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  1. Bangy

    2016 Baseball Thread

    So the Pirates and Yankees are going hard for Quintana. The Yankees also want to take David Robertson and a huge proportion of his $25 mill contact to get the deal done. Also The Yankees and BoSox are in talks about a series in London's Olympic stadium in 2018. If this happens I would be all over this.
  2. Bangy

    2016 Baseball Thread

    Welcome to opening day boys. The Mets made some moves this off-season and keeping Cespesdes is huge. Hopefully some redemption is got after losing to Kansas last year. Harney vs Volquez is a pretty good way to start the series. Seeing the Royals having two banner parades and rings isn't
  3. Bangy

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    Fisher has to be done on the pro level, his record says it all. Could see him a college coach though Ryan will get one more shot Bradley will return to a position coach and reappear on the HC scene in a few years
  4. No one is defending the system, if you read they are defending the players because the system is bad. If I was playing in a meaningless bowl game, which honestly the fast majority are. When I am a player who has a shot at being drafted and being a pro, them I am going to miss the game. Why play and risk a potential injury that could fuck up all chances towards the combine, pro days and draft? The system needs to change not players who are't getting paid, avoiding a meaningless game that could prevent them from making money in the future.
  5. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Ah see Lucio is my favourite and I generally play support so I have Zen and Lucio down, learning Ana and suck with Mercy. Only problem I have personally is that when my team doesn't work together that I am out of position as I am expecting my team to be defending/contesting and they are chasing kills behind me.
  6. Bangy

    Bills fire Rex, Rob Ryan

    I'll be honest, Lynn is highly rated and there was no way they were going to let him leave to another team. They were lucky to keep him after he interviewed for HC jobs last year. Although the Bills higher ups are questionable at best, it's highly likely Lynn gets the job next season, so I am going to hold off on the Ryan firing hate until at least the end of next year.
  7. Yea I got a shit ton from Brees against you so thought against the Bucs it was going to be the same completely forgetting the Lions shit the bed against the Giants. Might have been closer with Dak as QB but I can't moan. Honestly I felt better hitting you up on the third attempt than winning it lol
  8. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Overwatch competitive is so much fun, only sucks when you get a string of teams that go for KDA instead of the objective
  9. Bangy

    Official Hockey Thread

    Super Mario was really good but no one is better than Gretzky. Also how have I seen a conversation about who's the better player between McConner and Crosby. It's not even close, especially with how ridiculous Crosby has been playing this season despite missing 11? Games. 25 goals is unreal and the next highest scorer doesn't have 20
  10. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yea If it's the same as the past Belichick is always down as NE Coach because of the above. I'm 5 hours into FF15 and it is glorious, so much fun to play and I haven't started to hate any of the 4 main characters. So glad I don't ever have to remember or hear Hope's bitch ass ever again
  11. Think I came 2nd to ATL in the TGP ESPN League, which considering I came last the year before and beat Ace's undefeated team as well made my year.
  12. Bangy

    Chargers @ Browns

    And on this hallowed day of Christmas Eve,a miracle was performed. The Cleveland Brown's won a game and all of Cleveland rejoiced.
  13. Bangy

    Declared Juniors 2017

    I'm excited to see what Jason Conors can do. I was quite high on him for a while
  14. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 16

    Saturday (Christmas Eve): Dolphins Pats Titans Packers Browns Redskins Falcons Raiders Saints Seahawks 49ers Bengals Sunday (Christmas Day): Ravens Chiefs Monday (Boxing Day): Lions Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night? 42
  15. Bangy

    Declared Juniors 2017

    Man this RB class is looking sick. Shame that Freeman has now decided to go back to Oregon as a senior but there should be plenty of good players for the Giants to pick up a RB
  16. Bangy

    Giants @ Eagles

    Eli has always been the same though, September to December he makes mistakes that you'd expect from a rookie. As soon as December and January hits though, he turns into Mr Game 7 and kills everything in sight. Plus there is probably more pressure on him to deliver this year as he has no line, no RB all year after Vareen got injured and a suspect at times WR corps apart from OBJ. Like he had 63 passing attempts SIXTY FUCKING THREE.
  17. Bangy

    Giants @ Eagles

    Not having any form of a running game or offensive line, caught up with us here. Well last week's going to be interesting
  18. Bangy

    NFL Won't Fine Ezekiel Elliot

    Maybe this is just me coming from a soccer background where there is no footwear rule but I feel the fines are ridiculous whether the company are covering the cost or not. So long as there not offensive who gives a shit.
  19. So championship weekend ATL. Good luck bro
  20. Bangy

    Pro Bowl Rosters

    OBJ, Jenkins and Collins are well deserved. Glad Harris got the ST nod too. Jenkins and Collins in my opinion have both been playing at defensive player of the year calibre and deserve to go and OBJ despite how shitty our offence has been at time was a clear choice. I'm actually quite happy to see both the Titans and Raiders having a lot of players up there, both have had shitty years but through a proper rebuild have progressed really nicely
  21. Bangy

    NFL Won't Fine Ezekiel Elliot

    Well OBJ was right about there being double standards, He wore cleats that were a tribute to the late Craig Sager that were after the game sold at auction for cancer charities and yet he still gets fine! BTW I still find the cleat and uniform rule absolute bullshit and one the NFL needs to get rid of. So long as they are team colours, I don't see the problem
  22. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 16

    For Now: Giants Will update
  23. Bangy

    NFL Won't Fine Ezekiel Elliot

    I read on ESPN that is also worked out at around $4 million in Equivalent Advertising so it was huge for the Salvation Army. That's almost 8 years ago bro, hardly anyone would remember it plus the extra expose they got plus Zeek is still donating what he would been fined. It's worked out beautifully for both sides
  24. Bangy

    NFL Won't Fine Ezekiel Elliot

    The celebration is awesome and one that you wouldn't expect to see on the football field plus considering the exposure that celebration got the Salvation Army which is a charity, it would be shitty of the NFL to fine Zeek for a celebration that involved a charity. Does Jerry Jones like to piss his players especially rookies off.
  25. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 15

    11-4 depending on tonight. Nice to get another good week in.
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