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  1. NaTaS

    Will Aaron Rogers Pony Up?

    While the tweets were old, he still said he'd put his salary up. I'm hoping he'll send it to me.
  2. NaTaS

    Will Aaron Rogers Pony Up?

    He has since deleted that tweet. via Slothed
  3. NaTaS

    Update: Ryan Braun suspended 65 games

    via JSOnline.com This is what dude said last February.
  4. Had big hopes for him for his senior year. I hope this isn't true. UM is just protecting his ass right now.
  5. NaTaS

    Elite Member Voting

    Congrats to the new inductees. Glad to have you all onboard. Choo-choo, elite mutha fuckas.
  6. NaTaS

    What Car Do You Drive?

    2011 Audi A6 and a 2012 Harley Street Bob.
  7. NaTaS

    Lucid Dreaming

    I took ZMA for awhile, but didn't notice any real improvements. Dreams were certainly...odd.
  8. NaTaS

    What Skin Do You Use?

    The breadcrumbs on the FNL skin needs to be changed to the a lighter shade of grey. Just a suggestion.
  9. NaTaS

    What Skin Do You Use?

    The Gridiron Palace skin. I wish there was a nice grey and white minimal skin, I'd totally jerk it to that. Thanks to everyone that's worked on the skins here, they are really fantastic.
  10. This is certainly controversial, but I understand their point. They do not need to put a photo of the guy that sort of glorifies him, but he's a person too and before his brainwashing, I'm sure he was a nice guy as well.
  11. NaTaS

    Lucid Dreaming

    Now watch, it'll happen to me tonight. You sick bastard!
  12. NaTaS

    Lucid Dreaming

    What about sleep paralysis? Now that shit is scary. I've had a few lucid dreams, but I'm not sure if it's something we can control or a scam. Reminds me of an episode of American Dad where Steve knowns when he's having a lucid dream based on a bouncing red ball. When he sees that he is able to control his dream world.
  13. NaTaS

    What Might Have Been...

    We just did this recently, but no harm in doing it again. You can add Randy Moss. Had he the work ethic of a Jerry Rice, he would have been unstoppable and may have very well come very close to beating Rices records.
  14. Prepare fo the inevitable riots.
  15. NaTaS

    Create a Super Group

    ^ Layne Staley would work out awesome in your group.
  16. NaTaS

    Andre Johnson decline

    I think these types of threads are needed. It allows us to release some off-season conjecture on what performance we should see out of various players. For the record, I do not see him falling out of the top 10, he is so integral to their offense and you know they're going to target him. At 32 he's probably got 3 years left as an elite player if he stays healthy.
  17. NaTaS

    Create a Super Group

    Vocals: Freddy Mercury Bass: Les Claypool Guitar/Vocals: Duane Allman Guitar/Vocals: Stevie Ray Vaughan Drummer: Neil Peart I can only dream on what type of music they'd put out. Certainly rock, but some southern rock influences.
  18. NaTaS

    2nd Best RB in the NFL?

    Beast mode. 3rd would be JC.
  19. NaTaS

    How Did You Become a Fan Of Your Team?

    Born and raised in Cleveland. Lived here all my life, fandom came at the young age of 6.
  20. NaTaS

    Favourite Player?

    Good one with Barry Sanders. Forgot about him, but damn was he electric to watch.
  21. NaTaS

    Favourite Player?

    Worse, he's Canadian.
  22. NaTaS

    Favourite Player?

    Reggie White is one of my favorite non-Browns players of all-time. Favorite all-time Browns players: Bernie Kosar Eric Metcalf Eric Turner (RIP) Josh Cribbs The Top Dawg - Hanford Dixson
  23. NaTaS

    Favorite vegetables?

    I'm a veggie nut, love the stuff. Not mentioned here is kale - it's a superfood and can be cooked into any meal. I love big ass salads (4-5 times larger than you'd normally eat with dinner) for lunch with some sort of oil free dressing (White Vinegar and mustard is awesome), with Kale, Spinach, Cucumbers, Carrots, Tomatos, Red Onions, Zucchini and Green Onions.
  24. NaTaS

    What are you fapping to?

    And every government that Snowden has sought asylum from. Your nasty viewing habits are everywhere!
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