BenGone

    Top 3 Strengths and Weaknesses

    Strengths: 1. O-line: they're one of the best groups in the NFL. 2. Quarterback: Romo! 3. The field goal unit: Hey, 3 points is 3 points. Weaknesses: 1. Pass rush/D-line: I think they are improved over last year, but it didn't really take much to do so. The team leader in sacks had 6. They really made the DB's look bad. They have a lot of young guys so I think we'll see a lot of young guy mistakes. 2. Running backs: Randle is unproven, McFadden is made of glass, and Dunbar is what he is, a #3. I do think Randle will prove himself as more-than-capable this year. If I'm right about Randle, McFadden can stay healthy, and Dunbar continues to improve, they may turn out to be a strength. But I can only go on what I have to go on, and that's not much. 3. Safeties: God help us. They're good tacklers (hardly anyone gets by Church), but Wilcox is only in his 3rd year, and they're just not that good in coverage. Their backups are shit. Hopefully this Byron Jones kid will help, but I can't count on it too much because he's a cornerback. Those kinds of experiments don't usually work. (I'm just glad I get to talk about normal team stuff this year and not things like "Strengths: 1: Our stadium rocks, 2: our cheerleaders are hot, 3: the team is worth over a billion dollars; Weaknesses: 1: our coach is retarded, 2: our owner is a doosh, 3: Dez slapping his mama. But hey...there's still time.)
  13. I see a lot about how losing Murray is going to affect Dallas. They've never really had a problem putting points on the board and I really think Joseph Randle is going to fill in nicely. The reason I don't put much stock in losing Murray, and what often gets overlooked in these discussions about Dallas losing Murray is what's going on with Dallas's defense. Sean Lee missed all of last season. He's back, and has moved to the apparently more injury friendly position of OLB. Morris Claiborne missed most of last season and he's back. It's not like he was all that great, but Dallas's cornerback situation last year wasn't good. They had an undrafted free agent scout team guy play 11 games (Patmon). They picked up Hardy and drafted the Gregory kid, who's looking really promising so far in camp. They've been cross training first round pick Byron Jones at safety. Last year the D was decimated by injuries. The pass rush was non-existent. The d-backs couldn't cover shit. They seem to have addressed a lot of their issues. Injuries are going to happen and can change the entire outlook of a team's ability. But going into the season, the team looks way better than they finished last year, irregardless of Murray, because of what they have done with the defense and the strength of their o-line. Dallas is going to score a lot of points, that's what Romo & Co. have always done. But this year, I think the other team is going to score a lot less than last year. I voted for the Rams, btw. I'd also throw in the Eagles or Giants. In the AFC, I'd go with the Chargers, Dolphins, or Chiefs.
  14. BenGone

    Boykin"Chip Uncomfortable Around Men of Our Culture"

    I think that if by "grown men of our culture" he means black men, it's a load of shit and has no factual basis. Unless someone has proof that Chip is using racial slurs or showing some kind of racist behavior, I'm not buying it. He brought in Demarco Murray, who was banging his best friend's wife. That shows me Chip only cares about what the player does on the field and how he fits in the system, not what kind of person he is or how good his tan is. The only coach I think prefers white players over black players is Bill Belichik.
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