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  1. JetsFan4Life

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Alright i'm replaying Metal Gear Solid in chronological order of when the games take place (so I'm starting with 3). Going to try to dedicate at least an hour to it a night ha. Also I downloaded Fortnite but haven't played it yet.
  2. JetsFan4Life

    Best Player Since MJ?

    You want to talk about team player? Lebron has over 7,000 assists (while having a modest 30,000 points btw) while playing with fucking BUMS the first half of this career. Duncan was great. Not denying that. But Duncan could never carry a team on his back and wasn't all-around as good as Lebron (scoring, passing, defense all considered). Lebron was the most hyped player EVER coming into the NBA. And he somehow exceeded it.
  3. JetsFan4Life

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    Pelicans were just starting to play some good ball too. Boogie is a free agent in the off season as well.
  4. JetsFan4Life

    Best Player Since MJ?

    It's a debate because people love to hate Lebron instead of just realizing his greatness. I'm a huge Kobe fan, he's the reason I'm a Lakers fan. The answer is Lebron and it's not close.
  5. JetsFan4Life

    Official Hockey Thread

    So Vegas is now first place in the NHL...think it's safe to say this is not a fluke anymore. This team is just very good and will be in the playoffs. Now what happens in the playoffs is another story but this is a good squad. Wonder if they change up the expansion rules next time around because of it.
  6. JetsFan4Life

    Rank Your Preferred Super Bowl Winners

    Home Team, Like Keenum 1) Sure, I guess 2) Dislike Philly But Meh 3) Please, No 4)
  7. JetsFan4Life

    Big Ben wants to play 3 more years

    Welp I thought Ben would retire after this season. Looks like that won't be the case but we'll see if the Bell situation changes his tune.
  8. JetsFan4Life

    2017 Baseball Thread

    I talked to my friend about this. I think you're right. I loved Santana. Yeah his hitting would come and go but he would get on base and his defense at first base had finally gotten to an elite level. But man....$20 million a year is a lot. I don't blame him for taking it and I don't blame the Indians for not matching.
  9. JetsFan4Life

    Bills @ Jags

    They had real WR's and they got rid of them. Woods, as Sarge said, is killing it in LA. Goodwin had a great season in San Francisco. They wasted them with a mediocre at best QB. QB is definitely the biggest problem. Fill in receivers accordingly after the fact. Jones is turning into a decent guy, just struggled with drops earlier. They still have Benjamin. He's someone you can trust to go and get it but Tyrod's jump balls end up in the stands instead of on the field. Clay is a good TE. McCoy is a threat out of the RB position. Is WR position strong for Buffalo? No. But their biggest problem? Not with Tyrod at QB.
  10. JetsFan4Life

    Pentagon Footage of UFO Released

    Well you see the thing about the universe is it is quite big and vast..
  11. JetsFan4Life

    Pentagon Footage of UFO Released

    Huh? I haven't seen anything that really shows this. He blocked some of the JFK files that were supposed to come out. Anyways don't mean to derail the thread but I've always been in the "universe is too big for us to be alone" thing. My wonder has always been if we were the most advanced out there or not. I'd lean toward not.
  12. JetsFan4Life

    Predict the Playoffs

    Wildcard (6) > ( 3) (4) > (5) Divisional (1) > (6) (4) > (2) Championship (1) > (4) Wildcard (3) > (6) (4) > (5) Divisional (4) > (1) (2) > (3) Championship (2) > (4) Super Bowl >
  13. JetsFan4Life

    Predict Super Bowl 52

    After mulling it over I'm going vs. with the coming out on top (home I'm wrong).
  14. JetsFan4Life

    2017 College Football Playoff Thread

    Yep, and this would help to avoid the possible problem of scheduling cupcakes because you'll want to look like the strongest of those small conference schools.
  15. JetsFan4Life

    Bills are trash

    The difference with this team is they won the key games down the stretch against shit opponents (Indy/Miami). Like the 2014 Bills went 9-7 as well but lost to a 3-13 Raiders team in Week 16.
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