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  1. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 4

    With that shitfest of a week I will take dropping one place. So Thursday: Dolphins @ Bengals 8:30 ET Sunday: Colts @ Jaguars 9:30 AM ET (LONDON GAME) Titans @ Texans 1:00 ET Browns @ Redskins 1:00 ET Seahawks @ Jets 1:00 ET Bills @ Patriots 1:00 ET Panthers @ Falcons 1:00 ET Raiders @ Ravens 1:00 ET Lions @ Bears 1:00 ET Broncos @ Bucs 4:05 ET Rams @ Cardinals 4:25 ET Saints @ Chargers 4:25 ET Cowboys @ 49ers 4:25 ET Chiefs @ Steelers 8:30 ET Monday: Giants @ Vikings 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points are gonna be scored on monday night? 45
  2. Bish please if she's playing with Mav, she'd eat that bitch boy Briggs alive......
  3. Bangy

    Browns Starting Kessler

    Prior looks legit as a WR. If he can keep this up and Gordon finds the form he was known for they could, become a lethal pair
  4. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 3

    This weekend! What the actual fuck 7-8 so far
  5. Yea the Mav/Trish conversation and Bishop beating Sean parts of this were awesome. I'm waiting for Javid to get his revenge on Chance too. Building this up nicely man.
  6. Bangy

    I just realized...

    Yea back in my more stupid days, I drafted Cribbs 3rd in a PPR league if I remember correctly. I also did a whole post as to why it was the best underrated pick in the existence of fantasy football. I still occasionally do where's Sarge. Terry's going in when he just flat out hated someone I'd also forgotten about the whole Alexa and J&D saga's Also who was it that did the, how big is your Dick thread in NHB? Wasn't that Sean?
  7. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 3

    Thursday: Texans Sunday: Cardinals Raiders Giants Dolphins Ravens Lions Broncos Panthers Buccaneers 49ers Chiefs Colts Steelers Cowboys Monday: Saints Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 54
  8. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Honestly no, I generally watch Summit as I know him from counter strike but he's not amazing. I watch Surefore as I'm a Cloud 9 fan on all games and I want to say Messikari but I know that's spelt wrong.
  9. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm still pining for Overwatch, my laptop will play iron minimum settings but I just can't afford the price right now. Still enjoying streams though.
  10. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 2

    9-6 so far. Not a bad first two weeks
  11. That moment you go to put Carson Palmer in but remember the Giants/Saints shoot out from last year and keep in Brees. I'd of probably beaten or at least gotten close to JD with Palmer
  12. Unless it was me you know being the second highest of the week..... Come at me JD, I feel our match up will be tight as hell.
  13. Bangy

    2016 NCAAF Discussion Thread

    Well let's see how legit these Ducks are. Underdogs to Nebraska despite being #22.
  14. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 2

    Well I will take an 11-5 week. Thursday: Jets @ Bills 6:30 ET Sunday: 49ers @ Panthers 1:00 ET Cowboys @ Redskins 1:00 ET Bengals @ Steelers 1:00 ET Saints @ Giants 1:00 ET Dolphins @ Patriots 1:00 ET Chiefs @ Texans 1:00 ET Titans @ Lions 1:00 ET Ravens @ Browns 1:00 ET Seahawks @ Rams 4:05 ET Buccaneers @ Cardinals 4:05 ET Jaguars @ Chargers 4:25 ET Falcons @ Raiders 4:25 ET Colts @ Broncos 4:25 ET Packers @ Vikings 8:30 ET Monday: Eagles @ Bears 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 42
  15. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 1

    I will take 9-5 currently
  16. Bangy

    Giants @ Cowboys

    That was a hell of a game to start the season. The defence was actually able to provide stops when needed and it was awesome to see the Salsa in the endzone again. Zeek didn't look good at all apart from his TD. Dak I think is going to be legit and played a lot better than I thought, the loss isn't on him in any shape or form as I have no idea what Williams was thinking by staying in bounds.
  17. Bangy

    2016 NCAAF Discussion Thread

    Oregon are 2-0 with 2 pretty convincing wins. Virginia were a bit of a worry but Prukop is real, his arm is ridiculous and I'm impressed by his game management. Oregon defence seems to be better especially within the DB's. Offence as always is lit. I feel that having Oregon at the lower end of the Top 25 may have been underrating them a bit.
  18. Bangy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Creed I finally got around to this yesterday night and I gotta say I loved it. I really liked the build up, it felt very much like Rocky 1 to me which as it's a role reversal seeing Rocky Help Creed was awesome. Also the fact that they gave Adonis his own prefight hype video using Philly now with the bikes and Quads was awesome. Seeing Tony Bellew in as the main protagonist was awesome plus the other cameos and Rocky plot twist, it made me want to go through the whole series. I am hoping they do make a second as there is no way it can be left as that and I hope Michael B Jordon returns as Adonis.
  19. Apologise for missing the draft, had some log in issues that are now all sorted.
  20. 1 mention 1..... Awesome episode man, loved inclusion of nfl London team talk as well. Chet teaching the old man how to do stuff also was cool.
  21. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 1

    Thursday: Carolina @ Denver 8:30 PM ET Sunday: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta 1:00 PM ET Minnesota @ Tennessee 1:00 PM ET Cleveland @ Philadelphia 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati @ New York Jets 1:00 PM ET Oakland @ New Orleans 1:00 PM ET San Diego @ Kansas City 1:00 PM ET Buffalo @ Baltimore 1:00 PM ET Chicago @ Houston 1:00 PM ET Green Bay @ Jacksonville 1:00 PM ET Miami @ Seattle 4:05 PM ET New York Giants @ Dallas 4:25 PM ET Detroit @ Indianapolis 4:25 PM ET New England @ Arizona 8:30 PM ET Monday: Pittsburgh @ Washington 7:10 PM ET Los Angeles @ San Francisco 10:20 PM ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on the second Monday Night Game? - 38
  22. Friday or Saturday would be best for me. Need to remember my login....
  23. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    So I started a new Hearthstone account and with a preference toward Paladin decks. The first card I get from the first free pack was Tirion Fordring
  24. Bangy

    Good Kid Kaepernick Doesn't Stand For Anthem

    He's done it all preseason, the only reason it's being pick up now is because this was his first game of the preseason. Honestly I don't have a problem with this. He's making a stand imo no different to the ones the NBA players did, highlighting a similar problem. The only time I'd have a problem with this is if he wasn't true to his reasons for it. I'm all for more professionals making a stand and statement over something as important as what's going on now. Same thoughts would be had if an English soccer player did the same here.
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