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  1. 1 hour ago, DalaiLama4Ever said:

    Some article I read, which could totally be made up.. Says that guy (who put in the 250M) is making a power play here to attempt to steal the AAF game tracking technology.  

    Its the only explanation that makes sense. There's no way someone could be that dumb to believe that much in a league to pay that kind of money and then just give up completely after a few weeks.

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  2. I'd go with Watt but he has the advantage of starting early in the decade. Its weird how all-decade teams are dependent on timing. Thomas is/was fantastic but those Watt peak years were absurd. He was robbed of that MVP. 

    That being said, I suspect in hindsight we will look at Aaron Donald as a better player. He just doesn't have the time yet. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Zack_of_Steel said:

    Which means literally nothing when it comes to the Steelers and how they have operated since the 70's. The Steelers honor their star players' contracts even when it does not benefit the team to finish out their last couple years. He'd have seen all $45M of the guaranteed money plus his base salary.

    That seems untrue.

    And of course if Le'Veon signed the deal and was fine he wouldn't have been cut after one year. But what if he had a career-ending injury? Can't imagine the Steelers pay 10 million out then. If "rolling guarantees" are truly guaranteed, then the Steelers would've paid them as a signing bonus or a true guarentee if that's what it took to get him.

    And the same situation is true with playing last year. If you could guarantee him that he would have a great year, stay healthy, and be in-demand after playing on the franchise tag, I'm sure he would've played without a doubt. He was more concerned about being protected if the worst-case scenario happened. You can say that you don't agree with him playing it safe, but at the end of the day if he destroys his leg on the first play of his first game now, he gets 25 million. If that happened under the franchise tag, he would've gotten 14.5 million. If that happened after signing the Steeler's deal he gets 10 million. He wanted to make sure that he got as much money locked away as possible for the worst case scenario. Hard to say he made the wrong decision from that perspective.

    And before you mention Ryan Shazier as an example of the Steelers "taking care of their own" or whatever, keeping him around is half a million per year, not even close to the cost of paying to keep an unable to play Le'Veon. And honesty, seeing Shazier get hurt and lose out on a massive contract the way he did probably had a role in Bell's decision. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Zack_of_Steel said:

    You're talking out of your ass.

    The Steelers offered him $70/5yr with $33M guaranteed in the first two years and $45M guaranteed total. He took $10M less guaranteed money and 875K less per year while also losing the $14.5M from last year's tag. He and his retarded "NFL players are slaves" agent fucked this situation up massively.

    From the article in the link I posted.



  5. I thought LeBron would be good enough to get them into the playoffs (and he probably still would've if he didn't be get hurt). That being said, "the lakers won't  make the playoffs" was definitely out there before the season among some of the experts. Magic and Pelinka have been a disaster running the team (besides Lebron who clearly didn't need convincing), and when you hear that Jerry West wanted to come back and Jeannie chose Magic instead, that's a really bitter pill to swallow. 

  6. 6 hours ago, BC said:

    Going to bed 8 hours before the game kicks off doesn't work. The body can't do it. Its not rocket science dude and you're not very smart. You gotta be up 4 hours minimum to go through consuming a meal or two, allowing time to digest, stretch, warm up, do a few drills. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. 

    Just because you won't be at 100% doesn't mean you will literally fall apart. Obviously it wasn't smart of them, but its not absurd or anything.

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