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  1. Pwillie52

    Trent Richardson

    Hm. I could try to mimic the design and do some updating if you guys want. Or I could try a new design. It looks pretty simple to duplicate, but wouldn't be an exact match.
  2. Pwillie52

    Trent Richardson

    Does anyone have .psd files of all the skins? If we have them it would be pretty easy to switch players out. I wouldn't mind working on them in my free time.
  3. Pwillie52

    NBA Playoff Thread

    I agree. If that series goes to 7 games, Warriors win it for sure IMO. Warriors wouldn't drop that game. I don't know if I'm sold on the Thunder. They have been playing very well, but it seems like they have always found a way to lose when it matters against good teams. I'm hoping they can push through and make it. As for the Cavs Raptors series, I think the Cavs close it out tonight. I think LeBron's got the teams head right and they come out and crush the Raptors again.
  4. Pwillie52

    Who wins the NFC West?

    I agree. One reason we let Harbaugh go is because of power struggles with Baalke and York. Tomsula was a guy that they knew would do whatever they wanted him to do. It will be interesting to see the way that Chip and Baalke get along. If Chip does what he did in Philly with the Niners, I don't see it working out with him. Could see 3 coach changes in 3-4 years...
  5. Pwillie52

    Who wins the AFC North?

    I agree with this. I see the Bengals winning the division. I don't think Big Ben will play in every game and in this division it will take having him in every game to win it. If he does stay healthy tho, I think the Steelers might just pull ahead of the Bengals. I always love watching this division and the way it unfolds throughout the year. One of the most unpredictable divisions IMO. Especially if the Browns are able to start joining the other 3.
  6. Pwillie52

    Who wins the NFC West?

    Yeah man, I'm gonna try to start getting around the form again. I miss it here. I've checked in every now and then, but rarely post. Maybe get some activity in the graphics section as well again. But yeah, it's been a really rough and frustrating year. Last years terrible offseason and then we followed up with a sub par offseason again this year. Chip Kelly is an upgrade from Tomsula, but I'm not a huge fan of him as an NFL coach. I think he might be able to utilize Kaepernick and maybe get a little production out of him, but I'm not expecting anything too great from the Niners. We amped up our pass rush and added some corner depth, which is good. Our WR corps I think is very sub par. Our OL I think will be bad again this year, even tho we added a couple pieces, making it a nightmare for us to do anything offensively. Gonna be another bad year for 9er fans, but hopefully we will have something to build on by the end of this year instead of going through another 10 year draught of bad coaching and management switch-ups
  7. Pwillie52

    Who wins the NFC West?

    I think the Cardinals take it again. But that is only if Carson Palmer can come out and play solid again this season without getting injured or taking a step back in his old age. Cardinals are the deepest team in the West this year I think. And their WR corps tho.... Marshawn retiring will have an impact on the 'hawks I think, even tho he missed half of the season last year. We will see how their RB situation shakes out, but I'm not too sold on them this year. I see them having some struggles again. With the Seahawks tough schedule, Wilson is going to have to keep being a magician, and nothing less, to keep up with the Cards. Rams might get a spark by moving to LA, but I highly highly doubt they are anywhere near competing with the top 2 teams. Niners are trash.
  8. Pwillie52

    Victor Bolden

    Haven't been on here forever, but i love the piece! You have improved a lot from what I remember.
  9. Pwillie52

    GS3 Background

    Thanks man! Good to see you, its been a while. :beerchug:
  10. Pwillie52

    GS3 Background

    Had a friend that wanted a background for his GS3 made of his gamer tag on it. Decided to post it here for extra comments. Been a while.
  11. Pwillie52

    Who wins the NFC West in 2013?

    I think Seahawks have this one. With Kaeps play style, we are an injury away from an offensive disaster (lolmccoy). Not only an injury, but a very likely slump for Kaep. Depending on the enforcement of the new rule that RB's can't lower their heads, that changes our run game a lot. Also, I'm not willing to praise a guy that only played half of a season. Yeah, he got us to the Superbowl, but I have seen many many one hit wonders in my 21 years of life. To me, Wilson is a much more proven QB than Kaep is, even if he was a rookie last year. The Seahawks are a damn tough, physical team (just like the Niners) and I can see them beating us 2 for 2 next year. I think it comes down to a 1 or 2 game differential. Tough to tell tho. Will be one hell of a season.
  12. Pwillie52

    My Logos

    Looks like you thought of it before New Era did, they just had a different twist
  13. Pwillie52

    AC Study Abroad Logo

    IMO you are going way to complicated with it. I think you go way simpler and take out all gradients and images. Something like this for the globe: http://www.biz-logo.com/pre-designed-18/globe-logos5.gif And then your box kinda like this to match the style of the globe: http://www.mycounterparts.com/images/126571-simple-black-square-icon-business-box1.png The #1 rule for logos especially is keep it simple. Atleast that is what I was told in my design class last semester
  14. Pwillie52

    What happens to Alex Smith?

    He won't be a Niner next year, I'm sure he doesn't want to come back. Our franchise has treated him like shit and abused him his whole career (this is the first year that he had the same offensive coordinator since he came in the league). I was thinking either the Jets or Arizona are the two most likely. That being said, I think his career is pretty much over, I don't see him having success anywhere else. Lets hope Kaepernick can keep his consistency for a couple years.....
  15. Pwillie52

    49ers @ Seahawks

    ^With how bad our offense has been lately, I wouldnt put it past us to lose to Arizona to lose the division.... I am not impressed with where we are at as a team right now. We are 1 and done in the playoffs unless we get multiple defensive touchdowns in our playoff game.....
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