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  1. KiLaSix9

    2012-13 College Basketball Season

    Seeing Ware cut down the Nets was pretty cool.
  2. KiLaSix9

    TGP Fantasy Basketball League

    Fuck I almost had a nice Cinderella run in the playoffs. I missed the championship game by 2 blocks or so. Good season y'all.
  3. KiLaSix9

    2012-13 College Basketball Season

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Kevin Ware injury. One of the worst things I've ever seen in sports, period. Hope the kid will be alright.
  4. KiLaSix9

    The Walking Dead

    DVR on full effect tonight. Walking Dead finale AND Game of Thrones premier!
  5. KiLaSix9

    NBA All-Time Roster

    PG: Magic SG: His Airness duh SF: Bird PF: Mailman C: Kareem
  6. KiLaSix9

    NBA 2012 Regular Season Thread

    In the playoffs Bulls don't take Miami. Indiana possibly if they play a perfect game just because of how physical they can be inside. May sound like a homer but I always feel like Boston can beat Miami in a 7 game series. Any other East team will get worked by Miami in the playoffs.
  7. KiLaSix9

    Seahawks sign Michael Bennett for one year, $5M

    Well I mean considering how bad the injury bug hit our d-line last season, we couldn't have asked for more. I expect big things from the guys we currently have on our roster.
  8. KiLaSix9

    American Horror Story

    I liked the first season and thought the second one wasn't bad but I also stopped watching it. I guess it didn't pull me in as much as other shows.
  9. KiLaSix9

    The Walking Dead

    I highly doubt they kills off The Governor. I can see that story line playing out onto next season with things getting more complicated. I think their time at the Prison will come to an end.
  10. KiLaSix9

    The Wolverine Trailer

    I agree but I'm a big Wolverine fan and I like Jackman playing the character so I'm def going to give it a watch.
  11. KiLaSix9

    NBA 2012 Regular Season Thread

    Fucking Celtics are annoying. 5 game losing streak was finally snapped but it looks like we are set to play either the Knicks or Heat in the first round. Going to make for some great TV ratings.
  12. KiLaSix9

    Post your recent internet history

    Incognito from with Google Chrome.
  13. KiLaSix9

    Seahawks sign Michael Bennett for one year, $5M

    Seattle's pass rush is serious business. I'm going to miss Bennett. Wish him the best.
  14. KiLaSix9

    How good (or bad) is Joe Flacco

    I'd put Flacco somewhere between #8-15 as far as QBs in the league go. He will however be paid like a top 3 QB in the league this offseason.
  15. KiLaSix9

    NBA 2012 Regular Season Thread

    I believe the Celtics have now won 6 straight games since Rondo went out for the year....Hmmmm...I'm not buying that he was the problem. The role players are just now finally stepping it up.
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