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  1. Cheesehead4life

    What song are you listening to atm???

  2. Cheesehead4life

    Buy or Sell

    Lynch will fall short of 1,600 yds. I think he will get around 1,400 yds. B/S: Mason Crosby will score more points than Stephen Gostowski.
  3. Cheesehead4life

    Julio Jones extension could be coming

    The Falcons need to lock him up for a period of time and he deserves a huge payday because he is a top 5 WR.
  4. Cheesehead4life

    What song are you listening to atm???

  5. Cheesehead4life

    Ranking the RBs

    I don't know but I'd give way more props to Eddie Lacy. I see him at least in the top 4 RB's. Jeremy Hill is another RB that is very intriguing and I think he is going to be something special very soon.
  6. Cheesehead4life

    The good news thread

    It's a good day for me because I came across this site.
  7. Cheesehead4life

    Cardinals Hire First Female Coach In League History

    I think this is a huge leap for the NFL. I really hope she does a great job and more women can get jobs as coaches if the are qualified in the future.
  8. Cheesehead4life

    What song are you listening to atm???

  9. Really the last recent great season for the NFC South was 2010 when 3 of the 4 teams were over .500 and 2 of those teams making the playoffs. 2011 two teams were over .500 and both made the playoffs and both teams lost in there first games. 2012 one team dominated the division while the other three were under .500. 2013 two teams were over .500 while the other two really sucked. 2014 we all know that each team was mediocre at best. I wouldn't say that has been a great track record the past several years with the exception of 2010.
  10. Cheesehead4life

    Buy or Sell

    Sell that, I think there are several defenses in the NFL that are better. At best the Steelers may be a #10 defense, but that is een stretching it. B/S: Eddie Lacy will compile over 1,500 rushing yards this year.
  11. Cheesehead4life

    Patriots Accused Of Deflating Footballs

    I can tell you one thing the longer Tom Brady keeps dragging this out the worse it can become for him. Unless he is totally made innocent of this whole thing which I don't think is going to happen at this point he should just drop it and take his 4 game suspension. If he continues to drag it out with this new lawsuit and more things come out against him the Tom Brady legacy will just become even worse.
  12. Cheesehead4life

    Bounceback Candidates 2015

    Colin Kaepernick-QB-SF: New Coach Jim Tomsula says he is going to allow Colin to use his legs even more than he already has the past two years. If he is successful in running and also Carlos Hyde is a successful rusher this could open up for more passing yards and most likely more Passing TD's than 19 that he had last year.
  13. Cheesehead4life

    Bold Predictions for the 2015-2016 NFL season

    Raji is my favorite Packers player. Getting him back is huge. I think he is in for a huge year. Go Raji, Go Raji!!!!
  14. Cheesehead4life

    What song are you listening to atm???

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