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  1. NFL-Fan

    Cards @ Panthers

    This game was an all out slaughterfest for Carolina... Another reason why I think Carolina will WIN the Super Bowl. I hate Carson Palmer with a passion and am happy he got his ass whooped...
  2. Couldn't remember my stuff here so, starting from scratch again... Greetings fellow Football fans... I am NFL-Fan... Hope to get to chat with you all & make some friends here... Feel free to contact me on here
  3. NFL-Fan

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    SWTOR - MMORPG on my PC laptop
  4. NFL-Fan

    NFL-Fan's SIG request

    Can someone please make me a signature to use here with: Toro, Who Dey, Freddie, & Sir Purr in it please? Those are the teams I also follow. Bengals being my 2nd though, family team Thanks & Greatly Appreciated
  5. NFL-Fan

    Cards @ Panthers

    Dude, dont be mad/jealous that your CHEATriots lost to the Broncos...
  6. NFL-Fan

    Cards @ Panthers

    I SO got Carolina to win this one... GO PANTHERS! :panthers:
  7. NFL-Fan

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 2

    Sunday: Houston @ Carolina 1:00 ET San Francisco @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Detroit @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Arizona @ Chicago 1:00 ET New England @ Buffalo 1:00 ET San Diego @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Atlanta @ New York Giants 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Washington 1:00 ET Miami @ Jacksonville 4:05 ET Baltimore @ Oakland 4:05 ET Dallas @ Philadelphia 4:25 ET Seattle @ Green Bay 8:30 ET Monday: New York Jets @ Indianapolis 8:30 ET Those are my picks, sorry I missed Thurs...
  8. NFL-Fan

    Dolphins @ Jags

    My DOLPHINS should win this one for sure....
  9. NFL-Fan

    49ers @ Steelers

    Going with the NINERS to win this one...
  10. NFL-Fan

    Texans @ Panthers

    This ones a toughy to pick who's gonna win but, gotta stick with the TEXANS
  11. NFL-Fan

    Chargers @ Bengals

    My choice to win: BENGALS!, WHO DEY!
  12. NFL-Fan

    Bucs @ Saints

    SAINTS for me to win this one...
  13. NFL-Fan

    Falcons @ Giants

    Going with the FALCONS on this one...
  14. NFL-Fan

    Jets @ Colts

    I want the COLTS to win this one...
  15. NFL-Fan

    Hi All, New here...

    Hello everyone... Hope to make some friends here & feel free to chat with me here... The DOLPHINS are my home & #1 team... In my sig area are other NFL teams I follow...
  16. NFL-Fan

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 1

    My picks starting on Sunday: Green Bay Houston Cleveland Indy Miami Carolina Seattle New Orleans Detroit Tennessee Cincy Baltimore Giants Philly San Fran
  17. NFL-Fan

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Cant wait for 2015-2016 LIGHTNING hockey! Other NHL teams I follow: SHARKS , CANUCKS
  18. NFL-Fan

    NFC South Fan Roll Call

    Fav Team: FALCONS!
  19. NFL-Fan

    Bengals @ Raiders

  20. NFL-Fan

    Dolphins @ Redskins

  21. NFL-Fan

    Chiefs @ Texans

  22. NFL-Fan

    Hi All, New here...

    NO, its called restarting anew & the fact I forgot my other one.... those can be deleted if need be. ( Please dont judge/hate me due to starting over new, fresh, & updated). NTM, have not been here in like EVER!
  23. NFL-Fan

    AFC South Fan Roll Call

    Fav Team: TEXANS!
  24. NFL-Fan

    AFC North Fan Roll Call

    Fav Team: BENGALS! , WHO DEY!
  25. NFL-Fan

    AFC East Fan Roll Call

    Fav AFC EAST team: DOLPHINS!
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