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  1. rzb

    Official Workout Thread

    I was just starting to get to where I wanted to be and broke my hand playing goalie (soccer, not hockey) in December. I'm finally back in the gym and it feels great. I may get back on my Push/Pull routine but a few friends are trying to get me to join them in a hybrid Crossfit - Strength Training thing. It's at http://crossfitfootball.com Not really sure how I feel about it. Anyone done this type of routine and noticed positive results?
  2. rzb

    Russell Wilson's ascension to elite QB ranks

    Agreed. He had many 3rd down passes that extended the drive. I don't think he's an elite QB though. Still bottom of Top 10 for me.
  3. That's what bothered me the most. Such a build-up then one and done. Bruno Mars held his own though. I've been a fan on his due to talent so when he started on the drums, I was hooked. The dancing, the singing, and working in RHCP? I liked it. I do agree that the last song was a bit out of place but oh well, bought tickets to see him in June. Aloe Bacc opens.
  4. rzb

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    House, if you decide to throw in a random weekday game, please note it. Forgot to come back and do this, thought I had lost points because of whoever played yesterday.
  5. rzb

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    10. Georgia Tech 09. Pittsburgh 08. Rice 07. Toledo 06. Nebraska 05. Auburn 04. UTEP 03. Alabama 02. Wisconsin 01. Iowa State (for F4E)
  6. rzb

    The Best FCS Teams Are Not a Laughing Matter

    My Hogs were almost beat by Samford yesterday. Definitely a scary moment.
  7. rzb

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    First to triple digits. Bring ya shit, fellas!
  8. They could do worse. N'Sync performing together again and the Backstreet Boys returning could have been an option. Or any of the Disney bring-ups or Taylor Swift. Bruno Mars may not be the best choice but he definitely isn't the worst. Plus, it isn't like we watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show.
  9. rzb

    Welcome to IPB 3.4.5

    Good job guys. And I kind of like the Shoutbox up top. Saves me from tons of scrolling
  10. rzb

    The good news thread

    I won tickets to the Arkansas game tomorrow. It's a late game so the tailgate is going to be insane.
  11. rzb

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    The League. A new season dropped on Netflix.
  12. rzb

    2013 TGP CFB Pick'em

    10. Arizona 09. Ball State 08. Ohio 07. Tulane 06. Houston 05. Boston College 04. Georgia 03. Akron 02. Central Michigan 01. Maine No Michigan/Notre Dame?
  13. rzb

    What age group are you in?

    Me too. Hitting that prime.
  14. rzb

    The good news thread

    Well that was short lived. She got too deep into "girl logic" so I threw in the towel. Ain't nobody got time for crazy, that's for sure. One of her friends has already called me wanting to hang out though. We won our first game, 4-3. I got my feet swept out from underneath me in the box. While on the ground, I complained to the ref and FINALLY got the foul called. Sank the PK straight into the bottom left corner to tie up the game. Our goalie brought it out in stoppage time to pass a cross for the goal.
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