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  1. Its clear the athletes are going to get paid. The problem is figuring out how to do it. Spitballing here. They should give athletes all a flat stipend monthly and a lump sum payment upon graduating. The stipend should be adjusted for cost of living nationwide. Taking into account the room and board they already receive as well as their education. The university could also require athletes to take a personal financial management class in hopes that it will teach them to manage the money they are going to receive. Too many athletes end up broke at the end of their careers. The stipend should be used for however the individual athlete sees fit. The lump sum payment should only be attainable if the players finish out their full eligibility. Leaving early to the NFL means you forfeit it. Some players will still leave early for a chance at millions and their portion of the money can be recycled back to the universities bottom line or for use within the athletic department. For a player who has no real chance of playing in the NFL or doesn't desire to do so the lump sum would go a long way. Perhaps towards obtaining a masters degree to help them in their future career or for living until they can lock down a job. The lump sum payment should also only go to those athletes who's program net the university a profit. Sorry synchronized swim team. In order for this to work a revenue sharing system would have to be put in place. Which is where I believe the problems will start. Greed. Some colleges won't like the idea because it would cut into their bottom line. However I think it would be necessary to keep smaller programs relevant. The universities deserve to profit off their athletic programs though. They are offering an oppurtunity to the athletes themselves with the education if the choose to persue it and a stage to showcase skills for those who wish to go on to the NFL. They are also providing a service to consumers by way of entertainment. It is a business. I'm not going to throw specific numbers out because I don't know them and because I'm not an accountant. I'm sure this idea can be riddled full of holes but its the only fair way I could think of. If you let schools pay whatever they want the rich get richer so to speak.
  2. BUCK3Y3

    Ray Rice arrested on domestic violence charge

    Ok no hitting. I'll just blood choke her ass until she loses conciousness. Women get far to many passes because they have a vagina. A shitty humanbeing is a shitty humanbeing. I have no qualms whatsoever with putting a dumb bitch in her place.
  3. BUCK3Y3

    Razor's Mock Draft (Pre Combine, v1)

    I actually like Blake Bortles
  4. BUCK3Y3

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    BF4. Got it on PS4 and PC. EA is a joke. This game wont load 3/4 of the time on PC. Its so buggy and shitty. I would take a refund if they offered it. Should expect nothing more than a turd from EA.
  5. BUCK3Y3

    Ray Rice arrested on domestic violence charge

    If a woman spits on me or hits me unprovoked, I would slap her the fuck down without hesitation.
  6. BUCK3Y3

    Kirk Cousins open to a trade

    Wise decision by the skins.
  7. This is terrible. Its obviously some kind of publicity stunt. Its sad when you get applause because you didn't die on the play.
  8. BUCK3Y3

    Browns’ GM Lombardi Out, CEO Banner Stepping Down

    I'm thoroughly pleased with Jimmy Haslam and have been since he bought the team. I did doubt them a bit when they got rid of T-Rich but that so far has worked out pretty well. I won't label it a complete success until I see what they do with the acquired 1st Rd. Pick. I know I frequent some Browns boards and nearly all of them were very down on this organization. I didn't agree but knowing what I know now its understandable. Now that Lombardi and Banner are essentially gone more stuff is coming out about the way things were being ran by Banner and I don't blame coaches for staying away. I like Pettine. He seems like a good guy and the type of coach I like but I will not fault the organization if he is replaced. Their pool for coaching candidates was very shallow due to how Banner was running things. So Pettine was the best available person they could get. I hope he succeeds but if he doesn't I would support a coaching change. Hopefully Haslam/Farmer and Pettine can get this sucker turned around. Browns fans deserve a winner.
  9. BUCK3Y3

    Minnesota HC suffer yet another seizure.

    So this thread went from Coach having seizures to Minnesota being worse than FCS teams. How the hell did that happen?
  10. BUCK3Y3

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    I vote to skip. I came in early saturday before work and there was nothing posted. I can't check hourly.
  11. BUCK3Y3

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    10.Michigan 9.Texas A&M 8.LSU 7.UCONN 6.Washington State 5.NC State 4.Navy 3.Georgia Tech 2.Massachusetts 1.Louisiana Monroe
  12. BUCK3Y3

    Update: Hoyer Out For Remainder of Season

    Yeah maybe you're right. I don't understand why anyone in Cleveland would be upset about the loss of a local guy who led their 0-2 team to two straight victories as underdogs while throwing for 600 yds 5 tds and completing 60% of his passes. No reason at all to be excited about him.
  13. BUCK3Y3

    BJGE's Weekly Offical Betting thread

    Re-title to BJGEs weekly bad bets thread.
  14. BUCK3Y3

    Ohio State discussion thread

    Braxton looks scared. He hesitates now before he runs. He cringed when he is about to be hit instead of trying to make a move to avoid it. Dude is to soft. Kenny Guitton should be starting right now IMO. He can run and he can damn sure throw better than Braxton. This team will be undefeated for the second straight year but it likely won't matter.
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