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  1. 4 hours ago, RazorStar said:

    Damn it Blots, Denver isn't just some dumping ground for white QB's who can throw 70 yards on their ass

    Yeah Peyton couldn't throw nearly that far at the end. I just said tall and white. 

  2. That's an elite wr and my job isn't that I build a winning team, it's to keep my boss happy. And you can't cut the QB to replace him with a nobody unless he's 2015 Peyton Manning level washed. It hurts to have to give more guarantees to an injured cb but that's the move you have to make. Unless the QB is washed in which case you tell him he can retire or he's cut, clearing room without giving the cb more. Though if the QB is a tall white guy I'm gonna give the Denver Broncos a call as well.

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  3. Those last two seasons are so bad that you can sell to your fans that hes a bum despite the Super Bowls. If a team with that QB is that good, you must have a great defense. Try to get it done with the pass rusher. Get a QB in free agency or the draft. If the QB is tall and white, trade him to Denver for a a first. 

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  4. That was a great game and a very good series in general. I don't know what the Warriors are going to do next year. KD is 100% not playing and now Klay is out for most of the year too. Klay will probably re-sign, and KD might even decide to stay a year to rehab, but that'd mean 60 million or so would be going to two players that aren't playing. Warrior aren't the West favorites IMO, but I'm not really sure who is. To me, this upped the price for AD to the Lakers since him + LeBron is definitely a contender in a way they weren't with a fully loaded Warriors looming.

  5. On 5/21/2019 at 6:06 PM, DalaiLama4Ever said:

    Andy Dalton being one spot above McNabb... whose career does that say more about?

    Like RZ has said, McNabb's career includes the washed-up portion while Dalton hasn't yet. The list will bias towards currently active players.

  6. 12 hours ago, Zack_of_Steel said:

    I am super pissed that the Steelers let him negate the Buffalo deal because that would have been amazing to watch him suffer with a garbage QB



    honestly the AB thing that actually pissed me off was posting that DM Juju sent him in college. Just so douchey

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