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  1. Browns are back!

    1. BC
    2. Zack_of_Steel


      I want to talk shit, but this team is going nowhere fast with Tomlin.

  2. NaTaS

    Trump Regime thread.

    I agree with Single Payer System not only for the humanitarian service it'd be, but also because it would reduce the amount of money we spend in fraud and reign in dr costs. I am super skeptical of calling it a right. What other rights require that someone else give you something? We don't have a right to roads, but it is a service provided by the government via the tax system. I'd prefer to keep the relationship to that.
  3. 5-11 is about as optimistic as I can be.
  4. NaTaS

    I know, I know....

    Thanks all! You know how many times I tried to root for another team, it just doesn't work. I tried the Pats for awhile and even tried the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals when the Browns left the city. Hardcoded - probably more so because I live here.
  5. NaTaS

    I know, I know....

    I've promised to be more active in the past and failed ya'll on that account. Football depression is real when your team doesn't give you any hope to expect anything but another embarrassing season. I became apathetic to football in general and for the first time last year I watched maybe 1 full game on TV - it was all I could stomach. I realized that the games were playing heavily into my mood from Monday to Wednesday and I was getting overly angry at the games and decided to distance myself from football. Well fuck that, I was here so long because I enjoyed the regular visitors and contributors of this forum and I still miss you guys. It looks like the Browns may have made some moves that will make them less embarrassing this year, but that doesn't mean shit. But...you guys are here and that makes it worth visiting often.
  6. NaTaS

    AFC North Fan Roll Call

    Damn, we're really in need of more Browns fans here. I'm going to try and participate more, but I understand those who have left. I became someone apathetic about my team in the last few years - generally just not doing more than watching games and being pissed off and really not wanting to talk about it. Let's go out and get some more Browns fans here.
  7. NaTaS

    The Mock of Mocks... MackAttack Style

    Nope, nope, nope, nope.
  8. NaTaS

    Your top 5 issues

    I want to put reform of drug laws in the US on a federal level, but I agree with these 5.
  9. NaTaS

    United Airlines dun goofed

    I like PhillyD's take on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHyOTEpUHIU Fuck you United. You're garbage and everyone saw you being garbage.
  10. NaTaS

    The Superhero Thread

    I'm going with Superman, Hulk, Spiderman and the Batman.
  11. NaTaS

    Browns make it rain

    Biased person here, but the Browns have to improved a little bit after last year. Coaching seems to be there and there are obvious talents on both sides of the ball, just need to put it together and get us some Oline and a QB. Maybe then....
  12. NaTaS

    Who's The Best WR In The League?

    This would be my bet as well.
  13. NaTaS

    Browns Mock Draft

    We need a QB. LeCharley said if you want to improve your line, pick up a good QB. That is pretty damn right on
  14. People are fucked up. http://www.euronews.com/newswires/3216267-killing-of-mother-in-saudi-arabia-sparks-debate-about-islamic-scholar/
  15. NaTaS

    Browns Hype

    Any other Browns fan not buying into the hype videos this year? Seems like we get the same shit with every new FO and I just can't get into it. Here's one that was posted recently: http://www.snappytv.com/tc/2229820 I respect Hue, but we just don't got the talent. This year I'm not going to blindly follow as I have done my whole life. I need to see improvement.
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