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  1. Brownage

    Big Ben: Heath Miller is best TE in the NFL

    Jason Witten's performance this past Sunday would like to have a word with Big Ben.
  2. Brownage

    General Election 2012 Thread

    The female version of Patrick Ewing. LMFAO!!! Michelle is fugly.
  3. Brownage

    Bengals @ Browns

    We won. Bitch.
  4. Brownage

    Browns @ Ravens

    Flacco throws 5 picks. Weeden throws 5 TD's. We win big.
  5. This dude is bat shit insane. Insane enough to draw us into another war within the next 5 years.
  6. Brownage

    General Election 2012 Thread

    I can't help but laugh at the people who fall for the Obama talking point on reducing military spending. Yeah, all of those drone strikes sure are cheap! Do you even know how much money goes into those things? You have the actual drone, the rockets, the people who operate them, the people who maintain them, the people who gather intelligence on where to strike...etc. It's not any cheaper than putting boots on the ground. And with all the bullshit going on in the Middle East, you REALLY believe that we'll be able to just keep status quo? We're going to reeled into all of it, no matter who is President. Don't kid yourself into thinking "Oh Mitt wants to go war again hurf durf" because the reality is, it's probably going to happen with Obama too. Obama's foreign policy might as well be a fucking page by page copy of George W. Bush's.
  7. Brownage

    Art Modell dies at 87

    I wonder if you would be singing a different tune if it happened to the Eagles instead there, dutchff7. My guess? More than likely.
  8. Brownage

    Art Modell dies at 87

    Like firing Paul Brown? Chasing Jim Brown and numerous other players away? Going through coaches like they're pigs on a farm? He did some good for the NFL as a whole but he wasn't exactly the greatest thing that ever happened to the Browns either. In fact, he's probably the worst thing.
  9. Brownage

    Art Modell dies at 87

  10. Brownage

    2012 RNC, DNC

    That's terrific. One problem though, the economy isn't actually improving. So... =/=
  11. Brownage

    Art Modell dies at 87

    Sorry, but I really just don't give a damn. Just because he croaked doesn't mean he should be forgiven.
  12. Yeah. I mean fuck, the kid is 300lbs. He needs some sort of fucking physical activity.
  13. Brownage

    Jonathan Joseph bashes former team, Bengals

    In other words, nothing new to see here. Just further reiterates that Mike Brown is an uptight asshole.
  14. Do you see third party candidates making a serious run in the future? The closest they'll ever get is what Ross Perot accomplished in 1992. So yes, it is a throw-away vote. You can validate your moronic judgement all you want by calling it a "protest" but the fact is, it's never going to happen.
  15. Brownage

    Trent Richardson to visit Dr. James Andrews

    When a pro-sports team sends a player to go see Dr. Andrews he might as well have a post-it note taped to his forehead saying "See you in a few weeks/months!"
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