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    Ya, crazy how that works isn't it? lol Iowa has only missed the Democratic nominee twice in the last 50 years. There were rumors and articles before about how the DNC was pushing hard for the moderates in the group, but that's obviously becoming reality. Biden was probably supposed to be the chosen one... but on account of him being a corpse, they had to shift lanes a bit. I still wouldn't be shocked if Warren pulls some stupid deal out of her ass, as she's slowly kinda edging a little more middle of the road. Mayor Pete can't even run the city he is mayor of... Where is this shit coming from? lmao
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    Follow the money... I mean... I know this stuff goes on... but it still makes me sick to read.
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    What have i been saying all along? Biden isn't leading. I think that much is pretty evident, so that right there tells you the polling is rigged. You don't go from leading to a distant 4th. I know it's one state but that's a big drop in the numbers. Even from the second place 21% he had in Iowa going into it. Bernie Sanders is by FAR the most popular candidate. He has the most money raised by the most people. He has the most volunteers. He has the largest attendance at events. You would have to be a fucking fool to believe this process isn't rigged and if Mayor Pete ends up winning Iowa, we know it's also totally fraudulent. It's time to abandon the Democratic party.
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    It’s just anecdotal and only for like 20 or so precincts across the state of people I talk to about local politics and stuff but almost all of them said then Bernie won going away and they have no idea how Pete is leading right now. Its pretty obvious the party saw huge Sanders numbers and shut that shit downnnnn . Even if he ends up pulling ahead (only 62% of precincts have been revealed ) it’s not gonna be the runaway it should’ve been.
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    Anyone who supports Mayor Pete after this rigged primary is a cuck. Plain and simple.
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    I loved Mayor Pete's victory speech before a single vote was reported, lmao. "You shocked the nation, Iowa" Ya, at just how corrupt we are and how much of a stranglehold on Democracy the Dems have. Gross. I know this is obvious, but what a garbage system and process we have for electing a leader. Lmao.